Jacqueline Way


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    Avatar Nicola says:

    Great idea and congratulations on this project! It takes vision and guts to start a project of this nature but the rewards personally and globally are worth it! Taking risks and living your passion is not done by enough people.

    I will be following you on your journey.

  2. Avatar Sareh says:

    LOVE this post. Walked into my own fear this very past hour. I decided to feed my screaming baby rather than do the simple task of put my toddler to bed. GLAD I did it. I realised that I would rather hand baby to husband and go be with my very verbal toddler. I had a moment of clarity, where I said, no, you can do this– this baby is your son too and you can do this 🙂 And I did. I realised I need to make funny noises when feeding him solids, he responds very well to that. Then we played. Bliss, really 🙂 Meanwhile, Daddy and Toddler had bonding time 🙂 Only good can come from hemming Harry’s pants 🙂 lol. You know what I mean 🙂
    LOVE that story of you! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Avatar Laura says:


    Your commitment to making the world a better place is inspiring. Many people have hopes, ideas and dreams – which is wonderful and an important impetus for creating change! Setting these thoughts into motion however is not an easy undertaking. Courageously, you have opened yourself up to your readers and have managed to transform your hope for a giving world into action with the conception of 365 Give.

    Giving has always felt synonymous to living in my mind. I feel that by pure matter of existence, giving should take place in human beings. From the food we eat, to the roads we travel, to the vocations that we hold, we live alongside fellow citizens whose lives are interconnected with our own. How can we take without giving back somehow or contributing to local and global communities in a positive way?

    As an educator, I view altruism as the single most important competence for children and human beings to posses. Children need to experience genuine care and have altruistic behavior modeled for them. For parents and teachers alike, 365 Give can serve as a model for giving and as a platform for discussion.

    365 Give will help some individuals reflect on the ways that they are already giving and will aid in encouraging such conduct as well as in promoting the exploration and adaptation of new ideas and ways to give. Others will be motivated to look for ways that they can begin giving.

    The possibilities for positive outcomes connected to this movement are endless!

    Thank you for leading us all!

    • How do I even reply to such a wonderful message. I think you should be a guest writer on the site. My goal is to make the world a better place for our children and coming from an educator if this initiative can have an impact on the next generation it will the greatest give of my life. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It will be my readers and supporters that will inspire me through the journey.

  4. Avatar Sareh says:

    Heya! Launch date almost here! I am stoked. Wanted to share something wonderful with you.
    I remember writing a paper on this very topic in University many moons ago. When I was 21 years old, and researching this topic, discussing it with my fellow students, and mentioning it in class, the idea was considered “just another radical feminist point of view– from that feminist chick who is in all our PoliSci classes”. Now, it is real. Last year, Oprah did a wonderful show on this topic as well. Senator Hillary Clinton spoke about the economics behind giving to women. She mentioned time and time again that the ROI (Return On Investment) is so much more sound when we give/loan to women in need (instead of men). Beautiful! Thank God this topic has seen the light of day, in my lifetime 🙂 Thank you for mentionning it here 🙂 xo

  5. Avatar Nicola says:

    Happy Birthday Nic! and this is a wonderful post! Congrats on your first day of giving, though it is not really as you have been doing this for a life time, and on the launch of your project! what a great photo to start this off on the right foot, my pride and joy and favorite little one!

  6. Avatar Sareh says:

    Happy Bday Nic !!
    Jacqui, great give for give #1. It is on my list of gives now. Thank you for bringing this reality to light. I look forward to giving in that way soon. Today, I did some giving as well. I will write about it on my blog.
    Much love to you and your beautiful family 🙂

  7. Avatar Shannon says:

    Today I picked up my elderly neighbour’s garbage cans for her…took 2 min and trying to show my kids how to give!
    Go J!

  8. Avatar Nicola says:

    Count me in for another 10 km…and i do this everyday. I no longer use a car as it is easier to walk so each day you can bet on 10 km from me.

    Today our event in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Taste of Playa at gave 140 sports balls, to a local childrens sports center so that hundreds of children have access to good quality basket, volley and soccer balls for their sports activities. we do a few donations each year but today was our tribute to local children day!

    Tomorrow will be another give day and i welcome it with open arms….cant wait to see what you do tomorrow…

  9. Avatar Sareh says:

    hey, just checking in to see your give, as i am setting up mine: monthly unicef donation of 10$. first month is in honour of nic’s 3rd bday. yeay nic and mommy :)xo

  10. Avatar Life just became simpler says:

    And how many times has someone given us books, on a whim, just because…. I love this give and the libraries need it! Hope Nic found a great book today!

  11. Avatar Anna says:

    This is a great give. I had always donated my books to Goodwill but I love the idea of taking them to the library where they can be shared instead – thanks for the brilliant idea!

  12. Avatar Stephenie says:

    Very sweet of you, Sareh is my good friend as well! Hope all is well with her and please send her my best. I am sure your thoughtfulness and nourishment will be much appreciated by the whole family. I’m gonna walk over to the farmer’s market with the kids this morning and buy some goods for my single friend down the street who has mono! You’ve both inspired me.

  13. Avatar Nicola says:

    Yea Nic for cycling the lions gate bridge…and glad you gave India, the girl with the sparkly shoes i believe a great birthday gift…!!!! as always you are my favorite 3 year old!

  14. Avatar Heather says:

    I am just catching up on all your gives from the last week. They are amazing I am learning so much. I really like the give for Nic’s bday. A birth certificate for a child is an incredible gift. I am going to check out the Plan Canada website when I get a chance.

  15. YES!!! Oh Jacqueline, you warmed me heart this morning… I’m going to follow my suggestion to you and provide a loan today as well 🙂

    We WILL do this together!!! Thank you for your incredibly contagious inspiration…


  16. Avatar Sareh says:

    awww, jacqueline, thank you 🙂 i feel the same about you 🙂
    the soup was yuuuuuumyyyy as was the cobbler. and yeay, i was your give!!! woot woot!!
    ps thanks for the recipe 🙂

  17. Avatar anna says:

    Great post Jacqueline. I started giving Kiva gift certificates as Christmas presents a few years ago, they are the PERFECT gift for friends and family who live abroad.
    I’m not sure how far it has progressed but Kiva announced in 2009 that it would be opening up a U.S. arm so they could extend microfinancing to both developed and underdeveloped countries.

  18. Avatar Isabelle says:

    Another good program is also offered by North Shore Athletics. You can donate your used shoes and they will in return donate them to homeless people or those in need of shoes.

  19. Avatar Anna says:

    So coincidental, I’ve been studying up on hand washing campaigns/hand washing for disease prevention here in Ontario on behalf of a client – I hadn’t even thought about the effect of hand washing on disease/illness prevention in Uganda. Thanks for yet another eyeopening post Jacqueline.

  20. Avatar Life just became simpler says:

    We all have ‘days’ but the great thing is you realized it is about what we can do. Living in the country of manana it is a great epiphany to know there are only so many hours in a day. It is what you do with those hours that counts.

  21. Avatar Anna says:

    Great post! I’ve been using a paperless alternative to tampons for several years and it has saved me a small fortune plus alleviated the guilt of waste – a menstrual cup. You can find it at most environmental stores, here’s a website for a popular brand:

  22. Avatar Sareh says:

    yeay. thank you for this beautiful article. and thank you for giving our baby stuff to the right people. i think that foster parents are a higher breed of human. i once the read the most beautiful article written by a foster mom who took care of a baby from birth to 7 months, and i could not stop weeping as she described putting her baby into a car, knowing it would be the last time she saw him. my son, lennox was 7 months at the time, and i could not imagine what compassion it took to do sleepless nights with a child that is not your own. i also could not imagine the strength and true love it takes to let them go. wow! wow! wow!

  23. Avatar Tina Su says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this generous gift! I read this earlier today and felt very moved. Your words tugged at my heart-string.

    I’ve added your facebook page to thinksimplenow’s facebook page. Hope we can keep in touch. 🙂

    Nice to meet you!

  24. Avatar Nicola says:

    WOW! so just 3800 to reach your goal! how fab is that! i am sure a few more anonymous donors will come your way and get you to Toronto to go head to head with Chef Ramsay! you go girl, this is all working out just great!

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  26. Thank you for a most memorable and fun evening at the Chef’s Challenge last Saturday. It was both fun, edible, and thought provoking !
    Fun to be involved and observe all of you participants having a once in a life time experience, with Gordon Ramsey and the other great Chefs.
    To watch the flurry of anxiety in competing and the relief of completion . And personally to be an observer without that tension !
    To experience the same great menu as you cooked – but cooked by the local chefs of the establishment we were in.
    To eat slowly all evening and really enjoy it all leisurely
    Thought provoking for those with cancers that have had to endure much pain suffering and hardship and hope this would be one step to preventing that.
    Thought provoking to know how much individual and collective energy went into accumulating so much funding to GIVE to this great cause
    Yes, it was a time to remember ! Remember those still living
    Thank you for inviting me to be your guest and all that it meant to me.

  27. Avatar Anna says:

    Totally inspiring… I’ve brought countless hats, mittens and scarves to our Out of The Cold program – how come I never thought about how useful a blanket would be?! Duh. Thanks for the fantastic idea Jacqueline, I’m laundering blankets for donations as I write this. We don’t have this awesome blanket drive here in Toronto but Out of the Cold accepts blanket donations. Here’s the link for your Toronto readers:

  28. Avatar Anna says:

    The gifts were completely unexpected and soooooo welcome. That David Rocco cookbook is divine, I can’t stop re-reading it. The serving tray and vodka were put into immediate circulation on Friday night as a friend popped by for snacky bits and martinis. Thank you for the wonderful treats, and as fabulous as they are, the most wonderful treat of all was one you didn’t mention, the chance to spend some time with you!

  29. Avatar Sareh says:

    BEAUTIFUL story. Beautiful poetic meaning: slow down to do what you can 🙂 YES! I think I will replace “stop and smell the roses” with “slow down and help a goose”, from now on.

  30. Avatar Theo says:

    Thank you so much for supporting BC Children’s Hospital – great to hear!

  31. Good…

    your blog is ok…

  32. Avatar Kate says:

    Darrin, you epitomize everything good and sweet in the world.

    • Thanks for the comment Kate. I completely agree! It is people like Darrin that are creating not only change but awareness and inspiration to others to give more in their lives.

  33. Avatar caroline says:

    Thank you so much for inspiring people to get involved in change and thank you for letting me spread the word about the work we are doing through Beauty Night Society, our community partners and how people can get involved by being the very best person they can be.

    • You are so welcome! Caroline, I know how much work and passion it takes to run an organization like yours. I am so amazed by what you do. Keep up the remarkable job!


  34. Thanks so much for the amazing shout out! I always love reading about someone’s first bite of Bliss!

  35. Avatar Lucas says:

    That’s a nice cabinet Jacqueline!
    Way to go.


  36. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog.
    Have a nice day!

  37. Avatar Meg says:

    What a great business! Thanks for showcasing them here.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your Giving Gifts party 🙂

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    Hi,Thanks for sharing this very good site. Very inspiring! keep up the good work….

  39. This is a really great story – thanks for sharing!

  40. Avatar Catherine says:

    J – tell K this is a great give. When I was growing up, my mom rarely had extra money for carnival rides or games. I distinctly remember a friend of mine from school had $20 worth of tickets, and I only had $10. She gave $5 of her tickets to me so that we each had $15 which allowed us to go on the same rides and play the same games together. I’ve never forgotten what that small gesture meant to me as it was worth so much more than $5 and it still resonates with me today. Great give J – I love it!

  41. Avatar Hillary says:

    Fabulous story! Chelsea, Morris, and Junior are such inspirations. 🙂

  42. Avatar Kate says:

    The idea of the “every day hero” is a really important one. There are so many inspiring people for whom a small occurrence launches a lifelong passion or leads to a product that improves lives. And with today’s connectivity there is much potential to take those actions of every day heroes even further, to get their stories out, as you do here.

    I recently started writing for an app/game that seeks to offer a forum for and recognition of these tiny moments that can be the spark to greater change. It’s called AOK (from acts of kindness) and it celebrates every day social heroes. I love it because you can start so small, and you see how a community of people doing even the littlest stuff makes an impact. Since working on the game and playing the it myself, I’ve noticed how much more driven that little extra bit of mindfulness makes me to reach out to those around me.

    Check out the game if you’d like at, and let’s keep celebrating stories like this one where small moments yield real impact.

    • Thank you for this. I love the app / game idea. Take that deep breath and jump! The little things do make an impact don’t ever forget it! I will check out the site and thank you!

  43. You/they should definitely get in touch with Barton

    Love your idea!

  44. Hi Jacqueline,

    Followed you here from Lance’s site. Will send your link to friends also trying to do more good in the world. Excellent site!

    You know if people around the world banded together we could absolutely change our reality. (My gift is being an inspirational rebel.) I’ve done it on a smaller scale in my town.

    We get the world we agree to. Love that Chelsea has taken action. The hardest step to take. Lots of sad lives in the US and other developed countries because folks don’t feel needed. Yet, the need to be needed is huge!

    Thanks, Giulietta

    • Thank you Giulietta for the comment. I love hearing from people that find 365give at some point. I agree if we all do something – on thing change could be our reality and the reality for the next generation. I love Chelsea as well and admire what she is doing. Thanks for reading!

  45. I will donate a hand made newborn hat to the baby.

    I was lucky enough to have specturm help me for nearly one year after I was suffering with sever post partum depression and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Sally and her girls were able to give me childminding and breaks I would not otherwise get in my life.

    Please email me at [email protected]
    I can mail the hat, or drop it off at Sally’s house. Let me know which works.

    Amanda Wray

  46. Avatar Lance says:

    As I’ve recently went through a bunch of the toys our children have, I can easily say that we have more than we *need*.

    So, I love this idea of giving to those less fortunate, as you celebrate another’s birthday. What a wonderful gift to share our gifts!

  47. Avatar Lisa Pozin says:

    I love walking as transportation too – but another thing my brother has started me on is running for transportation. I love running for fun, but it is even better when I run to get somewhere I would have otherwise drove. Sometimes you need to plan ahead a little bit in order to run somewhere – ie: I brought my clothes and shoes with me to work on Friday, planning to run there today. Sometimes running with a stroller can help out if you need to carry things – it is even better if there is a kid in there. Although, I’ve been known to run with an empty stroller just to carry items.

  48. Avatar Lisa Pozin says:

    The link should be – that one will work better 🙂

    • Thanks so much Lisa and I love the running idea. I am a runner myself not only do you save the planet but you help your body at the same time! Just so you know your not the only one that has run with a stroller just to carry the stuff!! Thanks for the comment!

    • Thank you I have been challenged with it all week.

  49. Avatar Tanaya says:

    You have our vote! 🙂 Good luck!

  50. Thank you so much for sharing our story!

  51. My 8 year old lit up when he received the Little Jot I left under his pillow. Your kids are never to young or to old to give them a gentle reminder of how much you love them.
    I now am giving Little Jots to mom friends as hostess gifts as it truly is “the gift that keeps giving”.

  52. Avatar Meg says:

    Love this Mother’s Day post! Did you read Nicholas Kristof’s Mother’s Day editorial?

    You can find it hear – He talks about maternal mortality

    “So if one way to mark Mothers’ Day is to buy flowers for that special mom, another is to make this a safer planet for moms in general. And since we men are going to be focused on the flowers, maybe mothers themselves can work on making motherhood less lethal.”

  53. Avatar Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for featuring me, Jacqueline! I’m honored.

    I apologize for my lack of communication via e-mail/twitter. I’m just getting caught up on my inbox now!

  54. Avatar J.D. Meier says:

    You have a strong voice to share. A little conviction goes a long way.

    • Thank you so much! Appreciate the kind words we can only do what we can do. Conviction does go a long way and I am thrilled to be convicted to giving. Thanks for reading!

  55. Avatar Heather says:

    Sounds a lovely treat to be cherished by all!
    Knowing your mum in law you all have a treat…can’t wait to see her here in the jungle!
    Great blog,well done!

  56. Avatar Kate says:

    I’ve started applying the Woody Allen maxim “80 percent of success is just showing up” to my friend and work relationships. It would definitely be easier to stay at home some nights, but I know how meaningful it is to me to have a friend (especially someone I don’t see often) come out to show their support for a special occasion, or make that little extra effort to spend time together.

    Now, even if I REALLY don’t feel like it, I’ll drag myself out the door to and make sure I get to friends’ parties or events. Even if I don’t stay long, it’s a good feeling to know that putting in some friendly face time is a meaningful thing. I’ve found that its always a better feeling to have attended than skipped out.

    • Thanks for the comment Kate. Agreed it is always easier to stay home but great to show support to friends and family. Giving of your time and energy is huge and like you said showing up is half the battle!

  57. Avatar Monika says:

    We have interesting uses for straws in our house…

    Hey there! I’m finally getting around to checking out and following all of the Top 30 Vancouver Mom Bloggers! I hope I’ll see you at the event tomorrow!

    Monika @ Aias Dot Ca

    • Thanks Monica! Great ideas!. Sorry we didn’t meet last night I ended up having to run out soon after I arrived. You site and stories are lovely and I look forward to following. Please feel free to send any great giving ideas you are going with your family! Congrats on being one of Vancouver Mom’s top bloggers!

  58. Avatar Sarah says:

    These boys shone while the sun did not. They raised over $300 in their efforts on Saturday. I am fiercely proud of them and am certain that compassion will take them far in life.

    Mama Sarah

    • Wow big dollars! I know you also told me they have been collecting cans and taking them to the recycling depot for money and one of them emptied his piggy bank totally another $300. That piggy bank could have bought a lot of toys but instead he gave it up for a well in Africa. Way to go Mama Sarah! You done good!

    • Way to go Jeremy and Kai ! We are all very proud of you boys and of all our kids !! And thank you Jacqueline for posting and sharing the story as well. CP Mama Lori

  59. Avatar Nicola says:


    if you need to raise 2500 CDN then you only need about 2400 USD !!!! the canadian economy is rocking and you can actually help cancer more with CANADIAN dollars these days then USD dollars…

    and think of all the discounted risotto and beer you can get when you get to Seattle!!!

    Good luck, we are supporting you with a donation and in spirit!!

    have fun and lots of love to larry’s spirit….what a great gift he gave you and you are giving him back!!

  60. Nice one Jacqueline, thanks for trying out Bob & Jane and doing a little spot with me. I wish you many more refreshing shower scenes!


  61. Avatar Lance says:

    I love it – your in a towel, live…on your site!!! How awesome is that! (and I spotted your tattoo, also!!) (love that too!!)

    Oh – and the product – it sounds great! I’m tempted to try it out!!

  62. Avatar Bob Miller says:

    365give, Thank you for this site. It is my first visit as Petfinders directed me here.
    We adopted our dog Farrah from PetNetwork in Incline village, NV. She is part of the family now and our 10 year old boys love her. We supported Petfinder and hope you will support the CFIDS AA and WPI. As a Dad with ME/CFS I would ask you to support CFIDS Association and WPI with a “Vote” at and http://bitly/lgSzGG

    385give,Thank you for helping patients with ME/CFS and for saving homeless pets..

    • Thank you for coming to visit! I so appreciate your support. Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry I missed voting time today. Please let me know if there is another place you can direct me. As a parent also I don’t have the luxury to be online all the time. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you again.

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    Do we really support it?…

  64. Somatization says:

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    Excellent bit to peruse….

  65. Avatar Jen says:

    I love Cobs and fully support their effort to give back to BBBS! I have enjoyed all flavours of their scones but love the mint chocolate chip….perfect pick me up mid day and it becomes guilt free when you know it helps BBBS!

    • Fantastic thanks for the comment. Sop in tomorrow and pick on up. Contest starts to win a $25 GC. That`s alot of scones! Take photo and we will post it on Facebook! We love COBS!

  66. Avatar Steve Way says:

    Hi Dave, Jaqueline & Nicolas….hmmm risotto & beets..huh? Anyway I just posted a donation to your ride..of course a great cause. Love you all…ps. have a great vacation. Steve

  67. Avatar Jen says:

    I love the apple and butterscotch flavour too! Such a great excuse to stock up on scones this weekend at Cobs 🙂 Support BBBS and enjoy scones for breakfast! I tweeted @jbinvan too!

  68. Avatar Meg says:

    Over the last few years I have been very actively involved in community development in my home town. Its a really interesting thing I have noted, that it is often much easier to get teenagers to volunteer their time and energy to the community than it is to find adult volunteers!

    • I have also been noticing how active Gen Y is all over the world. Are we all to busy as adualts that we have stopped making charity a priority? Thanks Meg!

  69. Avatar Paul says:

    You are a wonderful person! What a great idea! Great cause! I wish there would be more people like you!
    thank you so much.

  70. Thanks Paul. So gracious of you to comment. I appreciate the support!

  71. Avatar Tracy says:

    Hi Jacqueline,

    I saw your tweet earlier calling for “favorite blog post of 2011” and immediately one from Mrs. Mediocrity came to mind. I found it, and unfortunately it’s from Nov. 5, 2010, but… I still wanted to share it, because, well… there are small acts of kind giving every day made by ordinary people, and this reminded me how blessed we are to have such quiet, thoughtful people in our midst. I hope you will like this blog called “oh life, it’s bigger”:

    Have a beautiful day!

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  76. Avatar Lance says:

    For me, it was this post – a post that was deeply introspective, challenging, and yet so, so good for me…

    And know, too, that the post you shared at the Jungle is one that was also such a wonderful article, and truly shined to the good you are doing in this world – an honor to have you there!

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  78. Avatar Shelley says:

    Thank you so much, this is amazing!

  79. Avatar Tanaya says:

    I hope people realize that this is what Vancouver really is. A beautiful, caring, compassinate, and proud city. Not the ugly the world witnessed lastnight.

  80. We will put the ugly behind us and remember the good in everyone. Thanks!

  81. Thank you so much for sharing this link Jacqueline. I plan on getting the football as well. I definitely will use this link for my future gift purchases.

    I hope you have a Happy Father’s day!

  82. You made my day! My Futbol is ordered and feel so great that a child will get one in Africa. Thanks for commenting and I too will use the site again and again!

  83. Thank you very much for the mention Jaqueline! We very much appreciate it, and love it when we have others supporting our mission. Way to give back!
    –Kayla, Alter Eco Fair Trade

  84. Avatar Tanaya says:

    Jacqueline you are truly amazing! Thank you, in so many ways, for bringing attention to autism and helping us in our journey to spread awareness. We are so exceptionally grateful for you and what you have done for the autism community. Thank you.

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  86. Hurt trees always sadden me! I love your solution because I was stumped. I would have wanted to save the tree, but it is too difficult and delicate of a situation to handle, unless you are the owner. You did the best thing. Such a great idea.

  87. Oh, how sad for that tree! Is it totally beyond replanting?

    My act of kindness – donated graphic design to a small organization in a remote area of Uganda, with 180 orphans to care for and few resources. I want to help them raise funds.

    • They were not able to save it. Very sad. With any luck a new one will be planted. Great for you for giving that support. Do they have a website maybe we can do a feature on them?

  88. Avatar Shelley says:

    Thanks for sharing, I just made a donation and will likely donate again in the future. Thank you for sharing this great organization that is making a difference.

  89. I’m sorry to hear that. Hope the wine eased the hurt a little.

    Yes, I’ve been working on this blog for them: and they have a website: Several media people have combined efforts to get them up on the web.

    This part of Uganda is very beautiful and mountainous, but they often have terrible landslides. This community lives on the rim of an ancient extinct volcano – so interesting! Thank you for asking!

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  91. Stories like this, just melt your heart. Often times we dont get to see how the donations and charity efforts help folks. and this is definitely a full circle charity initiative, where not only are the kids learning responsible tips for bettering others and the world around them. But their teacher and the folks at cypress park are molding a new generation of thoughtful people.

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  94. Avatar Lucas says:

    Hey, I love Angelique! Her music is excellent and apparently she’s a real great gal.

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  97. Perfectly win win! Thanks again for another inspiring idea, Jacqueline! Just in time… my husband needs new sandals.

  98. I’m so glad to find Trees for the Future here on your blog! I first found them while researching the Ugandan community I’m working with. Trees for the Future helped the Ugandans after a serious landslide in 2010 killed several hundred people. They taught people how to terrace the steep hillsides (scary steep!), established a tree nursery, and helped them with a fast growing plant to stabilize the slopes.

    They have photos of their work all over the world on Flickr, and photos of the Ugandan community begin here .

    A very worthwhile organization!

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  100. Avatar Kate says:

    I love this post! As this blog illustrates, there are so many ways to give, but not all of them have to be monumental. I truly believe that small acts such as buying a stranger a coffee, holding the door open for someone or sharing a smile can have an impact – on that stranger and on you. These little things get you in the habit of giving, they bring giving to the surface of your thoughts, and they help you remember that you are one person among many people, all with intricate lives – and all with a need for friendly gestures now and again.

    • Thanks for the comment Kate! A tough day that ended up leaving a good feeling in my heart. I even got a “give” back and Star Bucks sent me a gift certificate I plan to use to buy coffee and muffins for homeless people soon. Amazing how it just keeps coming around. Thanks for reading!

  101. Avatar Anne says:

    Love Kiva! I am on my third loan. I gifted my grandfather with some Kiva credit a few years ago and he has kept it up to eight.

  102. Long distance hugs to you, Jacqueline. And to that little baby.

  103. Avatar Meri says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to all. Thanks for giving even in your grief. It is an age old spiritual truth that in helping others we find ourselves. Your story today reminds us of the deep truth of that.

  104. Avatar Chris says:

    We are so very sad to hear of this awful disappointment for you. Our thoughts are with you, and of course the child who still faces an uncertain future.

  105. Avatar Lance says:

    Jacqueline and family,
    Sending love and hugs to you…

    And in all of this, you just continue to shine your light out into the world in beautiful ways – what a gift that is…

  106. Dear Jacqueline and family
    I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. My heart is breaking for you and all those involved. Life is so terribly difficult sometimes. Wishing you brighter days ahead. You are inspiring. Big hugs
    Louise, Declan and Callum.

  107. Give Kids With Disabilities the Encouragement they Need to Survive | 365give says:

    […] world can be “a million times better” by sending one million notes of appreciation. On Day 166 I participated in The Note Project movement to help reach the “one million notes of […]

  108. Paying it forward is a great concept, and done without expectations it is a beautiful thing.
    Last week I saw a guy I barely knew , standing on a corner as i walked out of a restaurant. But his face looked vaguely familiar, as I smiled in passing he greeted me back and said he was relieved to see me. He went on to tell me how he had ran out of gas, and just needed a few bucks to put some gas in his car and proceed to picking his daughter up from school.
    And true to form as i peered over his shoulder, there was his car and his wife parked next to the side of the road. So i gave him a few bucks, smiled and didn’t think twice about it. Last thursday it was pouring rain here, and as I drove to work traffic was moving slowly. As traffic picked up, and i drove past there was another stranded female motorist who was having her car pushed into the gas station, by another gentleman. Believe it or not, it was the guy i had helped . He had pulled his car to the side, to help the lady out! I felt really good that day!! I wish more people would pay it forward some days!

  109. Superb website…

    […]always a big fan of linking to bloggers that I love but don’t get a lot of link love from[…]……

  110. Hey, thanks for supporting the African Library Project and Nick and Anita’s book drive! What you are doing is very cool! Were you inspired by Betty Londergan of WhatGives365 who did this last year? Appreciations, Chris

  111. Avatar Anita says:

    Hi Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much for posting about our book drive! It is the kindness of people like you that are helping to make a difference in the world and help motivate others… I am blessed to have met you.


  112. Jacqueline,
    Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about ALP and for your project overall. It is very inspiring! I love reading about all the varied big and small gives. I applaud you for taking the time to give and also taking that extra step to share your discoveries with others. I’m sure the next 70 days will bring even more.

    • Thanks Deborah. I’m glad I could help the project. Your organization is doing what is truly needed in Africa. I hope it shows more people we can do something in our lives every day that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make a big change.

  113. What an exciting initiative!

    Yes, you are doing a good job as a parent if you have managed to teach your son to give. I believe that in the egocentric world we live in, this is a quality that only a few will develop. With news like this one: I get more and more positive that good and sensible deeds are already only in books, and well… who reads books nowadays?

    We have to join forces and work together for a better world.
    I am glad I found you!

    • Thank you so much for this comment Sonya. So glad we have found each other. Seems we have a lot in common on our sites – making the world a better place than when we started. I completely agree our kids have to much of everything these days and we forget to teach them the simplest things like “giving”. Let me know if you have a post you would like to share with 365give. Always happy to have guest writers.

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  124. Avatar Anne says:

    I use Similar concept, but they call it a “personal foundation”. You can also make donations through it, but I prefer Crowdrise for that.

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  126. Avatar Kay says:

    This is wonderful. I want to do a program like this in Tanzania! I gave because no girl should have to suffer or be embarrassed or marginalized for her natural progression in life. YOU GO GIRL!

    • Thanks Kay! I think the program is great too. Let’s chat if you want to get it going one day. I am sure the Women in Red would be happy to discuss it. Thanks so much for giving and the comment.

  127. Avatar Cathy | Treatment Talk says:

    How wonderful that a twelve year old is making a difference with his videos. Sounds like a movie maker in training. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for the comment Cathy! I will be watching Mac for his first Red Carpet appearance one day when he wins his first documentary Gold Statue! It truly makes my heart sing to see the next generation making a difference and understanding the challenges in our world.

  128. Thank you so much for sharing my story and helping with the contest!

  129. I have to agree with you J, craigslist is the best. When i bounce between florida and new york , i always use craigslist to sell and buy apartment furniture and cool stuff. Good deals and nifty way to help out by reusing.

  130. Reuse for Good: Books for Literacy | 365give says:

    […] Media / Guest Posts « Day 350: 8 Ways to Reuse for Good! […]

  131. What is Kiva and How Does it Give for a Lifeime? | 365give says:

    […] On Day 9 I made my first Kiva loan and the giving will continue for a lifetime. […]

  132. The #1 Reason to Take the Day off From Social Media: A Miracle | 365give says:

    […] On Day 286: Giving to Help Grief I wrote a very personal story of how my husband and I had were trying to adopt a baby for the second time through the Ministry of Children and Family Development and just hours before we were to meet our second child the adoption was cancelled. This was the second time this had happened to us in the last year and half. […]

  133. Avatar Lance says:

    Jacqueline and family!!!
    I am so, so, SO happy for all of you! And especially for your new son – as I can just so deeply feel the love that this new life is going to experience in your presence.

    Know that I’m [heart] smiling…and sending my love and hugs to all of you!


  134. So thrilled for you. So happy to be part of this journey. So blessed by further evidence that miracles DO happen and we really CAN create the life of our dreams. Much love to you all!

    • Thanks dear friend. You can make your dreams come true. You just have to believe with all your heart and soul. I was truly tested with my son as we lost him when he was first born. I was told to keep the faith / hope and I did and my miracle came home. Yeh! Jumping up and down now!

  135. Giving to the giver at 365give on Sisters Day | 365give says:

    […] We have Fathers Day, we have Mothers Day, we have Secretary’s Day and Bosses Day, but for some reason we don’t have a Sisters Day or Brothers Day. Mexico celebrates Kids Day, El dia de los Ninos, but sisters and brothers seem to be forgotten in these celebrations. So in your give today, phone your sister, help them with a chore, take their kids, or tell them that you appreciate them. Write them a note like Jacqueline did on Father’s Day. […]

  136. Hi Jacqueline,
    that was a very touching story. I’m glad you chose to share it with us , your readers, supporters and fans at 365give. I wish you and the buddha boys the best and endless days of joy.


    • Thanks F-C!. I feel honoured to have made so many great friends through 365give. I feel like I have this great village out there and just want to share my gift with you. Yeh to miracles!

  137. Giving to the giver at 365give on Sisters Day | 365give says:

    […] Media / Guest Posts « Day 352: The #1 Reason to Drop All Social Media Tools for a Day! […]

  138. We are so happy for you! Thank you for being patient and making a difference in the lives of these wonderful miracles.

    • Thank you for all you do. I feel so blessed to have adopted both my children and even better they had brilliant foster parents until they were able to come home. So many children that need homes right here in Canada. We are thrilled we believed in the system and it can bring families together.

  139. Giving to the giver at 365give on Sisters Day | 365give says:

    […] My other sister gives to 365give on Jacqueline’s birthday […]

  140. Give Me A Break! | 365give says:

    […] am a new Mom for the second time exactly one week ago today (Day 353). I also have my own business part time and I blog every day. I am struggling right now with what I […]

  141. Every Day Heroes Changing the Face of Africa | 365give says:

    […] and Morris following and contributing to their journey to help make their dream come true. On Day 226 I interviewed Chelsea as she was having her first fundraising event for the shelter. The title […]

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  143. Avatar Lance says:

    It has been such a joy getting to know you over these last several months…and to just see the good you are highlighting in this space you have created.

    And…I very much look forward to the new directions that will evolve.

    Until then…wishing you much happiness and love with your growing family…

    Much love to you,

  144. Avatar Steve says:


    You are an inspiration! I am fortunate to have met you in twitterland.

    I look forward to reading about your future ventures in giving.
    The world is a better place with you in it.

    Sending lots a love to you and your family.


  145. If I could go back, w-a-a-a-y back, to when I was twelve, I would wish that I could have the awareness and the heart that Mac is demonstrating. He is one very cool guy.

  146. […] three articles on the benefits of service, like this one here, to motivate you to […]

  147. Avatar Anne says:

    I use the retail links at I have already netted enough to make a $25 donation to my first recipient charity – Project Linus. My profile is at:

  148. […] first heard about this from 365 Give. I love having even more opportunities to make a positive impact on the existence of another being, […]

  149. Avatar Eric says:

    Thank you for mentioning Smile Squared. You have an amazing and informative site!

  150. […] Was included in the 2011 365 Give Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide […]

  151. Avatar Nicola says:

    Can anyone say C-R-Y….that was such a great video and if you have not watched it do so! Though things like this have happened before on the Talent shows, this one is special…very special and I thank both Jacqueline and Mission Possible for sharing this!

    it made my day!

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    Thank you so much for your blog post about my climb. My journey to Africa begins tomorrow starting from Mexico. Next week before my climb I will be meeting with NGO’s and talking to women about their plight, their goals and dreams for a better life. I hope to make as many dreams come true.

  157. […] Inspired Every Moment; Cinnamon Hollow; I am a reader, not a writer; 365 Give; Simple as That Like this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. […]

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  177. Mother's Day Gift of Life | 365give says:

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