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December 23, 2021
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December 30, 2021
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Make This New Year The Happiest Yet With These Giving Ideas

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Here are 48 giving ideas for the New Year! And 48 giving ideas to make you and your community happier! As we approach the end of December and the beginning of a new year, we start to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. It is a time of mourning, celebration, and embracing change. If you are thinking of making a New Year’s resolution, consider these gives that can double as New Year’s resolutions you can feel good about!

12 People Gives That Will Inspire Over The Next Year! – Giving Ideas For Happiness

  1. Call a loved one once a week.
  2. Work on listening to hear and understand rather than listening to respond.
  3. Host a monthly dinner for friends and/or family to stay connected.
  4. Learn your loved ones’ love languages so you can give them affection and show your love in a way they need.
  5. Ask before giving hugs to friends and family.
  6. Go through your clothes and donate to homeless shelters or charity organizations.
  7. Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, homeless shelter, youth center, and any other organization that you resonate with!
  8. Think before you post or speak – is what I am about to post or say harmful in any way?
  9. Tell your friends and family that you love them.
  10. Buy from local small businesses to support your neighbours and community.
  11. Lend a helping hand if you know a friend is stressed or going through a tough time, offer to help out in a way they need. This could mean watching their pet or kids, making reheatable dinners, cleaning their house, or quality time.
  12. Learn about your local Indigenous communities needs and write a petition to your local council in support (i.e. clean drinking water, defending land).

giving ideas - 365give

8 Animal Gives That Will Increase Your Giving To The Animals In The World

  1. Donate blankets or food to an animal shelter near you. Volunteer at an animal shelter!
  2. Adopt or foster a pet from an animal shelter. Only adopt or foster if you have the time, money, and energy to care for a pet.
  3. Switch any cosmetic products you use that test on animals for products that are vegan and animal cruelty free.
  4. Rescue insects that are in your house instead of squishing them!
  5. Plant flowers in your garden for the bee’s.
  6. Do not pull out your dandelions in the spring! Bee’s and butterflies rely on dandelion pollen and nectar in early spring because there are so few blooming flowers. Don’t weed out your ragweed either. Ragweed is a great source of nutrients for monarchs and other butterflies.
  7. Stop feeding wild birds bread. Bread does not have the nutrients birds need and can cause malnutrition.
  8. Animal Crossing! If you see an animal crossing the road, turn on your caution lights to warn other drivers. If it is safe to do so, help the animal safely cross the road.


18 Planet Gives That Will Help Our Environment and Ourselves!

  1. Ride your bike and walk more when you can!
  2. Buy local to reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Weekly Vegan day!  Who knows, maybe you will like eating plant-based and will be able to make it more of a routine.
  4. Minimize your flying – Many of us are feeling the travel bug, let’s collectively try to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the number of flights we take a year.
  5. Get a compost bin – So much of our waste is compostable and does not need to go to landfills!
  6. Rinse out your recyclables before recycling them  – Items cannot be recycled if they still have left over pop, sauce, or grease in the can/bottle.
  7. Review your local recycling requirements – Some areas recycle milk cartons while others do not.
  8. Use beeswax wraps instead of saran wrap to keep your food fresh.
  9. Use glass containers instead of plastic ones!
  10. Bring a reusable coffee mug with you to your coffee shop.
  11. Buy in bulk!  – Bring reusable bags/containers and buy in bulk to reduce your packaging and waste.
  12. Shop for second hand clothes.
  13. Learn about and show your support for Wet’suwet’en land defenders in B.C.
  14. Cherish the old things – not everything needs to be new, find beauty in your old things to reduce the impulse to buy new.
  15. Buy reusable masks instead of disposable ones (make sure to wash frequently)
  16. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  17. Start reducing the amount of time spent in your shower – try reducing by a couple minutes!
  18. Have fun with DIY face masks – Instead of buying individually packaged facemasks, look up natural, diy facemask options. Plain honey is my favourite facemask for feeling fresh! (always do a patch test before trying new ingredients on skin)

Share  Your Giving Ideas Online to Inspire Others to Give!

Have you decided to use one of these gives as your New Year’s resolution? Post your gives on social media #365give #givingeveryday #giveback and inspire others to give to make ourselves and the world a happier and healthier place!


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