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Make This Father’s Day During COVID-19 The Happiest Ever!

Father's Day During COVID-19
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Okay lets pull out our happiness creativity for this Father’s Day during COVID-19! Just because we can’t go out for dinner, or have a big party, or travel to see our dad’s does not mean we relax our Father’s Day giving! There are so many new and fun ways to give back to fathers on Father’s Day, which will make this years celebrations the happiness ones evah! So lets give dads a great virtual or at home celebration that gives back to him!

Giving Ideas For Father’s While We Physically Distance

I have to admit I loved thinking up these creative giving ideas for dads. Mother’s Day giving was fun, but with some relaxed social distancing in place I am having even more fun with these gives. If you are still on lock down, use the best giving ideas that keep both you and your dad safe. My dad lives across the country so I will be virtually giving to him this Father’s Day. My family is together so my boys can do some pretty fun things with their dad at home.

Have A Picnic Outside With His Favorite Snacks

Choose the best place for your picnic – your back yard, balcony, or a secluded park where you hike for some social distancing. Social distancing is still important so find a place that is physically safe for your family. Pack his favorite snacks, something fun to drink, a blanket to sit on and if you have time, a game to play. Spend a bit of time outside and make it all about him. Breathe some fresh air and enjoy some time alone with you, your dad and your family. If you are under quarantine, just make that picnic in the house. Spread out the blanket in the living room, and pretend you are having a picnic outside.

Play His Favorite Songs – All Day Long

Put together a dad play list (ask mom or a relative if you need some help) and let him play his favorite songs all…day….long. Share the play list if your dad is living elsewhere, or put the playlist on at  home so all of you can dance the day away. If you are not a fan of his music, don’t worry. This is all about him, and he deserves a Dad music day.

Make A Card Or Artwork For Father’s Day During COVID-19

Receiving a home made anything is heart warming. Make Dad a card for Father’s Day, or spend a bit more time on a piece of artwork. Pick a theme that will make him happy – his favorite sport, activity, food, or just a hand drawn image of the family. Use recycled items from around the house to make it super special. Combine a people and planet give this Father’s Day. Check out these Pinterest ideas for recycled Father Day gift ideas

Do Dad’s Chores For A Day

Does Dad take out the garbage, mow the lawn, clean the windows, make dinner, paint furniture, or sweep the walkway? Complete dad’s chores for the day and let him relax at home. All of us have chores to do, and taking dad’s chores off his to do list is a great Father’s Day present. IF you are not sure what his chores are, ask him. If you dad lives outside your home, see what you can do to help him virtually. He deserves a day without chores and you can make it happen.

Share Photos of Your Dad On Father’s Day

I have a whole file of photos of my dad on my computer. They must go back about 40 years, thanks to my sister digitizing old photos we had. Why not make a great slide show of photos of your dad. YOu can share the slide show at home (think popcorn) or you can send it to him virtually. I love this idea and I know he will love it as well. You can get the entire family involved if you want, which will make this Father’s Day even more special.

Wave Through A Window Father’s Day During COVID-19

If your dad is isolating, or lives in an assisted living facility, or if he is just not ready to go outside yet, why not make the effort to say hi through his window. Take the time to walk or drive to where he lives and wave through the window with the biggest smile you have! Just seeing you will make him happy!

Looking for More Giving Ideas For Your Dad?

If you want to continue giving to your dad after Father’s Day, sign up for our daily giving ideas so you can continue to be inspired to give every day. Use the ideas for your dad or use them for other people in your life. These giving ideas will start to change you and the rest of the world.



Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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