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August 8, 2022
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Make Happiness Happen With These 5 Fun and Spontaneous Gives

Make Happiness Happen - 365give
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Making happiness happen, just like that, is an amazing feeling. Watching another person be happy due to an action, what they heard or what they saw, a gift to us all. How can we make happiness happen? These simple giving ideas will guarantee happiness every single time you do them. The very nature of giving creates happiness and effects happiness in three entities. The giver, the receiver and the observer all gain happiness when a simple act of giving happens. Wow.

5 Fun and Spontaneous Gives To Make Happiness Happen

Now if you have done any of these gives before you know what happens. If you have not, give them a try. Just know, happiness is guaranteed. These gives are either just an action, or cost a dollar or two. Money is not needed to spread joy and happiness with your give. It is about the action, the intention and that you follow through. That is all. If you conduct one give each day, your happiness will remain, and you will continue to spread happiness to others each and every day you give.

Buy Someone A Coffee Or Tea

This was one of the very first gives I did. When in the line up for my mid-morning coffee, I asked the person behind me what kind of coffee they would like, ordered it, and proceeded to pay. The smile on their face and gratitude brought that right back to me. If you are at work, ask a colleague if you can them a coffee. If you are going for a coffee with a friend, buy their coffee. Or ask someone you know if they want to go out for a coffee and treat them. Use your imagination and make it easy. You will be surprised how many opportunities present themselves when you decide to complete this give. All you need to do is one.

Help Someone With Their Shopping or Grocery Bags

We have all seen it. Someone has more bags than they can carry, or have heavier bags than they anticipated. Helping someone take their bags to their car, or lift them into public transportation, can be a grand give. When you are doing errands, or traveling around town, be aware of others and if they might just need a hand. This can really save the day especially for a senior if they are struggling with heavy bags and packages.

Let Someone In Line Ahead of You

This easy peasy give can make a world of difference in someone’s life. If in a store, or waiting for information, let someone in line ahead of you so they can go first. This act of kindness and giving can be a huge relief for someone else, especially if you know your questions, or purchases or going to take a while.

Send A Text Or Message of Gratitude

I did this just the other day. A doctor friend of mine did my a great favor by sharing some important information with me. I send a note a few days later when their suggestion really helped out and thanked them for their time and information. I was truly grateful for their expertise and the few minutes they took to help me out. Gratitude can be shown to those who are in your life always as well. Send your sister a note, your spouse, your parents. It may be a friend who has always supported you through the good and the bad. When you press send, both of you will feel happier when gratitude is shared through this give.

Share Some Of Your Lunch With Another

Now this is always fun. Have two cookies in your lunch? Or a half of a sandwich you can share? What about that nice salad you packed up, sharing some of your salad would be a great give. Someone might have forgotten their lunch, or did not have time to make a lunch or just can not find a second in the day to think about lunch. Share some of yours and watch a big smile come over that persons face. I have been known to pack a bit of an extra lunch so I can easily share and there is always something to give to someone else.

Giving Can Be Planned Or You Can Just Give In The Moment

There is something to be said about a planned give. We are great supporters of planning a week of giving at a time, so you remember to give. But watch out for those opportunities to give spontaneously without a plan. Be open to giving daily either planned or not, and see the same result, happiness happening between you, the receiver and anyone who witnesses what you gave.

So ready to make some happiness happen? Lets start giving.

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Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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