Every daily give is listed here or can be seen on our impact map.

Compliment day

Today was the day to treat poeple the best we could and compliment them!

Helping Hands

I helped my sister yesterday. She was walking upstairs. I got ice for her foot. When my sister lost her earring, I found it for her. I dropped off some school supplies for Emily, most of all some stickers. Yesterday helped daycare.

The Teacher Teller

We were being kind to others. Telling them nice things.

Cookies day!

Today, we bake some cookies and cakes for those we love and care about!

Recycle day

Today we did the recycling!

Giving cards

We went to make cards for kids. And gave it to them.

Free hug day 🤗

Today we had a free hug day and we tried to give a lot of hugs!

Volunteering to help Animals! 🙂

Today I put my name down, to start volunteering to help Animals and I am really excited about it. 🙂

Told my local school superintendent about 365give

I sent an email to my local school superintendent explaining the 365give program and its benefits. Which then hopefully will lead to this program being introduced into our local school system.

saved water

Today I didn’t take a shower to save water, also switched off washing machine and dish washer.

being nice

My daughter was very busy gave me cash and asked me to put it to her bank account. So I went to the bank and spent 30 min in the queue to help her.

waste segregation

Today I segregated waste and brought used batteries to the special container in the grocery shop.

used my own shopping bag

Today I went to grocery shop with my own shopping bag.

played with Nephew

My nephew lost his cat so I visited him and played games together to cheer him up.

English lesson

Today I gave English lesson in Prison

Gave lift

Today I gave lift to my friend and my daughter.

organized part for friends

Today I organized shower baby for my friend, invited her family and other friends.

English lesson

Today I gave free English lesson in Orphanage.

waste segregation

Today I segregated glass waste and brought it to the special container.

my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag in the grocery.

being nice

Today I said hello to all strangers I met during my walk in Forest.

English lessons

Today I gave free English lesson in Prison


Today I gave some money to charity which helps people in need

picked up rubbish

Today I picked some rubbish in the park

being polite

Today I said some nice words who helped with my jacket in the cloakroom.

Being grateful for those who save our lives!

Today is a day to thank and / or make donations to the fire or police station in our area, in our case today we are publicly thanking everyone who risks their lives and we begin to plan ways to help them!

For a cleaner village

Today was our first giving day, we collect garbage from our village, especially near the river!

The teacher one

We made others feel happy. We gave cards to teachers. The teachers were soooooo happy!

Outside giving

We were picking up trash outside.

Holding the door open for others

Holding the door open for others

Holding the door open for others

Holding the door open for others

Sharing love

We made a card for Mrs. Katie and we gave it to her at lunch.

Talking and smiling to people around school

Saying hello to people and smiling at people

Give clothes to an association

Today, I gave old clothes for winter that I don’t wear any more to an association. It enables to don’t waste the clothes and to give to people who are in needs.

Help my neighbor carried his bags

Today, I helped my neighbor to carried his bags.

Give meals to the poors

My school proposed to the students this month to go each evening to the French association “la mie de pain” to give meals to the poors. So this evening I went to the association and I give meals to the poors. I also talked with them.

saved water

Today I bought 5L bottle of water instead of 1.5 L to save water and didn’t take a shower.

Picked up garbage

Today I picked up garbage while walking with my dog.

Cooked vegan food

Today I cooked vegan food

English lessons

Today I gave free English lesson to the young men in Prison.

Borrowed my car

Today I borrowed my car to a friend of mine

Charity for animals

Today I paid some money for the charity which helps homeless animals

Charity for animals

Today I paid some money for the charity which helps homeless animals

Picked up garbage

Today I picked up garbage on the playground.

Dog’s day

Today I took my dog to the sea for a long walk along beach then bought delicious treats.

helped friend with new job

Today I helped a friend with new job offer.

shared my access to Netflix

Today I shared my Netflix account details to my friend who was ill and bored at home.

English lesson

Today I gave free English lessons for young men in Prison.

dinner for friends

Today I invited friends and cooked for them vegan food

Saved a cat from storm

An abadoned, very friendly kitty asked me for help in a parking lot during a pretty terrible storm. It was terribly windy, raining and cold. I bought her food and scooped her up into my car to stay the night at my house.

Fixed sport equipment

A friend and I straightened all of the basketball rings in the school yard because they were all wonky!!!!!!!!!!!

Recycle bottles

In my supermarket there is a recycling machine to recycle plastic bottles. So I recycled my plastic bottles.

Post letters for my elderly neighbor

Today, I posted letters for my elderly neighbor.

My Vegetarian Day

Today, it was my vegetarian day to reduce my consumption of meat and fish. So I only ate vegetarian meals.

Give money to build a school in Africa

A lot of my friends are scouts. This year, they have to build a humanitarian project. A group of them decided to collect funds to build a school in Africa. So I gave money to contribute to this beautiful project.

Post letters for my elderly neighbor

I have an elderly neighbor, she’s known me since I was a little girl. Because of her age she can’t walk a lot so I always post her letters for her. This is what I did today.

Give money for the anniversary of children with cancer

One of my friend in my class is a member of an association for children with cancer and today he collected funds for their anniversary. So I decided to give money for them.

Share the meal

Today, I did share the meal. I gave for 3 meals.

Give money to a poor

Today, I gave money to a poor that I see every day when I go to school.

help a somebody to find his way

Today, I helped somebody to find his way in Paris.

1 day vegetarian

I decide today to have one day in my week of vegetarian meals to reduce my consumption of meat and fish.

refuse the free journals

Today, I decide to start refusing the free journals that are given in the metro. I don’t want to participate to this process. I think it actually waste a lot of papers.

Reduce my shower time

I decide to reduce my shower time because I want to reduce my water consumption. So I decide to play like a game. I take a chrono and I have 3 minutes to have my shower. Actually it is quite funny and it is ecological !

Pick up rubbish

Picking up rubbish along our beach.


I cooked, washed the dishes and took out the trash.

Paid for someone’s order

Went to Tim hortons for coffee and paid for the persons order that was behind us

Buying a friend dinner

Went for dinner with my friend who said he didn’t have much money so I bought him his meal.

Rode to school everyday

Everyday this week I rode to school on my bike.

Helping my friend

My friend was angry and upset about something and I spent the time talking to her and trying to help her feel better. She finished the conversation feeling less angry and happier.

Picked up some rubbish in the school yard

I was in the courtyard and saw some rubbish on the ground and I picked it up and put it in the bin.

Gave my school friend a hug

My friend was really sad and then I gave her hug to feel better.

Foot rub For Mum

Gave a foot rub to mum because I love her.

Class Brainstorm of potential gives

Today in class, S14 brainstormed some ideas of potential gives that we could do for the world.

Took an injured kangaroo to the vet

I was going for a walk with my mum and we seen a baby kangaroo and it had an injured leg so my mum and I took it to the vet.

Bottle Pick Up

I went to the coastline and picked up 5 plastic bottles and put them in the recycling bin.

Bottle Pick Up

I went to the coastline and picked up 5 plastic bottles and put them in the recycling bin.

Washed Dishes

Put away the dry dishes and then washed the next lot because mum isn’t feeling well.

Hung out washing

Collected the washing then hung out the next load for mum who wasn’t feeling well.

Cleaning Up

Collected up and threw out all the rotting pegs from the ground and pegged the good ones back to the clothesline.

365give donation

Signed up and gave a donation.

Rescue donation

Hope for paws is such an amazing organisation that rescues dogs, cats and other animals greay and small in America. I gave to them so they can continue their great work.

Helped a little boy

I handed a little boy the grocery store item he was struggling to get (height). His smile was beautiful, and when I saw him later, what I did felt like everything. He wanted to try something new, and I’m glad that I supported him in that.

Door Holder

When leaving the movie theatre, I held the door open for my family and strangers entering.

Communicating With Clerk

When I was leaving a store, and an awkward employee was giving samples outside, I took extra care in thanking him and woshing him a great day.

picked someone dog’s poop up

Today I saw a lady holding a baby on her chest and walking with dog. After her dog pooped I offered my help to pick it up as it would be difficult for her to do it with baby on her arms.

borrowed car

Today I borrowed my car to the friends because they needed

English lesson

Today I taught English in the orphanage.

waste segregation

Today I segregated waste and brought all glass to the special container.

saved water

Today I saved water. As I work from home i decided not to take shower 🙂

English lesson

Today I gave English lesson in prison so the young men have a better job opportunity when they leave.

bought painkillers

Today one of the girl at the Uni complained about headache. As she didn’t have time to go to shop to buy painkillers due to exam, I offered her help and went to shop to buy it.

Used my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag while being in the grocery shop and forwarded a message on fb as one homeless dog was looking for home.

picked up rubbish

Today while walking with my dog I picked up some garbage.

being nice

Today I sent a message to the family member that I love her.

Dog’s day

Today I gave my dog lots of love and play time.

being helpful

Today I saw on linkedin that someone was looking for job, I forwarded the message to all my contacts to help.

English lesson

Today I taught young men English who are in prison

picked up rubbish

Today morning when I entered the lift in our building I found some rubbish so I picked them up.


Today I donated some money for the organization who helps homeless animals.

cooked vegan for friends

Today I cooked for friends vegan food

picked up rubbish

Today i picked up rubbish on the playground

Held the Door

I held the door open for fellow students entering art class.

Got My Sister Dinner

Tonight, I prepared some food for my sister, so she could finish her homework.

Helping A Colleague

Making a presentation for my colleague’s son.

Gym Cleanup

I gathered the used towels that gym-goers had left lying throughout the locker room, and I threw them in the laundry basket, so the cleaners wouldn’t have to.

Gave our driver’s family clothes n wished them

Made our driver’s family gifts like clothes n money as it is festival time

Dog Help

I brushed and played with my cousins dog who has trouble using his back legs.

Donated blankets and toys to shelter animals

Gathered a few old blankets and towels and a comfortable fuzzy mat, plus items like a dog frisbee and some rubber chew toys and a bag of treats. Left it all at the local shelter.


I smiled to one women on the street. She smiled back.

Sister Bonding

Sent my sister a letter.

Family Ties

I visited my grandma, who is always really happy to see me.

A bag of trash

Today I picked up garbage along my way. It took no time at all to fill a medium-sized plastic bag. It felt great to see the trees and bushes free from all that plastic!

Help a friend

Paid a friend’s library fine

Help my mother in her job

Today my mom had an urgent meeting so I decided to replace her in her shop so then she could go to her meeting.

Giving your Ear

I listened to a friend’s problems who was sad, hung out with her, and bought her treats.

Help my mom in her work

My mom has a shop near my home, where she works all the day long, so today I helped her to do the annual stock of her shop.

Less Plastic Used

Used my own shopping bag

Underwear Drive

My son and I went a picked out underwear for an underwear drive that the local library was hosting. My 4 year old picked out girls underwear, size 4-5t and dornated them today . He is starting to learn the meaning of giving .


My son and I donated blankets, jackets , gloves, food and our Christmas tree to helping hands .

Help a traveler

Bought $20 in gas for someone

Money for homeless

I donated money for the homeless on Denver, and gave a blanket to a homeless woman.

Firefighter Appreciation

We brought a pie to the local firehouse.

Giving warm clothes

There’s a box of the WWF association,to give clothes to people,near my home so I decided to do it. I gave 3 warm pans to the association. I hope it will help! 😊

Signed a Petition

Signed a Petition to stop a circus using tigers as props and keeping them in cages.

Free Rice Game

I played an online game that was completely free but every time you answered a question correctly you donated 10 grains of rice to someone in need. I donated over 6000 grains of rice.

vegan food

Today I cooked vegan food for my family.

Dog’s day

Today I gave lots of love to my dog 🙂

Used my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag in the grocery shop

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some garbage next to my building

being helpful

Today I recommended the post of a jobseeker on linkedin portal

Wish Happy New Year!

Wished family & friends (in person, via call, text, FB post), especially those that lost loved ones last year, a joy-filled Happy New Year!

Coffee for Coworkers

The kids and I delivered coffee to the staff my wife was working with today at the Canada Games Center

Gave food to homeless man

My daughter and I were entering a supermarket and we saw homeless man sitting outside of it with his dog. We bought him a sandwich and some nutrition bars and give it to him. He was very happy and was talking to us.

cash gift to a kid

My 10 year old niece is saving for her boat fare on April so that she can attend the graduation of my cousin.

Trash Pickup

Went to a small local park and picked up trash for 30 minutes.

Giving bread to the wrong person

the bread is intended to the old blind man but my husband said the woman beggar is his wife and i gave the pack of bread to the woman.

being supportive

Today I have been very supportive to my friend as she needed me.

family day

Today I spent great day with my mom, actively listening to her and showed her my appreciation for all she did to me.

Dog’s day

Today I spent great day giving my dog lots of love and her favorite food.

family time

Today I let my mom stay in bed the whole day and did all things she could relax and read book.


Today I donated money for the charity.

saved water

Today I saved water by not taking shower 🙂

family time

Today I spent beautiful day with my mom who came to visit me.

waste segregation

Today I segregated waste like paper and glass and brought it to the special container

motivational books

Today I bought motivational books for boys in jail as Christmas presents.

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some garbage while walking with my dog.

being nice

Today I met my friend I told her she looked beautiful.

waste limit

Today I went to university and as I could not use my own cup I limited hot drinks to one.

Teaching English

Today I taught English to young boys in the jail and we had a lot of fun 🙂

being nice

Today I smiled and said hello to all people I met

Used my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag in the grocery.

feeding birds

Today I fed birds who come to my balcony.

English lesson

Today I taught English in orphanage.

being nice

Today I offered my sitting place to an old lady in the bus

waste segregation

Today I segregated waste and brought glass to the special container

being nice

Today I visited friend who needed to talk and we spent nice afternoon together.

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up garbage on the play ground.

Teaching English

Today I taught English in orphanage

being helpful

I let someone in the queue to be in front of me

The Same Old Man

giving foods to the same old man

food to a homeless man

I give food to an old man who is homeless.

Thanking Sir Gilbert David

I’m new in a job and sir Gilbert David is always there for my needs.

Christmas gift

I gave Christmast gifts for my family

Appreciation Text

Sent a text appreciating a friend.

Online Donation

$10 donation to the Wilderness Fund

keeping the mess

Helping my 11 year old niece.

Best wishes

I send a best wishes to my girlfriend, with purpose of making her smile.

Tending my brother’s store

I’m tending the store for half day today while their worker is attending the sunday mass.


I donated money to Akademia Przyszłości

a bread for a child

Yesterday I asked my cousin to buy a bread for the street children in Maasin City. I cant personally give them coz im in an island.

Food for Homeless

I gave some bags of food to two different homeless people.


I donated money to Denver Rescue Mission.

Food Drive

I donated canned items.

shared fruit salad with friend

I brought apple and orange to work and share it with colleague


Starting in-home recycling today!

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some garbage while walking with my dog.

being helpful

Today I held door for my the lady living in my building

being nice for a friend

Today I made pumpkin pasta and bought present for my friend

said hello

Today I said “Hello” to the strangers I met during the day.

saving water

Today I took 3 min shower to save water.

avoiding plastic

Today I bought one big 6 liter water bottle instead of 6 1.5 L bottles to avoid plastic at my household.

Dog’s day

Today I spent lovely day with my dog.

cooked vegan for friend

Today I convinced my friend to eat vegan food and cook vegetable soup.

drank water from tab

Today I decided to drink only tab water.

switched off electricity

I switched off electricity in the whole flat

quality time

Today I gave lots love to my family member by spending quality time together.

gave food to my nephew

Today I helped my nephew by giving him some food.

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some rubbish on the playground next to my flat.

shared on fb

Today I shared the message on fb to support an organization which helps homeless animals.

English lesson

Today I gave English lessons in orphanage.

Baked pumpkin rolls for garbage men

Baked pumpkin rolls for garbage men to thank them

Thank you note to bank teller

Mailed thank you note to helpful bank teller

Halloween candy

My 3 and six year old have some of their haloween candy to some kids who didn’t have any. ❤️

Giving Tuesday donation

Donated to local animal rescue farm on givingTuesday

Today I bougth a raffle

Today I bougth a raffle to help a organization and a friend.

I told a friend that she was beautiful

I dream with a friend and I told her that she was beautiful.

Helping A Charity

We are collecting items to give to families with children who have special needs. Four amazing kids started this project for our whole school.

Today I gave once again food for people with alzheimer

Today I gave away food for the association who takes care of people with alzheimer.

I listen carefully and with love my cousin

Today I listen to my cousin talking about her life and how she misses her family.

Small Donation

I donated to this cause, a small donation, but as I believe it can be small but if we all give a little in the end will be enough!

País a coffee for a friend

Today I offer a coffee for a friend at work!

English lesson

Today I taught English in Orphanage

cooked vegan for friends

Today my friends visited me so I cooked vegan food for them

Dog’s day

Today lots of love, plays and cuddling with my dog

Used my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag in grocery

picked up rubbish

Today I picked us some rubbish while walking with my dog


Today I donated some money to the organization which helps homeless dogs find a lovely family.

waste segregation

Today I brought used batteries to the special store.

Teaching English

Today I gave English lessons in Orphanage

Today I help a friend

Today I got earlier to my job. And becase of that my friend went home earlier to rest!

cooked for family member

Today I cooked dinner for a family member

sent nice message

Today I sent message to my daughter saying I love her

saved water

Today I bought one big 6 L drinking water bottle instead of 6 x 1.5 L to reduce plastic.

Event in care home

Today I organized and event where children from orphanage visited elderly home and they all made cotillions because of Polish Independence Day

cooked vegan

Today I cooked vegan food

being nice

Today I held door to an old lady in my building

English lesson

Today I taught English in orphanage

Used my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag in grocery

being nice

Today I held door to the stranger

time with my dog

Today morning I spent lots of time with my dog playing and cuddling showing all my love to her

quality time

Today I spent wonderful time with family member

vegan food

Today I cooked vegan food

saving water

Today I took 3 min shower

Halloween give

Today I borrowed some clothes to my friend to dress up for Halloween

3 minute shower!

Today I took a quick bath. I was conscious about the Water that I was spending. Amazing!

Some food for a Home shelter

Today I gave away some food for a home shelter near my house.

Shaved with less water

Today I shaved using less than half the water I used to use!


Give and take

Me and my cat Pepper

Today I gave lots of love to my cat. Me and my wife decided to have our cat when we had a miscarriage. The cat literally filled an emptiness in our life. In the meantime Benjamim was born and we, stopped paying so much attention to it.

Today I gave away clothes

May first day! I started giving away old but usable clothes! Kiss!!!

Dinner for friends

I invited my friends to dinner on Sunday and I cooked all the food myself. we enjoyed the food and the company.

visit a sick friend

My friend had a surgery few weeks ago. I wanted to visit her as soon as I knew about her surgery. I got busy with so many things and couldn’t do it till today. I tool a tart and 2 nice scarves as a gift.

Stress Relief

I met someone yesterday who needs lifestyle changes to reduce his stress levels. I have offered to help him to find ways to reduce the stress. I have spent this year changing my life around. I want to share my experience and give back.

Family Faces Contest

Tonight we made a faces contest during our meal. We shared laughter and gave each other love and complicity.
First day for us into the challenge !

bought a White Champak from old lady

Me and my boyfriend went to have a dinner together, we saw a old lady selling a bucket of White Champak besides the Mrt station, we bought 50 dollors of White Champak from her.

Day 1-

Today is diwali 1 st Day…so I started daily give by giving the some rupee to the women having children with her. This is not a gr8 giveup… but its start today👍👍

Cat Love

Today I cheared up my friend after she was sad because of bullying
I also gave food to the street cats in front of my building


Made dinner for some friends and did their laundry!

Box of delicious

I give a big delicious box of cookies to children around construction area!

They are poor and thier prents are working to take care of them.

I am sure they liked my cookies

A smile

I smile to people in a building to make them feel nice.

Pick up trash

Today i walk back home and pick up trash to help the street a bit cleaner!

Improving a local food pantry

My strength is business and I have wanted to get involved w a pantry for a long time. Yesterday i did! Going to write them a new “business” plan to generate more donations and help more people. Woo woo!

Used my own shopping bag

Today I went shopping using my own shopping bag

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some rubbish while walking with my dog

Dog’s day

Today I had lots of love and play with my dog

being helpful

Today I gave a lift with my car to the family member

gave shoes to charity

Today I brought tree pair of shoes to the charity.

being nice

Today I offered and sent my audiobook “Creativity” to the person who I didn’t know.

free English lesson

Today I gave free English lesson in the orphanage


Today I saved water by taking 3 min shower

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up garbage while walking with my dog


Recycle plastics and glass

motivate dream catcher and cleaner street

The trainer at fitness tell me about his dream but i dont know how, i listen to him and motivated him to follow his dream and do the best.

Then i walk home with pickup some trash on the street !

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up rubbish on the playground next to the place I live

being helpful

Today I put back the shopping basket while doing shopping in the grocery.

being helpful

Today I said hello to all people in my building and held door for them

english lesson

Today I gave free English lessons in orphanage.

picked up rubbish

Today during the walk with my dog I picked up some garbage

waste segregation

Today I put glass rubbish to the special container outside the building.

used my own cup

Today I went to coffee shop with my own cup for take a way

Dog’s day

Gave lots of love and play time to my dog today

Used my own shopping bag

Today I went for shopping with my own shopping bag.

Give a sec of fresh air breath

My first giving was yesterday when i see maid in office who i know she is having hard time in her life and doesn’t know what to do!

I suggested her to talk with consult and i pay for her. She feel much better after that!

Be a Vegan

I chose NOT to consume animal’s products for the rest of my life.

Cats Make Us Smile

Today’s give was bringing blankets to our local animal shelter and volunteering our time with the cats. We love doing this – the cats make us happy.

Short and Sweet!

Our fig tree gives our family so much we give them away along with homemade fig jam to all our friends and neighbours. Our favourite give!

Day 1

Buy gifts

Free Hugs

Give Love with a hug

Friendly Chocos

Sweets = Smiles

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up

english lesson

Today I gave English lessons in the Orphanage


Today I gave some money to the young man who played music on the street.

waste segregation

Today I segregated glass rubbish and brought it to the special container

picked up rubbish

Today while being at the University I saw a paper on the stairs, so I picked up and put it to the bin.

used my own cup

Today I bought take a way coffee using my own cup.

picked up rubbish

While walking with my dog I found lots of rubbish on the playground so I picked it up and put it to the bin

Dog’s day

Today I took my dog for a long walk to the beach and played with her 🙂

being helpful

Today I picked up my brother in law from another town and brought him home.

being helpful

Today in the grocery I asked an old lady to go before me while standing in the queue


Today I donated amount of money for a dog shelter


Donated craft materials


Left a donation for a local charity

my own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag.

cooked vegan

Today I cooked vegan for friends

saving water

I refused to take shower today to save water.


I played bean-bean-bean as donation

english lesson

Today I gave English lessons for kids in Orphanage.

saving water

I bought one big 5 Liter bottle of water instead of small bottle to reduce plastic waste.

waste segregation

Today I segregated waste and brought used batteries to the special place for recycling

Texting friend

Sent a friend cute pictures


Baked cookies to take to my grandma’s

Pet surgery

Donated for a friend’s pet’s surgery

Buying local

Bought from a local store instead of a chain or supermarket

Spreading the Word

I emailed a few of my co-workers and it’s paying off already! In fact one of the girls and I are going to fish a big, white plastic bag out of the pond on our property today at lunch.

Called grandma

Called my grandma today

Shared 365give

I shared 365give.ca on my Facebook page and will keep sharing it!

Picked up litter

Picked up litter at a park near home

Picked up Garbage

I am always aware of my surroundings and looking for trash to pick up where I live.


Signed up for and played Freerice

Smiles for Everyone

I smile at everyone when they first come in.

vegan food

I cooked vegan today.


I unplugged all electronics for the whole day.

being helpful

Today I did shopping for a friend.

being helpful

Today I offered my help by carrying groceries to an old lady.

own shopping bag

Today I used my own shopping bag at the store.


I took empty grocery basket and brought it to its place.

picked up rubbish

I piked up garbage while walking with my dog.

Dog’s day

Today I took my dog to the beach and played with her 🙂

text to friend

Today I sent a text with gratitude to my friend.

saving water

Today I turned off water tap while brushing my teeth.


I picked up garbage in the local park

said hello

During the walk I said hello to all people I met.


I brought my clothes to the local charity.

being proud

I told my daughter that I very proud of her and that she is very brave person!

being helpful

I helped my daughter by diving bringing her towel helping to wear suit.


I refilled my bottle with water instead of taking a new one.

being helpful

I brought towel and water to my daughter after she finished diving.


I used the same bottle on the boat and just refilled it.


My daughter was diving again as we spend the whole week on red sea so I helped her by preparing her suit that she could wear it easier.


The whole day I used one bottle and refilled it after I drank all.


While my daughter was diving I waited for her with the towel that she could dry herself.

tinha uma cerveja no meio do caminho

Indo no poço da folhinha, uma trilha do parque das andorinhas em Ouro Preto, peguei uma lata de cerveja jogada no caminho. guardei para jogar no lixo.

A chave perdida

Ajudei a Jaque (colega da outra jaque, faz serviço social) e abrir o cadeado do seu armario na bbt, ela tinha trancado a chave dentro.

o meu primeiro

A talita é minha amiga da graduação e me pediu um favor, ao qual eu ajudei. Eu arrumei o sumário da monografia dela para a Talita.

trip to disneyland

I helped a family not miss their plane to Disneyland.

Picked up poop.

While walking my dog on the property where I live, I picked up another dog’s poop that someone left behind. It wasn’t pleasant but I felt good I did it! I did not photograph it, lol.

Picked Up Garbage

I was out walking the dog and picked up garbage along the way.


Thanks to the bus driver

Animal Pet Hair Removal Gift

I spoke to a good friend of mine yesterday. She mentioned she is struggling with trying to maintain her home with pets hair from her aging dog, while working full time and raising 2 small children.
I resourced and purchesed a pet hair easy removal tool on Amazon and had it delivered directly to her address. She has no idea she will receive it.


I brought all the recyclable trash to the Green Point of the neighbourhood square.


I told my family member that I love her

play with dog

Today I spent all day and played with my dog, let her come to my bad and gave lots of love 🙂

waste segregation

I segregated used batteries and put them to the special container

helped with cleaning

I helped friends with cleaning their house

Took neighbor’s dog for a walk

Today I looked after neighbor’s dog

picked up rubbish

During a walk I picked up rubbish


Today I pulled over my car as I saw some group of young people hitch-hiking. I took three girls to my car and drove them to their place.

Decorating Cloth Napkins for Meals on Wheels

I helped my daughter’s girl scout troop create a poster and decorate sample napkins for a school wide initiative to create custom cloth napkins for our 200 local meals on wheels organization.

Starting The Journey

I gave my mom a hug and told her I love her very much.

Donate Old Clothes

Even though you don’t want your old clothes anymore, it’s almost guaranteed that someone else will. There are many people in need of usable clothing. There are disaster victims, underprivileged people, and children in need of clothing, and your donations can help.

You don’t need a reason to help people

Share love by giving food and money to Manado City Road Cleaners. #365give #365givechallenge

Donated groceries before the holidays

I added to my shopping list basic products to donate to families who can’t afford holiday meals…


Today I donated money for someone who was ill.

Being helpful

As i am on holiday renting someone’s house I swept the walkway and stairs and cleaned poops from the grass.

looking after neighbor’s dog

Today I walked and played with neighbor’d dog as they were busy working.

Took neighbor’s dog for a walk

Today I took neighbor’s dog for a walk

Gave English lesson

Today I taught English for free too

Gave English lesson

I gave English lesson for free today

sending nice message

I sent message to family member I love her

Gifts to a fellow hiker

We were hiking in Jasper and had extra granola bars that we shared with a fellow hiker that had been hiking for 10 + days and looked like he needed some extra food for his hike.

Using search engine that donates to local Adopt-A-Pet

I set my search engine to GoodSearch, a search engine in which donates money to a cause of choice-my local Adopt-A-Pet.

Wrote a thank you letter to the mailman

I wrote a letter to our mailperson thanking them for the work they do no matter the weather:)

high fives are great!

hello to the seniors!

Clean up!

We went for a walk as a family and collected garbage


I was traveling across Poland and on the petrol station I saw homeless woman in very bad condition. I gave her some money for food.

being helpful

In the grocery shop I brought basket to its place while everybody left it by cash desk.

being nice in grocery shop

Today I let someone to go before me with his shopping while waiting in the queue.


Today I donated money to someone who is very sick and need money for surgery.

Dog’s day

I took my dog to the lake to have her last bath 🙁 gave her lots of treats and she could spend the whole day outside with her love ones. That was a perfect day to say good bye 🙁

picked up rubbish

Today I picked up some rubbish while walking with dogs.

Shopping for homeless

Today I bought some food for a homeless man.

Dinner for friends

Today I was invited to visit friends so I cooked dinner for them

Emotional support

Shared some emotional support with friends

Supporting friends

Emotional/moral support to some of my friends

Sharing of knowledge

Shared good valuable articles with a few of my friends.

spread the word!!

sent an email to my sons principal about getting 365give at his school

My Big Fat Greek Encounter

Giving of your time can be the greatest gift.

social media positivity attack!

sent out a bunch of positive messages to a lot of people we don’t know!!

cyber smile!

sent an awesome message to a friend who is dealing with depression


picked up some trash around the hood

getting on the bus!

our friend Alyssa got a bus pass for her new day on the job!

help out granny

helped an elderly lady move her watermelon from the grocery store to the bus stop

hugs for all

had an angry cranky old mad smile

AC!! for hot people

helped a lady who needed to be cool!

new friends

helped out and got to know a homeless person

Wood on the road

I was driving on a French road. there was wood on the other side of the road (like 3 small planks). This was just after a turn. It was not a hassard for me side of the road. Yet I stopped to clear the woden planks.

New PR for training buddy

Lekker sporten vind ik belangrijk. Vaak gebeurd dit niet met volledige toewijding. Deze avond had ik met mijn trainingsbuddy afgesproken dat we 100% gaan. 1 roeimachine 2 KM en elkaar aanmoedigen. We hebben beide ons PR verbeterd dankzij het aanmoedigen.

pick up trash while walking

2 times a week I walk through the park in the evening. I often saw small garbage like cans en plastic. Every time I go for a walk, I take a rubbish bag with me.
The waste has now almost disappeared. I also received positive reactions from the passing people.

Giving water to a dog

It was a hot day. The dog was on a leash and I didn’t see the owner.

Shopping for friends

Today I did some shopping for my friends as they were away.

Sweets for friends

Today I baked the apple pie for my friends.


Today I told my family member that I love her.

Being nice

Today I greeted all people I met during the walk in the forest.

Letting the old lady before me

While standing in the queue in the shop I let the old lady to be before me

Helped with diving equipment

Today I helped friend with my car offering lift to diving center to pick up diving equipment.

Offered a lift

I helped friend with my time and car to apply for the passport

picked up rubbish

During the walk I picked up rubbish

plastic free day

Today I did not use any plastics

Gave of Thrones

Gifted a friend the first book in the GoT series as I she is a big fan of the show.

Decrease your Amazon Packaging

Instead of having all of my Amazon items delivered ASAP, I opted to have them delivered together to decrease packaging.

Supporting our Maintenance staff

We picked up bags of rubbish from around the school to support our wonderfully hard working maintenance team.

The more you drink, the more I pick up

This morning I saw an empty bottle of beer at the beach. I didn’t have to think twice about what I had to do, so I picked it up an threw it into the bin!

used my own shopping bag

I bought some food in the local grocery using my own shopping bag

picking up rubbish

I picked some rubbish on the playground


I looked after two kids of my friends so they could relax.

Bought treats for unknown children

I asked kids who were sitting next to the shop to look after my dogs. In exchange for their help I bought them sweets.

Helping granny

This morning I decided to go grocery shopping for my grandma!

Shoe repair instead of shoe shopping

I paid to get my heels fixed instead of buying new pairs.

invited a friend for a dinner

Today I cooked dinner for a friend

used my own shopping bag

I went shopping with my own shopping bag

continued to use public transport

Today I left car at home so me and my nephew did a trip and visited our family in another town using the train.

fed a kitten and his mom

Me and my nephew fed a little kitten and his mom who live outside

less traffic

I decided to use public transport or taxi to decrease traffic in my city


Gave my friend new makeup brushes I had because she told me she bought a ton of new makeup (she doesn’t wear makeup normally).

Public transportation

Took public bus to work instead of car

Giving away old shoes Brooklyn-style

Put my old shoes out in front of my Brooklyn apartment instead of throwing them away.

Rescued Puppies

3 puppies were left for dead in a basket under a tree, my kids and I took them home and brought them to the vet and found them new homes!

Summer Cleaning

Found a whole bunch of clothes and canned goods while cleaning. Will donate them.

Used public transport

This week I continued using public transport

A massage as a reward

Introduced my friend to a very affordable and amazing Asian massage place. It will benefit both my friend and the workers.

Used public transport

Today I left car at home

Water the plants

My first day on #365give.. I’m very exciting… 🙂

No more to-go cups when you’re “here”

Most coffee shops don’t ask you “for here” or “to go” for cold drinks. Why not?!


Today I donated money

Used public transport

Today I decided to use public transport

Third-wheeling it

Made an effort to spend time with my friend’s boyfriend so I can get to know him better.

Saying hello to everyone

Today I went for a walk to the forest and said hello to people I met

waste segregation

I segregated glass and dropped to the glass bin in my building

cooked dinner for the friend

I made a dinner for a close friend

helping a friend

I brought friend home after a knee surgery

dinner for friend

I cooked vegetarian dinner for a friend who was on diet

Modern Day penpals

Sent my friend an Amazon package with Whole-30 foods and a book 🙂

New Weight Training Skills for Life!

I coached a friend on how to use dumbbells and weight machines. I hope she will learn new skills that she can use for the rest of her life to improve her fitness and health!

Down with straws!

I refused a straw with my iced coffee. It was nowhere as enjoyable to drink but it was worth it!

GinAnd tonic, mojito and a Cigarette

I gave my waitress a premium Tonic and cine e on for she prepare a perfect gin and tonic to her father.

Prepared and offered a Free Mojito to my first Client

And offered a cigarette to somebody who have been bothering me from some months now… it just felt great 🙂
Ps. The day ain’t yet over so the giveSss 🙂

Midnight kiss

At 00:30 I went running to give to my little daughter and her mother a kiss for the 46’th birthMONTH(3,5year old :))
After that, As I turned back at my place I discovered 365give and I’m really inspired to keep this up and engage my lil baby too 🙂

Be nice

I sent a very nice message to my friend to thank him for all these things he taught me.

waste segregation

Today I did waste segregation


I donated an amount for the family in need

used my own shopping bag

I took my own bag to do shopping

Gave lift

I took my close person to the beach as she had no car

Got Groceries for Michel

I went to Whole Foods and Target and got Michel, my Roomate, all of the groceries she needed.

Being polite

I hold the door for the old man.

Relaxation session

I made a relaxation session for the very close person


I have donated 20 PLN

cooked dinner for the friend

I invited friend and cook him 3 courses dinner including his favorite one.

waste segregation

Today I did waste segregation what isn’t obligation in Poland

Saving water

less than 3 minutes shower

Cooked Olivia Breakfast

Woke up and made breakfast for my little sister.

Being nice

I thank my friend and told him nice words

Helping a friend

I gave a lift to the friend who had no car.

Zero waste

Today I bought take a way coffee and brought my own cup!

Santa in July

We love this great recycling program that comes right to our door to collect our bottles. All funds raised go to support people in need in our community.

Yoga in the park

Free yoga, under the sky and trees. Connecting to your beautiful soul, releasing pain, tension, worry, stories, and creating space in your body and your life. Reminding people of the divine in them. Honouring the light within all of us. Finding the place of peace. Recognizing the beauty of life.

It’s a gift to give. Namaste

Making our planet a cleaner place to live!

Today me and my nephew Martin cleaned the area we live in. That was our first of giving 🙂 and we felt great!

Donated to local band

A local band of two people are traveling around and making money off their shows/merch. Donated money to help them keep living their dream.


Simple and easy. I voted today in the Maryland primary elections.

CV Referral

I referred an old acquaintance to the HR at the company I work for

Packed snacks for partner’s first day of work

My partner is starting his new job tomorrow and I packed some snacks with a nice note in his bag.

Took time to leave a good review

Having a small business, I know how important reviews are. A lot of time people just like to leave reviews to complain, but it is crucial to have a lot of great ones to survive. I made sure to take the time to write a review for a local business.

Fed a super cute dog.

The dog was not keeping well. It was looking pale. I fed it some apples. It looked satisfied and so was I.

Bought a gift and threw a party for a friend

It was her 30th birthday. I bought her a big gift and helped make her party the best she has had so far.

Hand of a stranger

Your waste could become a treasure and it is not a magic! Well, little secret, it is a magic and YOU ARE this magician 🙂

saved the bus

On a misty evening bus home, I offered to wipe the windscreen of the bus with my scarf.

Helped an expat to get an apartment

Basically I helped the son in law of someone I met on the internet to find an apartment, just by putting him in contact with my current landlord.

Gave to RAICES to help separated families at the border.

I was in the position to be able to give a little towards their goal of defending those that are separated at the border.

Make a teacher feel appreciated

We surprised a teacher/ tutor with a gift

С миру по нитке, бедному рубашка

It is a little thing, but I’ve joined the people with their own steel water battles. No more plastic!

Nothing is a waste

Something dusty in the darkest part of your room could become a treasure for somebody else!

Trying to prevent a fire

I saw a tree that had fallen on top of electric wires, so I called the authorities.

father’s day fun

I helped my mom and divulging cook a beautiful dinner for my dad on father’s day! it was so much fun being all together to celebrate our dad!

Roman pigeon aristocracy

Today I went to feed birds but the Roman pigeons looked so satisfied with their lives that they looked at me like a peasant who offered them a meal that would offend their nobility. However, four of them looked happy to have some bread

Lost in Rome 🙂

Today I helped two lovely tourists to find their way to Colosseum


Stop exploiting Syrian refugee children to make clothes petition

gift to brighten a day

Mailed an unexpected gift to a friend to brighten her day

Helping my cat

My cat (Lucy) was scared. I had too help her, she was going to fight with another cat!

A compliment

I saw that someone I didn’t know so well had reached a goal and decided to send them a small paragraph congratulating them.

Rice for the hungry

I helped donate over 4000 grains of rice to help end world hunger!

Family in need.

Everyone needs a set of sheets!

Bought coffee for mum

Surprised mum with a little coffee date today

Show people that they’r awesome!

I gave my friend my german books,so that she can study,and i also wrote a note and told her that she is the best and she can do what she wants!

Helped Mum

Did some chores for mum.

Inspiration note before driving test

I gave my friend a confidence note twords her driving test tomorrow, I know she’s nervous and I want to give her strength and good vibes 🙂

I gave back to the world by teaching to give.

A guy was really depressed and down. I got talking to him and told him about the 365 give, and that he will be happier so long as he focuses his energy on doing happy things. His poems were really depressing and suicidal. But today he told me that I “saved his life” and sent me this poem;

Brighter tomorrows fill my conscious with grace,
No bad days to come now I’m clouded in a better place.
Suicide notes to my ghosts no longer become of any good,
Toxins creep beside my dry eyes but staying closed is what they should.
Horizons becoming ever so gazing like the crack of the sunrise,
Not adding and subtracting my sorrows no more my minds dry.
Negativity brandishing the past like lava on this earth,
Grateful to breath freshly again like I’ve become a new birth.


Conserving Energy

Using less energy for the day

Picked Up Rubish

Picked up rubish in the surrounding area of my work place.

Free Rice Game

Donated 1200g of rice

‘Feed the birds’

In need of some seed!

Time for Tea

Happiness begins with ‘a cuppa tea’ 🙂

Free Parking

I had paid for parking for the day and only used three hours. As I was leaving a saw an elderly lady going to the meter and offered her my ticket.

Time for New Group

I was recently elected president of our New Group (networking group). Soon after I was re-hired to my full time job. My Job is in another town (about 20 min away) from our Wednesday meeting. I have been jumping through hoops to make as many meeting as possible to help maintain our New Group. I love Networking, I love our group and it makes me happy to give my time to them.

Recycled bottles

Recycled water bottles today and started using reusable water bottle.

Habit of using water bottle

I just did a very small thing that people may already do several years ago: using a water bottle to buy a drink instead of getting the store’s plastic cup. But I still feel good cause I gonna do the same for the rest of my life.

Gave a Lift

Gave a hitchhiker a four hour lift.

Helping Animals

Giving to the local SPCA

Smiles are free

This is our first week of “giving” as a family. We have been giving away free smiles all week! Compliments too! It really makes everyone feel good.

Earth Day

We know that people don’t think about environment when they throw rubbish in a forest. But we do think about environment and we cleaned up part of the nearest forest

Board games for children in our hospital

One of group prepared board games but unfortunately they didn’t finish them we decided to do it and in the future can give more board games to sick children.

A positive entry on our pavement

It is sunny day and we want to stay on a playground all day!!!! What good can we done for others?

Walk instead of public transport

We would like to be more healthy and that is why we choose walk instead of other means of transport.

Bottles water

We had a problem with bottles… Every day somebody brings new one and when was empty it was useless. But not any more. We bought bottles for every member of our group ( with teachers) and signed it up. Now we cleaned it and we add fresh water.


We took all the recycle….Plastic, glass, tin cans, and cardboard

environment Gives

I remembered to take my own bags along for groceries instead of using the plastic bags available from the grocery store

Give the Planet, Give everyone!

What if we start this by gifting our own planet: isnt this a global gift?

Lost but found! …and cleaned

Found something, brought it back to the “Lost and Found” box. Saw it was full of garbage. Cleaned it too.

Trash Pickup

I picked up trash around my neighborhood with some friends


Gave 2150 grains of rice on FreeRice site.

Save the world !

We cleaned part of the nearest forest.

Thank you cards

Is nothnig better to say tahnk you.

Toy for cat

We had special guest, very cute cat which belong to our friend. We made toys to him.

Flowers – have a good day

We had already given flowers and we did it again.

Build school in Africa

We prepared leaflets to share the great idea of building school for children in Africa, precisely in Jeremiah and also island Deepie (Zambia).

We built a achool in Africa !

Today we invited a volunteer who taught in a small school in Africa.

What’s a dollar?

I was going for a walk and passed an older man panhandling at an intersection, so I handed him the dollar I carried to buy a bottle of water.

Flowers as a gift

Today we tried to find the best way to share with others our happiness. We prepared four pots with flowers and we gave them children from other groups.

Dejar pasar

Deje cruzar a alguien la calle

Glue sticks for my pupils

Today, I gave a couple of glue sticks to my pupils in class.

A pair of damaged pants to go to recycling

I’ve been sorting out some clothes in the past few days. I am preparing a bag with clothes to be recycled because they are too damaged to be worn.

A free creative writing workshop (2 hours)

Once a month, I give a free creative writing workshop in a tearoom.

A tip at the hairdresser’s

I gave 5 euros to my hairdresser on Friday.

Coffee Break

Happiness at the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru.

Reducing my carbon footprint

i carpooled to school this morning

Ex Text

I helped my ex with self issues

Transportation for a friend in need

Providing a ride for a friend in need

Children’s clothes to be given to the Secours Populaire, a French charity

Whenever my kids’ clothes are too small, I either give them to friends or to charities.

Birthing Kits for all!

My friend Anushay (a Dr and woman with a kind heart) has taken a great initiative to hold a birthing kit assembly afternoon at her house.

Co-workers lunch

My pharmacy assistant (Shahedia) has been working hard, studying hard and deserved a little treat. Lunch on me! 🙂

Skip the Plastic

Today marks 2 weeks since switching to Keep Cups and Glass bottles. No more plastic for me. Environment 1, Plastic 0

Sandy Smiles

Taking an extra minute and giving it to a patient who’s had a tough week

18 euros to help children with oesophageal atresia

Today, I gave 18 euros to a charity which helps children born with oesophageal atresia.

My brothers an idiot

I saved my brothers relationship with his girlfriend by changing a whole dance routine. it was for the greater good

A book readers may enjoy

I will bring this Canadian book to the book box close to my place tomorrow so that other readers can take it and read it.

Get Well Soon Mail

Card to a ill relative

50 European cents for a charity

I gave 50 cents today to the McDonald’s charity.

A useful book

I gave a self-help book to help a kid deal with bullying at school.

What is Kiva anyway?

Read your Blog “Day 352: What is Kiva anyway?”. Thank you for the inspiration.

a little goes long way

helping out someone who you usually wouldn’t see or talk to.

just keep smiling

smiling is a gift that keeps on giving

Donate to give365

To male a donation to 365gives in ordre to support a fantastic initiative

Free rice

It is my first day and i am sick, so i thought this would be a good way to start !

First give.

today I gave my friend some chocolates as she was helping me with a personal struggle and I complimented someones room. 🙂

Day 1 of 365give

Today I found out about 365give. I donated a small about of money and told my 3 kids we are starting 365 give today. I quickly donated 1000 grains of rice too.

Gave me some me-time

Being on-the-go for so long, I needed some time to myself.

Ceep a Coffee

Used my ceramic keep cup to grab a cosy, gorgeous flat white before a 6 hour shift today.

Good Morning!

Discovering the difference a simple “good morning” could do.

Mums new hot pants!

Made mums day by giving her a pair of old gym tights which she strutted around Sydney Harbour today

Get well soon Nani

Gave Nani a lil taste of home while she recovers from a fall in hospital; homecooked food (3 dishes) all by me!

Chai Catchups

Gave a thought to an old friend who has always been there for me but because of both our busy lives, haven’t given each other that much time. Sent a message to him to see if he was around to grab a coffee/chai (a ritual we’ve had for 6 years). And he was! The rest is history, involving chai, long chats and a cuddle.

Plant herbs

We love gardening it is too cold to do it right now but we decided to start from small garden on our windowsill.

Birds need corn

Spring is coming but is very cold and birds need our help to find out food. That is why we decided to give them some tasty gift.

Board games for children in our hospital

It is a long way to prepare board games, we added instructions, counters and dice.

Medicine Mania Managed!

Helped an elderly couple (very confused, very overwhelmed) with their medications; gave them advice, gave them reassurance, gave them information and most of all gave them the confidence they need to manage their medications.

Handmade penholders as gifts

I used recycled paper rolls in the restroom to make pen holders for my colleagues in the office,incuding a birthday boy.


I helped my younger brother get a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He was nourished and happy. 🙂


I read a book with my little brother and played with him for a while. Not only did it make him happy, it made me happy. 🙂

Trashy and Happy

I threw away some trash in my sisters apartment and helped to tidy up a bit. I also picked up some trash on the ground and threw that away. 🙂

A Happy Home is a Clean Home

I cleaned the entire household today. It’s helped us to be more happy and peaceful. 🙂


My mother has shingles and has been stuck in her room for a while now, so I willingly went in and washed the dishes. Although I have not received any thanks, I hope that it was appreciated.


Puppy Love

I gave R50 to the petrol attendant

The petrol attendants here in South Africa get paid very little, work long hours and are often supporting big families. I’m sure R50 would be an unexpected surprise

Thank you to my colleague

I was in need of support and one of my colleagues has been grateful enough to listen to me. I brought a small gift for her and left it on her desk early in the morning.

Clean Water for Guatemala

Provided clean water for people living in Guatemala

Say to a friend that you care for him

I was thinking of a good collegue who I see rarely and I have sent him a greeting card…. hope to hearing from her soon

Do Not Waste – Rather Give!

My daughter discovered an application where you can buy unsold food which by the end of the day will be offered to the homeless of your town. I paid up for two menus to be distributed tonight, and think to do this on a regular basis.

Help end world hunger

Inspired by another give. I played Free Rice to help end world hunger

Free Rice

I’ve been struggling to find ways to help people and when I scrolled through other givers’ experiences I thought Free Rice would be a great and easy way to help! In only five minutes, I have donated 600 grains of rice. I have done good in the world today. 🙂

donated money

I donated money to help treat people with HIV.


i helped others to paint a room.


Cheered up a client

My First Give

Just starting out..


I used the website freerice, to help with hunger in the world.


I talked with a friend who’s not doing well today.

Clothing donation

I dropped off 8 bags of clothes to goodwill.

Swiss thank you note

Thank you note through La Poste, one of Switzerland’s greatest symbols. pd: best thing for free!


I went out on Sat and mainly ordered water. The bartender was older and very nice and understanding. I brought him a thank you card today and a tip. I’m hoping he appreciates the card more!

Starting point

So today i started my 365give challenge, and im super excited and positive about this 🙂


I signed petitions to protect animals and punish animal abusers.

P&B for homeless

I made about 25 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drove around my neighborhood handing them out to homeless people.

Helped make dinner

I made chicken Alfredo for dinner tonight since my mom was sick.

Helped a friend

I picked up my friend’s pencil pouch when it fell in the hallway.

Give 14 – Click for Children

Clicked tab for Children at Care2

A House is Now a Home

Moving homes is never fun but what a wonderful way to help friends. We delivered a lovely mean to friends on their moving day.

Board games for children in hospital

It is a big project in which we decided to prepare as much board games for children who are in a hospital as we can.

Nice words

Today we are trying to be nicer for each other.

Lunch for Fire Fightets

Anonymously bought lunch for St. Cloud Florida firefighters

Bird feeder

Today children brought seeds for birds, we decided to prepare place where we can leave seeds.

Free Rice

Such a great way to start off my 365 give for myself and my family. I didn’t even know this site existed. It just inspires me to find ways, no matter how big or small, to give back each day!

Click for a child

Care2Canada click to support children

Just started!

I’ve been doing small tasks like feeding cats and up-cycling, but making it a daily task took it to another level! I started with freerice.com
I hope I will be able to do good each and single day and make it my lifelong habit.

Cans and Clicks

Donated beverage containers to child development charity and clicked at Care2Canada re child hunger.

Giving a thumb

At school my music teacher had torn a ligament in her thumb so after music I helped her pack every thing away and prepare for her next class and at break I helped her get ready for her next class

Save Big Cat Habitat

Daily Give 11 – clicked to save big cat habitat

I cleand my sisters room

i saw my sisters room so i cleand it for her

i saw something that my sister would like a brought it for her

I went to a shop and saw something that my sister would like and brought it for her

I made a sign for someone

I helped made a sign for someone who was doing a half marathon

Tidy up our school

As a class we picked up rubbish around the school to keep our environment clean!

Water and Mandarines for Workers

Bought cold water and fruit from my pocket money and distributed to workers on a hot day.

Day 1!

Free two birds from one cage

Daily Give 10 – Clicking

Care2Canada daily click towards saving the ocean and freerice.com got 1060 grains of rice.

Help ill friend

We prepared a book about monsters for our ill friend.

Feeding the homeless

Bought food for a homeless man and treated my boyfriend.

Daily Give 9: Rainforest Click

Clicked on Rainforest at Care2 Canada to help protect Rainforest

My Day 8 Give: Click for kids

Did a click on Care2 for children

New Idea

Present this project and prepare a poster to inform about helping children by doing something at home.

Fed the ducks

Me and my best friend went and bought some bread and took it to our local Nature Discovery Centre and fed the ducks, geese and swans 🙂 we had a great time

Chicken Soup

Made chicken soup for eldest daughter who is home sick.

Locked out of the bathroom

Helped a boy with a broken arm open the door to the locked men’s bathroom.

Easy Free Rice

I played the freerice.com english vocab game to give 1000 grains of rice. It was the easiest way to start 365 days of giving, given that I only needed a browser and 10 minutes.

Grocery Shopping

Drove my youngest daughter to the grocery store and bought her some groceries.

Tiger Scouts

We helped our Tiger Scout leader prepare materials for our scout meeting tonight.

Children’s Miracle Network

Donated to the Children’s Miracle Network that helps 170 children’s hospitals treating millions of kids every year.

Beach day clean up

Went to the Melbourne FL beach and picked up trash on the beach.

I also helped a family put up their sun umbrella

Give the Musical Fruit

Played math games on beanbeanbean.com to donate 124 beans.

Teaching kids

Helped my 7 year old nephew with a 5 minute presentation on Barack Obama, taught my niece and nephew the basic of chess; walked my sisters dog, picked up trash in the neighborhood, held the door twice.


Answered questions on freerice.com to donate 400 grains of rice.

In a Jam

Brought a friend a jar of jam

All around town

Lots of good stuff today: donated cat foods to a local animal shelter; did a price check for a cashier at the grocery store; provided change for a stranger; picked up trash in the neighborhood; returned neighborhood trash and recycle containers to their house.

Help Kids by Recycling

Donated all returnable (deposit) bottles to child development charity sponsored by our return-it centre.

Play and donate

Did 3 gives so far today.
1. Played word game on free rice.com and they donated 2380 grains of rice;
2. Played work and math games on bean bean bean.com and they donated 21 beans or 1/16th of a meal;
3. Carried and used my Swell water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottle


We brought Valentine cards and treats to share with Owen’s class at school.