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September 29, 2010
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October 1, 2010
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Day 2: Saving the Planet one Step at a Time

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Day 2 Give 2

Today my GIVE is to the planet.Today my son and I will walk everywhere.Today we will help the planet with a few less choking gas emissions.Here is our walking plan:Take the dog to the vet: 4 kmMusic Class: 1 kmPick Dog up from vet: 1 kmPick up groceries for dinner: 2 kmWalk home: 2 kmDistance Walked:  10 km I calculated the impact we would have on the planet on a site called Carbon Footprint.I saved the planet earth from .0005 tones of C02. Now that may not seem like anything but if I walk 2 days a week based on 10 km a day at the end of the year I will have saved .52 tones of C02 going into the atmosphere.It’s not a huge impact but it is a start. If 100,000 people, or a million people also made this commitment to walk more and drive less we would be making a huge impact.Below, you will find 5 simple ways that you can help reduce your environmental impact through your car use recommended by the Ezine Articles. You will save money, and live a happier and healthier life.Drive a “green car”. The need for change in the energy industry is no longer debatable. The environmental impact of burning millions of gallons of fossil fuels lead to the destruction of the Earth’s atmosphere begun to sink into the general consciousness. There is no doubt that the world is experiencing bizarre weather for the past years. The use of biodiesel or a hybrid vehicle is a great eco-friendly alternative. Biodiesel burns cleaner than fossil diesel fuel and emits less carbon monoxide. Hybrids use less gas for every trip also reducing emission into the air. So if you want to go for a greener mile, then choose a more eco-friendly alternativeLeave your car at home. If you’re heading to a shorter distance and comfort is not an issue, then you wouldn’t mind leaving your car at home. Walking, cycling, or public transit are all very simple alternatives, You are contributed to our environment getting some exercise and helping our Mother Nature.Go for a carpool. Look for a co-worker, a neighbour, or a friend who is headed to the same direction like yours. You’re not just saving money, you are also saving your energy by not stressing yourself too much in driving your own car.Have your car maintained regularly. Having your car maintained regularly will help you burn less gas and pollute less.Less gas means more money and better health. You may like to consider working at home. Even one day a week would mean a dramatic reduction in emissions.Living a life with no car may seem impossible especially with our fast-paced lifestyles. But this can and will create a healthier place for all of us to live.I would love to hear your walking story. We can all help contribute one step at a time!P.S. This GIVE is part of or weekly routine at least twice a week. No additional time taken. Saved me money by not driving!

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.


  1. Shannon says:

    Today I picked up my elderly neighbour’s garbage cans for her…took 2 min and trying to show my kids how to give!
    Go J!

  2. Nicola says:

    Count me in for another 10 km…and i do this everyday. I no longer use a car as it is easier to walk so each day you can bet on 10 km from me.

    Today our event in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Taste of Playa at gave 140 sports balls, to a local childrens sports center so that hundreds of children have access to good quality basket, volley and soccer balls for their sports activities. we do a few donations each year but today was our tribute to local children day!

    Tomorrow will be another give day and i welcome it with open arms….cant wait to see what you do tomorrow…

  3. Sareh says:

    hey, just checking in to see your give, as i am setting up mine: monthly unicef donation of 10$. first month is in honour of nic’s 3rd bday. yeay nic and mommy :)xo

  4. Lisa Pozin says:

    I love walking as transportation too – but another thing my brother has started me on is running for transportation. I love running for fun, but it is even better when I run to get somewhere I would have otherwise drove. Sometimes you need to plan ahead a little bit in order to run somewhere – ie: I brought my clothes and shoes with me to work on Friday, planning to run there today. Sometimes running with a stroller can help out if you need to carry things – it is even better if there is a kid in there. Although, I’ve been known to run with an empty stroller just to carry items.

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