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Meaningful Ways to Give to Seniors for International Day of Older Persons

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When was the last time you spent a moment with a senior? Older persons are a wealth of information, have insight and offer different perspectives that help us navigate our daily lives. We look at giving back to less fortunate communities all the time, but our elders can benefit from a daily give, more than any of us realize. It’s easy to give back to those in our community who have spent many of their years giving to the younger generations.

Celebrate and Honor International Day of Older Persons (October 1st) by making older friends, family, or neighbors the focus of your daily 365give! These suggested actions may require a bit of planning ahead and commitment. But your thoughtful consideration makes these 365gives extra meaningful. Consider making these gives a routine on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on your ability to commit.

Giving Energy – Physical Chores

Many seniors in your community often need assistance with tasks that may be physically difficult for them but easier for an able, younger person. Think about the household tasks that you do that require physical ability – yard work, taking out the garbage, gardening, walking the dog.  Check with older neighbors to see if you’re able to shovel their driveways in the winter or mow their lawns in the summer! Often there are people that live close to you that may need an extra helping hand to keep their household running and stay independent.

Giving Knowledge – Technology Know-how

Ask your grandparents or other seniors close to you if they need help with their cell phone or other devices. Often a few quick lessons are all that they need to feel comfortable and familiar with using new technology. Being proficient at a basic level with their devices can help them keep in touch with friends, share photos with family, watch TV shows, or pass the time with a silly game. Be patient when explaining the different features of a device – what seems straightforward to younger generations is often confusing and complicated for those who are unfamiliar with technology.

Giving Freedom – Driving, Drop Offs, and Pick Ups.

If a senior doesn’t drive, getting around in bad weather can be either dangerous or expensive. Being unable to get places whenever they want can often feel like a frustrating restriction on their freedom. If you have the time and a vehicle, simply driving people to their appointments or errands can be an incredibly thoughtful way to give. Call a local retirement community and see if you are able to give your time to an older person by driving them to an event or appointment or chauffeuring a group for a weekly grocery store run.

For more ideas on how to help seniors, check out other blog posts  5 Gives for your Grandparents and A Super Special Give for Our Older Adults. Want more ideas on how you can give every day? Sign up for our daily giving inspiration. 

Laura Hamlin
Laura Hamlin
Laura is a client relationship manager and digital marketing specialist. She loves 365give as a way to practice gratitude and compassion on a daily basis. Laura comes from a communications background and has experience volunteering with a variety of non-profit organizations that focus on education, students, and equality. She currently lives in Ottawa and is an enthusiastic chef, animal lover, athlete, and yoga student.

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