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August 6, 2018
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August 7, 2018
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The more you drink, the more I pick up

Federica Marigonda  August 6, 2018

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I love exercising and doing it in the morning really makes my day. I have plenty of energy, feel refreshed and motived to be productive the whole day.

This morning I've been at the beach, which is where I usually work out in the summer. I really enjoy swimming in the fresh water of the sea, watching seagulls flying and feeling the warmth of the sand on my feet. Because of my great attachment to this place, I feel particularly frustrated whenever I realise that not everybody respects the sea.

It happed to me, while I was running, to see an empty glass bottle of beer left exactly where the seagulls use to rest and seek food. Therefore I picked it up and threw it in the bin, so that it would be recycled.
I know that it may not look as an incredible deed and may not have a great impact, but it really made me feel a better person. If I had ignored that bottle and left it on the ground, I would have been just as resposible as the person who threw it on the sand.

Whenever you notice plastic or glass waste left on the ground, please don't pretend you haven't seen it. Instead, pick that plastic bag or glass bottle from the ground and throw it in the bin. You'll make sure you are not contributing to the pollution of the sea and, I promise you, this small deed will make you feel like a hero!!