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How To Keep Giving During a Covid Lockdown or Self Isolation

Giving During a Covid Lockdown
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Looking to keep happy and maintain your giving during a Covid lockdown? The pandemic caused by Covid has been hard on everyone for multiple reasons, and while we are all busy with our own lives, let us not forget to give to others. It can be hard to give during this time, but here are some pandemic-friendly ideas and inspiration to continue giving.

Giving During a Covid Lockdown – Donate Blood

Check your country’s website before booking an appointment because there are several requirements to be eligible to give blood.

Giving During a Covid Lockdown – Donate Funds, Time or Talents

If you can, donate to your favorite charity or discover a charity that supports a cause you are passionate about. There are also several Covid-19 profits that you can donate to help the less fortunate and vulnerable during the pandemic.

Giving During a Covid Lockdown – Make Masks At Home

Organize a virtual tutorial with friends and family and learn how to make homemade masks for the vulnerable groups that otherwise would not have access to PPE. It is a great way to learn a new skill, spend time with loved ones, and give your talents to others!

Giving During a Covid Lockdown – Support Local Businesses

Small businesses have been suffering due to the pandemic so instead of going to big box stores all the time, opt for supporting a small business in your neighborhood and maybe find an alternative store you love. Small businesses in your neighbourhood will have curbside or delivery options for their goods!

Covid Giving – Check-in With Loved Ones

Throughout this pandemic, we realized how important our mental health and wellbeing is. Take some time aside to check on loved ones who could be feeling lonely. This can be family, friends, neighbours or anyone. Set up a Zoom call or FaceTime, to catch up with them and show you care.

These ideas are to inspire you, so feel free to be creative and find other ways to give. Money, time, and talents are all very appreciated, and every give helps no matter how small. If you love giving and want to spread a whole lotta happiness, check out our 2021 giving event, #Do1Give Day. Join thousands around the world who give to others for this fun, but important, event.



Ava Sales
Ava Sales
Ava is a high school student who enjoys her volunteer position teaching children to read. She also enjoys spreading joy and inspiring others through her writing. She loves giving back to her community and found the 365give mission matched her values of being kind, generously serving community and giving to others. She hopes that during her time at 365give, she can inspire others to be a part of the 365give Challenge and help the organization reach more people.

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