Flatten The Curve & Stay Happy
Flatten The Curve & Stay Happy
March 27, 2020
Activities for Kids During COVID-19
10 Fun Giving Activities for Kids During COVID-19
April 1, 2020
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April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. Autism spectrum disorder, to give it its full title, is a developmental disorder that affects how a person interacts with others. It can cause them difficulty in communicating and interacting with others, and can result in restricted interests, and repetitive behaviours. The symptoms of autism can affect every aspect of life, though it is not always obvious when a person is on the spectrum. Autism Awareness Day aims to increase understanding and acceptance for those with autism and to inspire a kinder, more inclusive world.

Give to a Charity That Helps Autistic People

In the spirit of giving for autism day, donate to charities like The Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation. 100% of donations go directly into research for conditions of the brain; like autism, dementia, PTSD, schizophrenia and the wide range of brain problems that many of us face. Research in this field brings much-needed progress in helping those affected to live happier lives.

If you are unable to give money at this time, there are still lots of creative ways you can help those around you, and be an ambassador.

Change Your Attitude Towards People Who Are Different

Autism Awareness Day

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, resist gossip and judgmental comments and learn to respect the differences in other people. We are all going through difficulties in our lives and you have no way of knowing what others are living with, so try to spread positive thoughts, not unkind words. We are all wonderful, unique individuals and that should be celebrated. Try to treat everyone with patience and understanding.

We must remember this when we chat and comment in forums online. Online bullying and abusive messages can really affect our mental health for the worst. It brings out the lowest qualities in people and causes hurt. Be an anonymous love-ninja, who puts a positive spin on everything posted online and sprinkles joy into each comment you write.

Some people struggle with regular conversations and social interactions. Invite a classmate, or work colleague to join you in a remote 2 player game on your phone, (eg. Scrabble, Draw Something, or Uno Friends). It’s a free and easy way to help someone feel included and loved, when social interaction might usually be difficult for them.

Show your support for Autism Awareness Day by wearing something blue on April 2nd. Check out Autism Speaks for more tips on how to spread awareness and stand up for your autistic brothers and sisters.

Start giving Every Day To Change The World

Ready to start giving every day? Ready to make the world a happier place? Try our 356give Challenge with one week of giving and see how you change your own mental health, and that of others. One small give each day will make you feel happier and put a smile on other people’s faces!



Sarah Pryor
Sarah Pryor
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