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April 29, 2019
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May 3, 2019
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Local Gives for local moms is my giving inspiration for Mother’s Day. As someone who has been defined as the ‘group Mom’ in my friend group, I cannot help but associate the idea of giving with Moms. In my own life, a Mom is someone who gives everything that they have and expects nothing in return. Even when my own Mom was met with nothing but a bratty teenaged girl, she continued giving me all of her love, patience, and affection. That is why on this International Mothers Day we should celebrate Moms by giving back to them.

Gives to Give Back to Moms

There are a lot of things that we can do in order to give back to Moms. These gives can be (literally) close to home or can be international gives that cross oceans. For all of us children out there who are looking for ways that we can give back to our own Moms, or people who have treated us as if we were their own children, here are a few good ways to show them your appreciation:

  1. Offer to babysit, so that Moms can have a day off to relax and recuperate and give a little bit of care to themselves.
  2. Clean the house! Something as simple as doing the dishes, emptying the dishwasher, or doing a load of laundry can make a huge difference.
  3. Write them a love note. Sometimes, when you’re a parent or a parent figure in someone’s life, a little appreciation can go a long way. I used to do this a lot as a kid and my Mom still has some of the notes that I wrote to her!
  4. Spend time with someone who you see as a mother figure in your life! Ask them to get lunch or go see a movie and ask them how they’re doing. It’s important to remember to check in on these people who give so much of their time and energy.
  5. Buy your Mom a spa package or make a fun at-home spa day for her. Mom’s need to relax, and this is an amazing way to help them do so.

Gives for Moms From Moms

I must admit that I am not a Mom yet. So, for this part of the blog, I decided to call in an expert – my own Mom! Whe has some great ideas for local gives for local moms. There are lots of creative and fun ways that Moms can give back to other Moms. Some of these things include:

  1. Volunteering at a local women’s shelter or at a food bank to help Moms who are in need.
  2. Starting a book club, running club, or any kind of social group where Moms or mature ladies can get together and chat and let off some steam!
  3. Contribute to a charity that helps send children to school so that Moms can help provide the best for their children.
  4. Take time to sit down with another woman who gives just as much as you do! It is important that everyone who is/has been/will be a mother figure can share stories and time together.
  5. Give back to Mother Nature by taking a walk through a park and picking up any garbage that you see, or taking a bike ride instead of driving, or teaching your kids the importance of taking care of the environment.

All of these things are small, simple things that we can do to honour and repay mothers and mother figures for all of the gives that they give on a regular basis!

Leave a comment below about inspiring gives that you’ve gotten from your Mom, or creative gives that you can think of to give back to Moms near you! If you are now inspired to start giving to make the world a happier place, sign up for your free 365give membership and start logging your daily gives! It truly makes the world and you happier.

Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline has a degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa and is completing her postgraduate work in International Development at Humber College. Her passion for helping others coupled with her volunteer and educational pursuits has taught her the importance of giving. She believes that the power of giving will help create peace and happiness in communities. Some of Jacqueline’s favorite gives are paying for a stranger’s coffee, holding a door open for some she does not know, or smiling at everyone as she goes about her day. She hopes her daily giving continues to improve her surroundings and inspire others to give every day.

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