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June 7, 2021
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June 8, 2021
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Getting Ready to Celebrate a Friend

Tonight, we finalised everything to celebrate Clara's friend's birthday.

ambrosefamily – June 8, 2021  

Getting Ready to Celebrate a Friend

Clara hangs out with a high school student once a week. This amazing friend and mentor to Clara turned 18 yesterday. To prepare for when Clara sees this friend tomorrow, Clara and I made a special panna cotta to be a birthday cake. Clara is set with fruit (which Dad ran to the store tonight to get), sprinkles, and candles for topping the cake. She also has the birthday card she made a few days ago to give to her friend. I can't wait for those two to celebrate tomorrow afternoon!

Also, over the weekend, Clara brought home a toy that belongs to her friend. As Dad fixes everything that breaks for Clara, she thought he could make the toy work again. Dad took apart the toy and found that it needed a few tiny batteries. Clara said that we should buy the batteries, even offered to share some of her money, as that would be nice to do for her friend! She said that would be a way to give. You bet that Dad will go to the specialty shop to find those batteries! 🙂