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Give the Gift of Happiness With These Artsy Ideas

gift of happiness - 365give
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I have to admit, I love small act of giving that are art inspired and give the gift of happiness. Our brains thrive on creativity. When we let go of what we think we know and allow the creative juices to flow freely, beautiful things can happen. As summer is just around the corner, why not embrace your artistic side and make some incredible gifts for those we love and care about. These giving ideas will truly bring the gift of happiness.

gift of happiness - 365give

Give the Gift of Photographs

Everyone has a camera nowadays , but not everyone has the money or ability to take professional looking pictures in attractive settings. It doesn’t take a lot to learn the basics of good photography (check out the hundreds of YouTube videos on the subject) and start to take photos as gifts that will be cherished.

Perhaps a friend is looking for a job and needs professional looking photos for their LinkedIn account, or maybe a they have a new outfit that they want to capture ‘on film’. Why not offer some time and energy to finding a good location for them (maybe a place they love being, or an eye-catching graffitied wall) and hold them a makeshift photoshoot. They might feel a little like a celebrity for the day, and if you know how to edit the photos to bring out the best in the photo, spend the extra time making their gift perfect. You might see it on their wall next time you visit!

What if you like the idea of taking photos for a friend, but you know they don’t like to be in the spotlight? In this case, you can take photos of other people, items and locations that you know will be meaningful to them and put it all together in a photo book, or scrap book. If making a crafty scrapbook, you can add pictures from magazines of things that they love, and tickets to events you have shared together. The perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or at a time when they seem a little down. They will be treasure the scrapbook and your gesture will go straight to their heart.

gift of happiness - 365give

Let Your Creativity Give The Gift Of Happiness

If you like to get your hands dirty, this give just might be for you! This activity is perfect if you are looking for something different and fun to do with a friend or family member. Get hands-on with some clay, or other art materials, by gifting them an organized art workshop event. For your adult buddies you can find adult-only classes, that offer wine while you have a go at painting, and let the laughter commence. Or for an everyone-inclusive art class – from sculpture to sewing, make-your-own bath bombs to product decorating workshops; you will make something special to bring home, while bonding over the messiness of it all with your chosen guest. Just search for ‘art workshops’ in your area. Remember anything you make can also be a give. Whatever you create will turn into a gift of happiness!

Give the Gift of Music With a Playlist

Music is always a gift of happiness. Perhaps you’re old enough to remember making mix tapes for your friends? Long gone we used blank cassette tapes to record songs from the radio and share with others. Nowadays people make playlists of music using apps like Spotify & Apple Music. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll reach a point where you are overwhelmed by choice, and get lost in your music selection. Your give can help a friend compile a playlist using songs you know they like. Add some music they may also enjoy, but perhaps haven’t heard before, or maybe there’s a forgotten band they once treasured. Thoughtful gives like this can cost you nothing but time, and can be just as nostalgic and rewarding for you, as for your friend who is the recipient your musical give.

There’s no excuses for boredom over the summer, as has endless ideas for your artistic and crafty side that have the added bonus of creating smiles, happiness and joy for those you love.

Sarah Pryor
Sarah Pryor
Sarah Pryor is a British visual artist & graphic designer, living in Vancouver, Canada. Her motivation of promoting the benefits of behaving with kindness and compassion, brought her to volunteer at 365give. As she brings a love of colour and illustration to her graphic design, she brings the same passion to her writing for 365give. She is currently freelancing as a graphic designer. You can view her graphic design work on her website.

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