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How to Give to Friends During The Festival of Lights  

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Preethi Krishnamurthy

Year-round there are several festivals and occasions to celebrate. Diwali is one such grand festival that brings joy and happiness when celebrating. It’s also one of the most beautiful festival that brings family and friends together for the celebration, it’s filled with positivity and good vibes. Why not cherish it with the joy of giving?

Yes, joy and happiness on Diwali is all about giving!  We take it as an opportunity to show gratitude and affection towards our family and friends with a small token of love as presents. On this Diwali, why not surprise a friend? There are number of ways to show your gratitude and affection towards a friend. Here are 5 ideas to give to friends on this Diwali The Festival of Lights.

Present a Pack of Diyas or Scented Candles!

The Festival of Lights is as it sounds, a true festival of lights! Diyas or scented candles are a great idea to give for  friends on this Diwali.  During the festive season the homes and streets in South Asia are decorated with beautiful diyas and colourful lights. During Diwali, as the lights are lit up the place of dark is filled with brightness, It’s the beauty of the festival. Candles and lights usually bring a peace of mind when its lit up. Gift a friend with a pack of beautiful diyas or decorative candles. It would put a smile on the face of the person you give.

Gift a Box of Sweets or Chocolates!

How could we forget sweets and chocolates on a celebration? Yeah! Sweets are always a part of festive tradition that’s shared with others to express joy and happiness. Gift a box of sweets or even chocolates to a friend, thank them for even a simple thing you feel grateful for, that would make you feel happy.

Buy Family and Friends a Gift!

Anybody would delight with new clothes, especially during festive season. Buy a friend a set of clothes or even something that they may want to buy since long time. Present it to them with gratefulness. Both you and the friend would appreciate the give.

Delight with a Feast With Family and Friends

Food, Food and Food!  After all who doesn’t love feast! During the festive season a feast is always a part of celebration. We cook dishes and savouries for family and friends to enjoy dining together. Invite a friend and their family to your home for a feast to express your gratitude towards them or maybe you can invite a friend for lunch or dinner and you pay on their behalf.

Present Home Decor or Handmade Gifts!

Diwali also represents beautiful decorations; on Diwali everyone loves to decorate. Be it home, workspace or even on street; the people enjoy beautifying the place. So, home decors could be great idea to give a friend on this Diwali. You could present beautiful home décors as a token of love. To go beyond you can even craft a handmade gift (DIY) to represent your gratitude towards the person you give too.

Hope, the above-mentioned inspirations are great ideas to give to friends on this Diwali.

There are always lot of ways to express your gratitude and affection towards your family, friends, and the society. For even more giving ideas and inspiration check out 365give and their giving ideas!


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
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