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May 16, 2020
Day 11 Gurukulam Super Summer Challenge
May 18, 2020
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Day 10 Gurukulam Super Summer Challenge

Day 10 Super Summer Challenges by our Gurukulam Learners of Kindness Acts, Freerice, Impact Walk, Bhagavadgeeta,Left Hand Writing,Drawing,Bolo Reading, Pratham Story Listening #Play2Learn #KindnesSpeaks #Do1Give #365give

Gurukulam – May 17, 2020  

Day 10 Gurukulam Super Summer Challenge

Gurukulam 360° Learning School has daily kindness acts as part of our Curriculum and below acts done by our kids today.

1. Impact Walk to Support Cause through Impact App Workouts
2. Supporting UN World Food Program by raising rice bowls at Free rice app
3. Providing homemade food to 30 homeless people
4. Water bowl and food for crows and squirrels at terrace
5. Taking plastic from public places
6. Feeding cows
7. Feeding dogs
8. Watering plants
9. Hug a tree
10. Cleaning public places
11. Thanking sanitary workers
12. Supporting senior citizens
7. Feeding