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Go Get Your Happy On At School With These Planet Gives

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Looking to get your happy on as you return to school? Or are you hoping to just continue to be happy while at school? Our wellbeing is important and finding ways to increase our wellbeing at school will make our school cultures positive, our students eager and ready to learn and staff more productive. Having a giving ritual in your class or school will get students to continue to use prosocial behaviour both inside the school and outside. When they feel how happy giving makes them, they will continue to complete small acts of giving at home, at their after school clubs and in their communities. But what fun giving ideas can you do as a class to start the giving ritual started? These planet gives will have the students engaged in a conversation many are very passionate about – our environment and climate change. Showing them how small acts of giving that benefit the planet will inspire all of us to do better, can only have positive outcomes. These planet gives will get you started. Once you build your ritual in the classroom, students will come up with some other planet gives ideas that we likely have never thought of! So get their suggestions!

Planet Gives For the Classroom

Try some of these plant give ideas on for size and see what your students think. Planet gives are about enjoying, appreciating, understanding and respecting our planet. Most kids are contributing where they can to do the right thing for our planet, so integrating some planet gives into your classroom will get more giving going!

Create Various Designated Mask Garbage Containers

Part of the necessary evil of the pandemic is mask wearing. Disposable masks are best but that creates a lot of garbage. Create various garbage areas just for masks where kids know they can safely put their mask in a garbage and not leave them around the playground, hallways, bathrooms and public spaces. Not only is this great to decrease the spread of Covid, it gives kids the opportunity to put their masks in a proper garbage no matter where they are in the school. Put the garbages in the playground, in the hallway, in classrooms.

Make Your Classroom A Green House!

Let your students bring in potted plants – flowers, succulents, wild flowers, vegetables –  so they can study the benefits that plants have on us and the planet. Learning about planets, how to care for plants, watch the beauty of a plant growing, is a great way to build natural gardeners who understand the value of plants. Many kids dont have areas to plant a garden, nor do they have a place to watch plants grow. Doing this in your classroom shows one of the greatest planet gives we can complete!

Build Posters for The School

Using recycled materials, create posters that can be put up in the classroom or around the school that share eco friendly tips. Your poster can be one big one with the theme of planet gives, or each student can make one poster. Spread the message with other students that planet gives are a great way to increase our wellbeing, and make ourselves and the planet a happier place.

Use Your Paper Wisely

We are big supporters of paperless classrooms but understand that this just be impossible for younger students. If paperless can not be a goal, look at making sure you minimize printing, use both sides of the paper, and use paper sparingly. The less paper we use the better off the environment is and we will be completing a planet give!

Wash Your Hands

We all need to wash our hands, and wash our hands a lot! The hand washing rule is 20 seconds of scrubbing our hands, about the time it takes to sing happy birthday. But do we need to leave the water running while we are scrubbing? Heck no…turn off the water while you scrub your hands well and turn it back on to rinse. That 20 second turn off will save about 5 liters of water!

Eco Show and Tell

Everyone has great ideas and use great ideas for planet gives at home. Have an Eco Show and Tell where students share an environmentally friendly practice they do at home. This sharing of ideas will help everyone build their roster of planet gives and continue to inspire us to do the best plant gives for our planet!

A Ritual of Classroom Gives Takes Just a Few Minutes a Day

Your students will love giving once they start. Teachers and parents will witness a change in their classroom culture once you start. Students will have a greater wellbeing, feel happier, and will be more productive in the classroom once they complete their give for the day. Try it and see what happens! Kids love to give, my kids do, and they are far happier for it!

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Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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