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Make it Meatless Today for Your Daily Give – Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday
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In honour of World Vegan Day it is important to talk about the idea of going meatless. While meat is an important source of protein, there are many alternatives that can be used in its place. This could be done as a daily planet give, or something to try once a week! Cutting out meat is not only good for your health, but also the environment. Meatless Monday is your planet give of the day!

Let’s talk about the benefits of limiting meat consumption…


Meat is one of the most expensive products at the grocery store. By limiting meat you will be able to save some money while still receiving the health benefits of proteins through alternatives.


There are other sources of protein that make for excellent replacements of meat. Beans, tofu, quinoa, broccoli and nuts are all great alternatives to meat. They can easily be added to any recipe or replace meat products.

Here are some healthy recipes to check out, that don’t involve meat, and count as a planet give!

Health Benefits:

According to the Mayo clinic those who eat more of a plant-based diet are at less of a risk for heart disease. Essentially reducing meat intake can reduce your risk of cancer and lower your cholesterol. Vegetables, nuts and beans provide protein with healthy fats and do not have as many calories, which can positively impact weight loss (if this is your goal!).

Reduce your Environmental Footprint and Do a Planet Give This Week on Meatless Monday

Meat production processing is linked to one cause of greenhouse emissions that contributes to pollution. The meat industry also increases loss of biodiversity, which can easily be improved by limiting your meat consumption, even if it’s once a week!

If you’re trying to go vegetarian or simply looking to limit your meat consumption you can use these tips to use as your daily give! Please share any recipe ideas, or comments about how you limited your meat consumption!

Lindsay Stevenson
Lindsay Stevenson
My name is Lindsay, and I am an International Development student at Humber College in Toronto. Through my undergrad, I came to realize the power of education through communication. 365give encourages everyone to be a part of change – no matter how big, or small. Being a writer for 365give combines my interest in writing with my aim to inspire others. I love having the opportunity to contribute my ideas and tips on how to encourage others to give back.

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