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Planet Gives You Can Do With Your Community Group

planet gives
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These planet gives are perfect for a group give! With Earth Day here, April 22, we can focus on our planet and complete one of these planet gives. These social good ideas are perfect activities you can do with your community group and have fun while you do them. Community groups come in many forms and all can benefit from completing these planet gives. Whether you are a Brownie, Girl Guide, Girl Scout, part of a walking group, a seniors club, or have joined a local leadership organization, these planet gives are a great way to get out there and doing some extraordinary social good!

5 Planet Gives Where Your Community Group Can Have Impact

We are all for giving, as an individual, a family, at work and at school. But there is some about giving as a group that makes it super fun and spreads the benefits of giving beyond yourself. Community groups are developed to create social connection, bring like minds together and increase the impact of your activity. Giving is perfect for this. By introducing giving to your community group you are creating a larger ripple effect of well-being and happiness by increasing the number of givers! Our planet can benefit from more people giving and more people being involved in the nurturing of it. So lets get started with one of these 5 planet gives!

Volunteer at a Local Community Garden

Community gardens are popping up all over the place. Get your group together and volunteer at a local community garden. Bring seeds, dig holes, fertilize, pick vegetables, spread compost. Having more hands on a community garden makes less work for everyone, but benefits more people! A steady source of food combined with a responsible use of land makes Mother Nature and your community a lot happier.

Create an Eco Art Project In Your Local Park

We love environmental art pieces. These art projects use items found in nature to create your art work. Gather fallen leaves, stones, sticks, anything you can gather from the ground, and create an impactful piece of artwork. Sand castles are a great example of environmental art! This beautifies your park or beach, makes people smile, makes us all stop and think about the importance of our planet. When the wind blows and the art piece disappears, don’t despair.  This is exactly what you want to have happen to your environmental art. The pieces you gathered safely go back to the planet without creating any environmental damage. It is just the opposite, your art will nurture our planet and make the environment happy!

Click to Give Online With a Group Of People

We all know that unison online actions create potentially viral actions. Twitter recognizes when large groups of people use the same hashtag and highlights trending topics. Google loves to see people going to one website and increases the visibility of an online space when larger numbers visit. Support our planet with an online give at the Ecology Fund. The power of your clicking on the site will help save the planet through the projects offered. Pick one that is important to you and get others to do the same. Click to give giving is a simple and impactful way to help our planet one click at a time.

Have a Book or Clothing Swap

This is super fun. Get your group together and have a swap meet. Bring any items of clothing, books or even canned food that you know you will not wear or use. Let people take what they would like, knowing that someone will get pleasure from your used items. Make an event out of it, and share some time together. Any items left over can be donated to local organizations that can benefit from your items. The planet will love you as nothing will end up in landfill! That is a win!

Volunteer For a Day At a Local Environmental Organization

There is something to be said about a group of volunteers coming in and helping out for a day. Our not-for profits are overwhelmed and having a group come to help finish a project, complete an administrative task that would take hours for one person to finish, or help with filing, graphic design or newsletter writing helps. Sometimes tasks are too big for just one person, so find out which environmental organizations could benefit from a group of volunteers. Your group already knows how to work as a team so this one day volunteer activity is easy.

Planet Gives are Important – Get Your Community Group Involved

There is power in individual giving, and there is power in group gives. Use these group giving suggestions to get your community group giving together. Your impact will ripple through your community and inspire other community groups to do the same. Our planet needs us and we have the ability to help nurture this one planet we have. Do some social good with your social group!

Find out more about how giving helps us be happier and increases our well being. Happiness research shows that giving changes us, and our communities.

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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