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Kick Start Giving At Work With These 15 Work Gives!

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We spent at least 2080 hours at work every year, 70% of our time! Giving at work is a great way to give every day and make a happier work environment. We hope everyone has a happy place to work, but making it happier, every day, will increase your productivity! Imagine that. And here we thought if we worked harder, put in longer hours, and came up with brilliant ideas every day, we would be happier at work. If you complete one small give every day at work first, your creativity and work place happiness will increase and productivity will be easier, way easier! Then you can apply hard work after that but give first and witness how your work day flows and how hard work becomes a breeze.

But how can you combine work and giving? I can’t take hours away from my already busy work day and give. Giving every day thankfully takes a few minutes, not hours so you are off the hook. The first rule about giving every day is – make it easy. There are so many work place gives you can do every day that take just a few minutes to complete but result in hours of work place happiness.

15 Gives Perfect For Your Work Place or Office

  1. Donate leftover food from an office meeting, lunch, or conference. All those muffins, sandwiches, fruit trays, and veggie dips can be donated to a local shelter, or passed out to the homeless on the street. Find a few agencies, shelters or soup kitchens close by and call one after each office catered lunch or meeting. If you were really on the ball, order a bit more food knowing that you will be donating left overs to a local organization.
  2. Post giving ideas on your company social media accounts. Show customers how they can pass your product forward to others, or suggest that customers buy two products and donate one. Be creative and see how your giving idea ripples through your office and clients.
  3. Listen to your customers and ask questions. When was the last time you talked to a customer about something unrelated to work? To your product? To your service? Ask a heart felt question like, how are you today, and really listen to the answer. Or ask how their family is, or child. Instead of asking how can help you, ask how are you today.
  4. Post nice blog comments on an industry blog. If you read an blog related to your industry, post a thank you comment, or a note of gratitude for the information or article you just read.
  5. Put up a community bulletin board. Make one in your office, or where your customers are. Let anyone post community information that others can share. Focus on volunteer information, local charity needs, local public spaces, free activities. One give every week can be to add to the bulletin board.
  6. Host a free coffee event. For customers and employees. Do we need to say more….
  7. Have a discount day for veterans, students and seniors. Randomly host a discount day where customers feel honoured and appreciated.
  8. Give on Kiva to other entrepreneurs. Find other entrepreneurs that do similar work to you and donate. Once the loan is paid back, find another.
  9. Post an inspirational quote on social media, on your desk, or at the cash register. You will be amazed how people feel they read it.
  10. Donate old supplies or inventory to a local not for profit or charity.
  11. Followup on client/customer purchases. Just give them a call or shoot them an email. Ask them how the product is working for them and thank them for purchasing.
  12. Send a thank you note to a supplier.
  13. Post local charity events around the office. Information is priceless and might inspire others to give.
  14. Have a ‘donate your morning coffee day’ where staff donate the price of a coffee in an office collection and donate it to a local charity.
  15. Send out a free gift to a social media follower. Pick a random social media follower, and send them something to say thanks.

To move forward you need to give back. Oprah Winfrey

These workplace gives take no time and will make you happy every time you complete a give. A happier you ripples through the office and creates a happier work place. Try it, see what happens. If you are inspired, sign up your office for the 365give Challenge and share your work place gives on our Impact Map. Inspire other work places to do the same around the globe!


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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