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July 30, 2020
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Build Your Happiness Muscles By Giving Every Day
August 10, 2020
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How to Hack Your Happiness With This Small Action

Hack Your Happiness
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We have all heard this before, “Happiness is an inside job.” Finding that happy place on the inside varies from day to day, some days being harder than others, some being easier. We have a “happiness hack” that uses science, a little heart, and one small daily action to kick start your happiness every day.

The best and easiest hack for your happiness is one small act of giving.

Yup – that’s it.

So what is one small act of giving? it is an action that shows compassion, gratitude, kindness. It can be done by volunteering, donating or taking action on social media. Any and all of these actions count as a daily give and it will “Hack your Happiness”  – everyday.

“It doesn’t have to cost a dime, just a little time”

Why Giving Can Hack Your Happiness

Here’s why giving will hack your happiness. Using scientific research, we have come up with an acronym to help us remember how our brain naturally responds to kind and generous actions. It is so important scientists state that our brains and bodies are built specifically for this. We call it your daily D.O.S.E of happiness.

Dopamine: Your brains “Feel good” chemical. You will be singing the song “I Feel Good” instantly!

Oxytocin: This is your “love” hormone. It like getting a great big free hug!

Serotonin: The brains neurotransmitters that translates your one small act of giving into feelings of happiness.

Endorphins: It’s just like the “runners high” but it’s called the “helpers high. You will be floating on cloud 9 in no time!



More Giving Equals More Happiness

Here are some of our favorite gives that you can do no matter which stage you are in during COVID re-openings:

  1. Send old blankets and towels to your local animal shelter
  2. Built a small bird bath in your backyard or on your balcony
  3. Like the Facebook page of a local charity
  4. Turn off taps when brushing your teeth or washing your hair
  5. Use your own grocery bags when shopping
  6. Send a video hello to a friend, family member or colleague
  7. Send a note or text of gratitude to someone who has helped you lately or in the past
  8. Ask a friend, neighbour or senior if they need with a task or household chore
  9. Put a positive message on social media about a local business you like
  10. Smile at people on the street – smiles can be seen through your mask – make it a habit!

Doing one of these actions each day to hack your happiness is simple. You just have to start. Sign up for our daily giving ideas to get simple daily giving suggestions sent right to your inbox to kick start your day.

If you want a little bit more happiness support, join our global community to spread happiness all over the world! One give, one day at a time.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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