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Make Fair Trade Chocolate Your Daily Give

Fair Trade Chocolate
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Don’t you love that fair trade chocolate can be your daily give! Purchasing power has a huge impact that can cause a ripple effect around the world. Your daily give can be shown in your consumption pattern and can be as simple as the chocolate you purchase. Taking the time to ensure you buy sustainably produced chocolate harvested under ethical and fair working conditions, can be your daily give. It is good for the farmers, the workers, the environment and for you. Everybody wins.

What Is Fair Trade And How Does It Relate to Chocolate?

Fair trade chocolate means that the chocolate is produced using ethical standards and that the farmers and labourers are given a fair and sustainable wage. In some countries, extreme poverty drives families to accept less, work in slave-like conditions, and be deprived of basic human rights. Use your daily give to ensure that these families and these communities, who produce delicious treats for the rest of the world, live and work in regulated and livable conditions.

Fair trade cocoa farmers are able to support their communities. The livable wage they receive, allows them to send their children to school, ensure clean water is available and invest in the health care of their workers. They can grow their production and ensure a profitable future so more community members benefit. Fair trade products are widely available, so you don’t have to look to far to find it.

Where To Find Chocolate For Your Daily Give

World vision offers a guide to finding fair trade chocolate, making it easy to make fairness to cocoa farmers your daily give.

The Fair Trade Foundation assists cocoa farmers in many different countries, helping them make a fair wage for their product, build farming efficiencies, share fair trade policies, and bring their chocolate to market. Their website also shares stories of local farmers who have benefited from their assistance and advocacy. In the UK, Cadbury has committed to making 30% of their chocolate fair trade. It is a start!

Whatever the occasion that calls for chocolate, make it your daily give to buy fair trade and ensure that workers and farmers around the world benefit from your purchase.  Make it a habit to become a conscious consumer and use your daily give to ensure everyone gets a fair deal with the chocolate your purchase.

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Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy is on our Board of Directors at 365give and is a valued contributor to our blog. She spent years in non-profit work advocating for girls and women in sport and physical activity and then moved on to fundraising for Big Sisters. She currently works from home as a freelance writer while raising her kids. Always passionate about children and youth and giving back to the community, Tammy found a perfect fit with 365give. “I love being part of a global movement that is creating a society where people feel good about themselves through giving back. 365give has the potential to change the world and create the future we all want to see.”

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