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June 22, 2018
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June 22, 2018
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Hand of a stranger

Nastya  June 22, 2018

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Entering the crowdy metro station, I wasn't sure about who I was looking for. Would it be a sunny person with jaunty and confident movements? Would it be a modest humble woman, oppressed by the weight of life on her shoulders? What is the baggage of the past that this person would carry on his/her behind, being slaves of oneself? A little stone trembled a bit somewhere in my throat, signaling to myself that I was nervous. Or excited? People, people, people... Always in hurry, always running, always trying to catch that opportunity, that chance, that fades right in front of them. but then it disappears...

A woman with a little lively daughter was standing in between two stations, looking for someone. I felt it was the person I was waiting for. The girl was moving around, trying to catch every moment of life and save this sunny spark in the chest pocket. I moved toward them, waving with my free hand in order to attract their attention. I saw her face... She wasn't young, yes, but deep wrinkles of grief added age to her face. The eyes were hidden deep in the sockets, such as being scared of a sunlight. How does the world put together in the same place at the same moment of time so many people with so many colorful and different backgrounds? Here is the mother in the deepest need, and beside her, there is a man with a gold watch is rushing to be on time for an important meeting... Wonderful... Or terrifying?

I gave them the bag I carried. It wouldn't change their lives, those colored papers or beads, paints or notebooks. But the children are our flowers on which the future world depends on. I wish children were happy. I wish they wouldn't need to wait by the door, waiting for the mother will come, counting seconds.
The world is not perfect, but each person has own power, own magic. You know, if you are reading this right now, smile, please. There is the sun above your head and fresh water is in a reachable place. And you, yes, you, the one who is on the other part of the screen, you can change the world by a simple smile
You are important
and you can change someone's world by a simple sincere and the most powerful human weapon - smile.