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There are so many ways to reuse and recycle today. From upcycling DIY videos on Youtube to organizations like Bunz that host trading markets, there is an option for every need. Recycling can allows us to use our creativity and consume less.It helps us find the value in things we thought were useless. On a larger scale it can help us feel connected to our community. Below are some ideas to help inspire you to start a new recycling, upcycling or re-use project.

General Goods Swap Is A Great Way To Reuse and Recycle for the Planet

Local organizations tend to partner with shelters and community centres to host general goods swaps The general goods swaps are when you can drop of a wide arrange of donations. From monetary to toiletry you can be sure these goods will do good. Left over items are carefully sorted through and donated to those in need. Remember however you choose to swap, items should be clean and in good condition.

Second-Hand Shopping

Vintage and consignment shopping are great ways to get new clothes. It also is a way to help out the environment. It is a way for us to mindfully consume less fast fashion. Spring is an ideal time to go second had shopping. People are already cleaning out their closets and selling their items to second hand stores. Stores like Goodwill and the Salvation army donate to those in need. You also get the added bonus of knowing that you will find unique items that no one else will have.

University Book Sales

Many universities and colleges host book sales. It’s a great way to sustainably buy books on any topic you can think of. From architecture to zoology, you’ll have access to higher learning without the high price. You can also donate your own well-read books for others to enjoy. Plus proceeds will also go towards helping enhance future generation’s education.

Make Art For Your Home or Office

There are a lot of way to add personality to your home without having to purchase new things. Look around your house for unused items. A new perspective and a bit of creativity can make them gallery ready. Has Netflix made your old DVD’s obsolete? Take out the covers from the cases of your favourite old movies and frame them as pictures. You can do the same with newspaper clippings, books or magazine covers. If you want to get even more hands on, cut out images from your old reading material and create a collage. If books aren’t for you, get even more creative with actual objects found in nature. You can dry some flowers, spray paint them and frame them as truly unique décor items.

There are many ways to give an old item a new life – even it means donating it. Looking at something in a new way can inspire creativity. Think of things that you need and ways that household items can re-purposed to fit the need. If you’re lacking in inspiration there’s many ideas on sites like Pinterest or Youtube for step by step guides. Upcycling videos feature everything from clothing to furniture. Comment below for with your favourite DIY’s. For more ideas check out this article on 7 gives that have a big environmental impact.

Elizabeth Wilkes
Elizabeth Wilkes
Elizabeth is a non-profit support worker from Toronto. She discovered 365give while searching for a volunteer position that could combine her desire to give back with her love of writing. She is a former child and youth worker. Currently she likes yoga, board games and classic movies.

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