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Giving at Home – These Gives Will Make Your Family Happier!

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Giving at home is where giving should start! The realty each of us are facing is making home an even more important place than before. If anything the pandemic has us focusing on our home, how we feel at home, and how we choose to define what home is. Some of us are still staying at home, protecting our health, and keeping our communities safe. Some of us are keeping our communities running as essential workers, which is an incredible feat during these challenging times and all of us thank you.

As difficult as it is to remain focused on our school work as we virtually learn, or stay connected in our home offices, or go to work and ensure people have the essential services they need, we can make our homes happier by doing one small act of giving at home each and every day. How we feel at home, the culture we are building with our family and how we support our family members who are essential workers, makes a difference in our mental health, a positive difference. Now that is something we could all use! If you are living with friends, they are your family too, and need a bit of giving to keep your home happy.

Giving at Home Ideas To Keep Happiness Happening

We talk a lot about giving to others, people we don’t know, people we see at school, or people we see at work. Giving at home lets us build a positive ell being vibe with those we love the most. These giving at home ideas will start rocking your home life and making everyone happier. Your family members will also witness the greatness giving has. They will start giving along with you and stir up even more happiness, every day.


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Help Out With Chores Around the House

Many of use have assigned chores we do. Some of us are not asked to help around the house. No matter which situation reflects your home life, take on a new chore, or start doing a chore. Ask your mom or dad what you can do around the house. It could be take out the garbage, sweep the kitchen floor, feed the dog. What can really show a bit of kindness if your parents are busy, ask a sister or brother if you can do their assigned chore for them, or ask if there is something you can do to give them a bit more time in their day. Help them clean their room, Take our their personal garbage, help them fold their laundry, or even put it away. These gives will put a smile on a family members face and make you smile as well!

Share the Love at Home

Take a give you like to do with strangers and do it at home. Paint some small rocks with encouraging words and place them in the garden. Pull out that sidewalk chalk and write a message for your family on the sidewalk, or the drive way. Leave notes that say nice things in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on your fridge, or at the front door. You can even leave a nice note on each family members dinner plate, or post it right on the tv!

Gratitude Every Morning Starts the Day Off Right

Gratitude can come as words, notes or a smile. Make it a habit to share some gratitude at breakfast. Thank your mom for helping you with a task, thank who ever made breakfast for breakfast. Say you are grateful for something to anyone in your family. This positive message will start the day off right for everyone and resonate throughout the day!

Smile, Smile, Smile at Home

How many times have you caught yourself not smiling at home. How many times have you taken for granted that people will respond to you no matter how you interact with them. I find a smile goes a long way no matter where we are, but a smile at home is just a nice way to live. Smile at your mom, your partner, your dad, your sister, your brother, or your room mates. See what happens when you smile at them. This is an easy but powerful give!

I am sure you can find some small acts of giving that would seamlessly fit into your household. When you start looking for opportunities to give, you will start finding them every where you look. Start giving at home to increase happiness and nurture the well being of those you live you. It makes your home the happiness place for everyone!

Curious how giving changes us? Read the latest research on happiness so you understand how happiness and giving go hand in hand.




Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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