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March 29, 2021
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Laughter Can Be One Of Your Best Gives Ever!

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Looking to make one of your best gives ever? As community groups we do a lot of gives through volunteer work, community projects, and large donation drives. Why not try something new with your community group members or neighbourhood. Laughing is a great thing and surprisingly full of benefits. It can brighten someone’s day, relieve stress, and help bond relationships with others. Everyone needs laughter in their lives, so here are five ways to make someone laugh as your daily give!

Tell a Joke – It Could be One Of Your Best Gives Ever!

Share a joke that is so terrible that it ends up being funny! Whether it is a knock-knock joke, funny story, or harmless prank, you will be sure to make them laugh. If you need inspiration, search for a joke or two on the internet. 

Send a Hilarious Meme, Photo, or Video To Someone

If you are scrolling on social media and find a meme that would crack you and a best friend up, share it with them! Even if you are going about your day and run into something amusing, snap a photo and send it to someone to put a smile on their face. 

Watch a Funny Movie or TV Show  With Someone Else

If you want to spend time with someone and make them laugh, set up a movie night. Pick one of your favourite comedies or select a totally new one and prepare for some laughs. 

Take Photos Of Your Pet And Share Them! – Best Gives Ever!

Take some candid photos of your family pet. Dress them up if they are comfortable with it and share the photos with loved ones. Filters are now available for pets as well, so they can also participate too. Photos of our furry friends are guaranteed to make someone laugh. 

Share a Story that Will Make Others Laugh

If you have some comedy gold, twist it into a story to tell. If the dog did eat your homework, now you possess a comical story. Use funny gestures, sounds and exaggerate. You will have the whole room laughing in no time. 

Make one of these community group gives one of your best gives ever! Gives that make people laugh are my favorite gives to do. If you love giving, why not give year around. Check out the 365 Challenge for more awesome ways to give all the time! 

Ava Sales
Ava Sales
Ava is a high school student who enjoys her volunteer position teaching children to read. She also enjoys spreading joy and inspiring others through her writing. She loves giving back to her community and found the 365give mission matched her values of being kind, generously serving community and giving to others. She hopes that during her time at 365give, she can inspire others to be a part of the 365give Challenge and help the organization reach more people.

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