Why Daily Giving is Important
365give Volunteer – Why Daily Giving is Important
April 4, 2019
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Make the #Do1Give Day Promise Today!
April 8, 2019
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How Daily Giving Changes Your Workplace

Daily Giving Changes Your Workplace
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If you are one of the lucky ones, what makes you happy where you work? If you are still trying to answer that question, ask yourself this, what would make you happy at your place of employment? Seeing as we spend most of our time at work, in some cases more time than we do with our families and loved ones (sad reality, but it’s true), shouldn’t the workplace be a happy and uplifting place? There are so many things we can do, that each of us are capable of doing to make the workplace a better place and to change it for the better. It doesn’t cost a lot, but it does motivate people to want to do more. Here are a few ways that I can think of, some being from my own personal experiences in the workplace.

Daily Giving Changes Your Workplace In Positive Ways

  • Support a Co-Worker’s Idea – If you believe in a co-workers idea, support it! This could be as simple as saying, I think this is a great idea at a meeting, or smiling at your co-worker once they present the idea. Support of ideas can make ideas become a reality so if you believe in what they are presenting, give them support.
  • Send a text to acknowledge Others – A simple text that acknowledges someones efforts can bring a big smile. We all work hard, and acknowledging that hard work through a simple text message can rock someone’s world. Don’t hesitate, send that text.
  • Send a Thank You Note – IF someone has done something great, or nice, or well, send a thank you note. A physical not digital note can go a long way. It shows you took the time to say thank you for someone’s work.
  • Start a giving platform in the workplace – these are becoming more and more popular. For example, Pinkaloo – Modern Giving in the Workplace provides a workplace giving program that actually drives employee and client engagement while creating a philanthropic community within the company. People will see that they can builds relationship and empower others as they do their daily business. People want to work for companies who have a mission and values that align with their own. This is a great way to create that reality.
  • Create Volunteer Teams – I personally have participated in this type of giving in workplaces before. O love working at a soup kitchen with my team, or making a meal for the families that have sick children at a Ronald McDonald house. Give some time to the local food bank. Help build a home through Habitat for Humanity. Have an in-office canned food drive or school supply drive. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take up too much of everyone’s time, but this is such an amazing way to give back as you strengthen relationships in the workplace. Doing a volunteer project each quarter can make a difference in your community and at work.
  • Put a Note On A Co-workers Desk – Place a post it note on your co-worker’s computer saying “You are awesome,” or “ “You rock”. This simple give can have an amazing ripple effect. I am passionate about making others feel good and making others feel appreciated and valued. I have done this so many times in my career and even at home, and let me tell you, it really boosts morale and makes people happy!

Get Started – Make Your Workplace A Happier Place

There are many ways to give that enhances the workplace. Happiness manifests more happiness. Whether it’s simply saying thank you to someone or participating in a volunteering capacity, there are so many ways that we can make the workplace a happy place. All it takes is one person to start the happiness ball rolling and things start to be..happier.

Go on over to www.365give.ca and check out why giving will make your work place a happier and more productive place. One simple give every day does change the world and you. Sign up for a free membership and try it out for yourself. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Patty Aldrich
Patty Aldrich
My name is Patty Aldrich, a mother of two boys, a pet parent to two miniature pinchers and a wife with full-time employment. I truly believe we are responsible to create the change we want to see in the world through our daily interaction with people, the planet and animals. 365give is near and dear to my heart. I volunteer with them to share simple giving ideas that create change in the world, one day, one give at a time. I have witnessed the power of giving with my family and within my work. Sharing these stories with you is what I love to do! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be the change you want to see in the world!" Check out my Facebook Page at Happiness For All

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