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Have You Checked Your Happiness Status Lately?

Happiness status
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With the holiday celebrations over and all of us settling into the year 2020, you may be feeling a bit of post-holiday blues. How happy have you been feeling lately? Have you ever taken time to check your happiness status? You can check the status of physical health with medical tests, but how do you check your happiness status? Here are some of the ways you can check your happiness status and even improve it.

Spend Time with Loved Ones – People Give

People who love and know you well can tell if there have been any changes to your happiness status. Treat your family or close friends to some coffee or a meal, and have a genuine conversation over it. Tell them your story and listen carefully to what they say. Ask them how they have been doing and how you can support them. By giving your time and attention to your loved ones, all of you can check your happiness status and boost your happiness level as you give one another the gift of good listening and care.

Happiness status - 365give

Go for a Quiet Walk Outside –  Planet Give

A walk around the block is a simple exercise that can boost your physical and emotional health. Also, it can provide opportunities for small acts of giving that can further increase your happiness level. During your walk, interact with other people by smiling and saying hello to them. Pick up garbage on the street or offer to take your neighbours’ pets out for a walk. Spend time to make a mental list of gratitude, especially the blessings you encounter during your walk.

After the walk, compare your mood with how you felt before the walk; you’ll be able to know your happiness status and whether or not your acts of giving during the walk made a difference to it.

Give Thanks with Messages of Gratitude – People Give

Many people, including counselors and therapists, say that counting your blessings is a way to increase your happiness level. Being thankful can remind you of all the positive aspects of your life, and it is a form of giving, which can make you happier.

Send messages of gratitude to people who made you happier in any way. Send quick text messages to family members and thank them for their love and support. Send thank-you e-mails to friends who helped you move to your new place or listened genuinely to you when you had a challenging day. Leave a note of gratitude to a co-worker who helped you with a particularly difficult work project. Send cards to job interviewers, thanking them for giving you an interview opportunity.

See how you feel after sending these messages of gratitude. Did it make you feel much happier? If so, then your happiness status may have been low, and giving more gratitude might be just what you need to increase your happiness level.

Happiness status - 365give

Care for Your Pets and Other Pets in Need – Animal Give

Many researches show that pets can make you feel happier with their unconditional love and childlike, joyful attitude. My dog always made me feel better and happier… even if I was already feeling pretty happy! Give your pets extra doses of love by giving them an extra walk around the block, a warm hug, or more play time. Don’t have a pet? Many animal shelters will welcome volunteers who can care for their animal residents. If you are able, offer to foster or even adopt a pet from the animal shelter.

Why It’s Important to Check Your Happiness Status

You cannot give to others what you don’t have. It’s difficult to offer your best self to the world – your kind personality, generosity, or skills – and spread happiness to others if your happiness status is low. Through consistent acts of giving, check and monitor your happiness level and keep it at a healthy level. Be sure to check out the Happiness Research section of our website for ideas and suggestions to improve and maintain your happiness status!

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