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July 15, 2019
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July 22, 2019
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How to Give Like Nelson Mandela Every Day

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In 2009, July 18th was declared International Mandela Day in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday. It is a day to promote global peace and celebrate this great leader’s legacy. We can all do our part to give back to our communities in celebration of this great leader. We have been inspired by Nelson Manadela and his ways of giving continue to inspire people around the world. If all of us could give like Nelson Mandala, small acts of giving that impact the people we interact with on a daily basis, we too can change the world.

A Legacy of Giving – Give Like Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is best known for giving up much of his life in the pursuit of freedom for the people of South Africa. His philosophy for living was one of peace and giving. Nelson Mandela wanted a just and peaceful world and he wanted to make the world a better place. He was an activist for freedom, for ending poverty, for education, for the fight against AIDS, and for human rights.

This day is to promote his legacy by encouraging everyone around the world to adopt his philosophy of giving. Nelson Mandela was an international leader who received the Nobel Peace Prize to recognize the difference he has made in the world. As citizens of this world we can take the principles of his legacy and adopt them into a practice of daily giving that will continue to change the world and make it a better place.

Be Inspired and Give Like Nelson Mandela

Giving like Nelson Mandela can be as easy as adopting his philosophies for a better more giving world. Here are some examples that anyone can put into practice.

Peaceful peace -signing petitions, taking part in a march, walking for charity can all show your dedication to a cause in a peaceful way.

Using your voice – choose what you believe in and make your voice heard. Sign a petition, write an article for a blog, or simply write an email in support of a cause that is close to your heart. People who work tirelessly for charities always appreciate notes of support. Share your support with your friends and spread the word at a truly grassroots level.

Forgiveness – Mandela worked toward reconciliation for the people of South Africa and at the heart of that is forgiveness. Forgiving someone for past arguments or differences can release both of you and give you a sense of freedom and happiness. Spreading happiness in this way can promote peace around the world.

Philanthropy – donate your bag refund at your grocery store or return bottles and donate the money. Make a commitment to give away your space change every month or collect spare change at your place of work or school. You don’t have to give away millions to make a difference, every penny counts.

Volunteer – give your time to a charity. Volunteer to help at a local shelter, a food bank, or any charity that can make a difference in our world. Every charity, every cause, every non-profit organization needs the help of caring citizens so seize the day and make Mandela day your day to give back.

Giving Can Be Big or Small

Whatever you choose to do to mark this historic day will make a difference. Nelson Mandela believed that small acts of kindness can spread throughout the world. By giving a little bit each day, you can make a difference that can be felt globally and have a lasting impact. If you follow some of the recommendations above, you will give like Nelson Mandela.

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Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy is on our Board of Directors at 365give and is a valued contributor to our blog. She spent years in non-profit work advocating for girls and women in sport and physical activity and then moved on to fundraising for Big Sisters. She currently works from home as a freelance writer while raising her kids. Always passionate about children and youth and giving back to the community, Tammy found a perfect fit with 365give. “I love being part of a global movement that is creating a society where people feel good about themselves through giving back. 365give has the potential to change the world and create the future we all want to see.”

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