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February 14, 2022
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Kindness and Giving Will Boost Your Happiness And Well Being

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It is time to get in touch with our humanity by connecting with the people around us through acts of kindness and giving. For Random Acts of Kindness Day, we’re going to talk about what kindness and giving does for you and your well being! We will also share a couple acts of kindness ideas you can bring into your daily interactions. Being kind to others has phenomenal benefits for everyone involved. So, what does kindness and giving do for you? 

Giving and Kindness Boosts Self-Esteem

Acts of kindness don’t only make the person you’re being kind to feel good, it makes you feel good too! Kindness and giving is linked to improving self-esteem and overall wellbeing. So, making other people happy makes you happy – who knew?

Giving Encourages Us To Make Connections

Making random acts of kindness can help break down the barriers that keep us from feeling like we belong. By acting in kindness, you can reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and build stronger ties to your community. Building meaningful social connections with others can be a really great way to boost your overall well being!

Giving Puts Change Into Perspective

I think it’s fair to say that it has been a hard couple of years. Our world has been turned upside down and many of us are still struggling to keep up with the changes. This can sometimes make us feel stuck, like we’re in a rut and unable to break out of negative thinking patterns.  Random acts of kindness and small acts of giving can help change your perspective and encourage you to have a more positive outlook. Giving yourself space to think about how you can be kind to others can boost your own optimism – and who doesn’t need a little more optimism? 

Random Acts of Kindness & Giving Ideas

There are tons of tried and true random acts of kindness and giving ideas that I am sure many of us have heard of – holding the door open for someone, giving up your seat for an elderly or pregnant person on the bus, or buying a coffee for someone in line behind you.  The list goes on. These are great acts of kindness that can really bring a smile to a stranger’s face, and your own! Random acts of kindness don’t always have to involve physically doing something for someone else though, there are plenty of other ways to be kind.  Sometimes verbal acts of kindness are what our community members need.  So what would an outside of the box, verbal act of kindness look like?

Giving Idea – Acknowledge Others

This may sound odd, but I think it’s really important to consider. So frequently we pass by people experiencing homelessness on our downtown streets. Or when doing our daily errands or going to work we have quick interactions with cashiers, servers, or bus drivers. If we bring humanity into our daily interactions, and acknowledge the existence of others, we can create strong bonds with strangers and people in our community – brightening both your own and others’ day.

Giving Idea – People Experiencing Homelessness Can Use Our Give

If a person experiencing homelessness approaches you, listen to them. Sometimes someone is just asking for the time. If they are asking for change and you do not have change to give them, at least acknowledge their existence. This can be a smile, a nod, or saying something like “I’m sorry I don’t have any money on me today.” This kindness may sound small, but it could go a really long way for folks who do not typically receive kindness from strangers. 

Giving Idea – Service Providers Will Love This Give

Many service providers like servers, cashiers, bus drivers, and public service employees like the police or firefighters experience many abuses throughout their day. A lot of folks can really benefit from hearing kind words. If you are checking out at the grocery store or paying for your coffee at a cafe, try to connect with the cashier.  Maybe you could compliment them on something they are wearing or you could ask them how their day is going. Bring authenticity and kindness to your interactions with strangers and you might be surprised at the authenticity and kindness you receive in return. If you see public service workers on the street, smile, or thank them for their service. This takes just a few seconds and can change your day and that of others. 


Kindness and giving

When You Start Giving So Do Others

The effects of kindness and giving continues to ripple, so spread the word and the kindness! If you have any other random act of kindness or giving ideas, we would love to hear from you. Even better, join our giving community and make  kindness and giving a priority.

Madeleine Lamirande
Madeleine Lamirande
I am pursuing my undergrad in Social Work and hope to become an international disaster relief social worker. I have a sincere love for advocacy and research, I love to travel, and I adore nature. On my spare time, I like to be outside, make DIY’s, and read!

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