School Community in #Do1Give Day
Engage Your Virtual School Community in #Do1Give Day
April 2, 2020
Ways To Give From Home During #COVID-19
10 Ways To Give From Home During #COVID-19
April 4, 2020
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How To Virtually Give With Your Family For #Do1Give Day

#Do1Give Day
Share Happiness!

Here is a great way to step away from home schooling (and work) and have some fun with your kids! #Do1Give Day is a great way to teach our kids some valuable lessons about prosocial behaviours, compassion and empathy using fun activities. With so many of us around the world on lock down, we have some wonderful virtual gives you can use on April 15th when participating in #Do1Give Day! These gives do not include text books, have nothing to do with math, science, or any subjects that we have not looked at for years. These virtual gives for your family are not age specific either so if you are a multi-generational family, or have children of various ages, these virtual gives can be done together! We think this is more fun than a board game!

10 Ways Your Family Can Give Virtually on #Do1Give Day

Use these giving ideas to reach out to others virtually on April 15th! There are a lot of gives you can do at home as you shelter in place, by why not use this opportunity to virtually reach out to others and spread kindness, happiness and encouragement.

  1. Have a Virtual Dinner Party – We did this the other night with aunts, uncles and grandparents. We used Zoom to get us all connected and had a blast! If you have the free Zoom account, you can connect up to three parties online for 40 minutes. So cook away and get people connected!
  2. Drive By Party – If it is a friends birthday, a family members anniversary, or another milestone for someone, why not have a drive by party. Hop in your car and drive by their home, honking horns and making noise. Who ever you are celebrating will be touched that you have thought of them, and made the effort to celebrate from afar.
  3. Draw Chalk Messages On Your Sidewalk or Driveway – Write encouraging messages on your front sidewalk or drive way. Words of gratitude, showing the community some love, write a quote, wish everyone a day of happiness. These words are great for those who look out their windows or drive by. Lets give our community encouraging words of support.
  4. Click To Give – We love our click to give options. Save a baby seal, get a tree planted, or help to stop animal cruelty. These easy click to give options are virtual gives that touch animals, the planet and people virtually.
  5. Every Day Hero Art Work – Have an art morning and get the kids to draw, paint, create a piece of artwork that shows our every day heroes. Think of the front line workers in hospitals, grocery stores, and those securing our communities.
  6. Social Media Shout Out To Local Hospitals – Leave a message on your local hospital’s social media page. Let them know you are supporting them, and appreciate what they are doing for everyone.
  7. Send Online Coupons To Others – Dig around for useful online coupons that would help other families and friends make ends meet. Food coupons, pet food coupons, baby needs and personal care coupons.
  8.  Play Beanbeanbean – This online game has  your kids learning and donating food to global communities. You can start a friendly competition for your older kids or just play as a family. Every right answer donates beans to global communities that have little food security.
  9. Read To An Elder Person Online – Skype, Whats App, Facetime is perfect for this. Get your kids to read their favorite book, a poem, a short story. This will make a grandparents, older neighbour, or friends day!
  10. Host a Virtual Laughter Party – Get your friends online and have a good laugh. Each participant has to tell a joke to get everyone laughing. (or groaning) This is a fun way to connect with others and will have you happy all day long.

Why Participate In #Do1Give Day As A Family

#Do1Give Day is all about giving globally one day of the year. When we give we feel happier, get others to feel happier and spread the message that giving every day changes the world. During this critical time, we all need a good daily dose of happiness. Why not trying giving with your family on #Do1Give Day to test out the waters of giving. Once you see it worked, with your kids being happier, your family showing different ways to show compassion and kindness, you must might want to try giving each day.

Sign up for your free membership and join our 365give community to participate in this global event. Use one of our virtual giving ideas to get the world in a happier place if just for a day.

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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