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Habit of using water bottle

Thanh Thy Dang Tran  May 7, 2018

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My name is Thy and I come from Vietnam - a small country in South East Asian.
Since we are still in the developing stage of the economy, we do not pay enough attention to the environment. Or you can say that: we consume a lot of plastic things. It is not good for the environment; of course, we know that but it is hard to change your habit and even harder when your surrounding people are doing the same. And I - a young citizen just follow others and do not think much about that.
Recently, I moved to Taiwan to take higher education. Taiwan is so famous for tea, bubble tea, any kind of tea actually so it is just like a heaven for a tea addict like me. Even you are not interested in tea, you will also be attracted and ended up in buying tea because everybody drinks tea and teashops are just everywhere. It does boost my deserve for tea become higher and I consume at least 3 big cups of tea every day, meaning that I throw 3 plastic cups to the environment too.
But from now on, I will go everywhere with my water bottle. You know why? Good habit just spreads out. In Taiwan, it is super frequently to here the sentence "不要袋子” (I don't want plastic bags) and for me now I can add "用我的水瓶” (use my bottle water) after it. Also, I find it unacceptable that I throw to the Earth 1,095 plastic cups each year so I decided to stop.