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April 1, 2021
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April 6, 2021
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How One Family Gives on #Do1Give Day – 365give Membership Story

365give membership story
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We love sharing a 365give Membership story to spread the good news about giving. The Howze Family have been great supporters of daily giving and our 365give organization. They have spread happiness far and wide with their daily giving and on #Do1Give Day. Read about thwir giving journey and their favorite family gives to inspire your daily giving, and add some great giving ideas.

The Howze Family Gives – Their Giving Story and Great Giving Ideas

Our family got involved in 365give’s #Do1GiveADay because we saw it as a great opportunity to not only build values of love and selflessness within our family, but to also teach our children the importance of giving. In a society that says we should only “get” and it’s all about “me” it is crucial we teach the next generations how it is vital of humanity to give of ourselves. Children are watching everything we do and say, so if we as parents show them the impact giving can have on communities both locally and worldwide, it helps to build a stronger future.

In 2020 we really got creative with our daily gives as the world shut down due to Covid19. We turned to social media where we created a Facebook group filled with people in our community. Together we gave food, money and other resources to anyone in need, no matter where they were located. It really helped us connect with people in our community who were not coping well with the changes due to COVID and didn’t feel comfortable leaving their homes. We made our gives of delivering groceries and other essentials to them. We also used Facebook Live for karaoke nights as a fun way to lighten the intensity of everything happening around us. We may have been physically distant but we became socially connected for social good.

Our other favourite give of all time was completed in 2019. As a family we created a song for the 365give movement. This was our way of sharing a give, spreading it to others and feeling happy!


As a family we continue to give every day. We always practice mindfulness to spread love and positivity to those around us– whether that be through empowering others or providing a listening ear to those who need one.

We started giving through #Do1Give Day and have not looked back since. By committing to #Do1Give Day first and then daily giving as a family, we have grown to be much more in tune with the needs of others, and have opened our hearts wider to serve and give. The energy that radiates from within by doing small acts of giving is truly untouchable, and it flows way beyond our local community to across the world.

Benefits of Giving As A Family

The Howze Family have shown how giving as a family benefits everyone in your household and beyond. They have received happiness three fold and continue to inspire others to give through their giving.

Benefits to your family are seen once you start a giving practice. Here are some benefits for your family once you start giving:

  • Inspires your children to become changemakers
  • Encourages parental participation in their children’s leadership learning
  • Provides a common activity for family members
  • Generates a positive and active home environment
  • Assists children in creating positive environments outside of their homes
  • Helps families become active participants in their community
  • Involves simple activities that take just a few minutes that are appropriate for all ages

As the Howze family shows, there are more than just these benefits to giving. Why not see what else you receive when your family starts giving. You can create your very own 365give membership story.

A 365give Membership Story That Keeps on Giving

Thank you to the Howze Family for their ongoing commitment to giving. They truly have inspired others to give through their actions and will continue to inspire others while they keep giving. Thank you!

Check out #Do1Give Day to get your family into the giving spirit. This is a one day event that lets you test out giving and how happy you feel after your first give. You just might become daily givers like the Howze Family!

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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