Gym Clean up
December 16, 2017
Pick up garbage
December 16, 2017
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Class/Playground Cleanup!

Division 3 at Chartwell Elementary School in West Van helped to clean up and organize their classroom as well as our playground. Students picked up garbage from the playground and sorted it into the right bins.

Division 3 – December 8, 2017  1

Class/Playground Cleanup!

Who: Division 3 class grade 6/7
What: Classroom and Playground Cleanup
Where: Chartwell Elementary School
Why: To help make the classroom and school a clean and fun place to learn!

Students in Division 3 helped to organize, clean and donate items from the class to our school garage sale. They worked in teams and reorganized the entire classroom so that we are able to access the materials and resources we need. They also spent time cleaning up the school playground, sorting all garbage into the correct bins.