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Giving Starts with Pie! Change Hearts One Slice at a Time

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We must have pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie. – David Mamet

Ready to change hearts with these daily giving ideas? No matter the occasion, no matter the person, no matter the taste buds, pie is the ultimate dessert! It is a great way to change hearts and make some one’s day with these daily giving ideas.  From your classic strawberry rhubarb pie to your savory chicken pot pie, every slice waters the mouth and evokes the same feeling Thanksgiving dinner brings out.

As this year’s pie season rolls around, it signals a time to stuff our faces with pie and give back to those around us. Pie is powerful and, while it might seem questionable at first, pie is undoubtedly the key to peoples’ hearts—and to their stomachs. Here are a few delicious gives to improve the lives of those around you and to fill you up with soul food, one slice of pie at a time.

Organize a Baked Goods Fundraiser To Change Hearts

A great service to the wider community, baking fundraisers are one of the best ways to raise money, all while having a blast! In your community, plan a pie-themed baked goods sale and collaborate with others to do so. As fun as it is to eat the pie you made yourself, it feels just as satisfying to see other smiling faces dig in and to raise money for a cause. Consider donating your earnings to your food bank or to a local food initiative.

Share a Slice of Pie with Loved Ones To Change hearts

Pie is meant to be shared—that’s why we cut it up into so many slices! In any case, try eating pie with friends and family to tell them that you still care for them, that they’re still on your mind. Doing so in the presence of food, they will feel loved and cared for—something that goes a long way in anyone’s day.

Gift Pies to Neighbours, Friends, and Family To Change Hearts

 Out of the blue, give the gift of pie to your community, and see the faces of those you love light up! Without a doubt, the gift of food is nothing short of extraordinary—especially if it’s pie that enters the mix. Gifting pies will spread that food love and help to form more tightly-knit relationships in your community. So this pie season, send friends and family a message of delicious love!

How to Change Hearts  - 365give

Plan and Compete in a Pie Bake-Off

For any person experiencing any hard or depressing times, the give of company and competition can spark a smile—and a bake-off is exactly that. During this pie season, plan a pie bake-off and invite friends and family to compete with one another. When you mix loved ones, competition, and food together, the end result is an unforgettable, comforting experience that is surely able to raise anyone up from the lowest of lows. Food and friends are an extremely powerful combo!

Although it isn’t Christmas or Halloween, the oncoming pie season is no less exciting. A time to binge-eat pie and spend time with family doing so, this pseudo-holiday ushers in the same whimsical, special feeling that any other festivity does. Even more, the spectrum of pie is much, much broader than you can imagine—from savory to sweet, tangy to fruity—and you won’t stop getting surprised by how amazing each slice is.

Through this extraordinary dessert, it also allows everyone to give, whether that be by organizing a baked goods fundraiser, eating pie with family and friends, or gifting pies to your community. Pie is powerful and no doubt the key to peoples’ hearts and stomachs.

Giving starts with pie! Enchant the stomachs and days of your loved ones, one slice at a time! For more giving ideas, sign-up as a member at 365Give to receive updates on our blog!



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