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Simple Actions That Give Support to Our North Americans Veterans

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November is a great time to make some simple actions that give to our veterans, people who have fought for our country and risked their lives! We know that re-entering society after being in the military can be a challenge. It’s particularly difficult if someone has been in an armed conflict or away from home for a long time.  Whether it’s re-establishing relationships with family and friends, creating new routines and structure, or finding a job, veterans need support when facing these unique challenges.

Some facts:  In Canada, according to the 2021 census  461,240 Canadians were counted as Veterans. In the U.S. that number is 16.5 million. It is estimated that 30 percent of homeless people are veterans in the U.S. and probably a comparable percentage in Canada.  Many of them suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. Others are unable to make enough money to pay for their housing. Depression and suicide rates are higher among people who have served in the military.

Veterans are treated differently in different countries and national budgets devoted to veterans demonstrates this.  For example, in the U.S. work done by the VA costs $696 per capital while Veterans Affairs Canada costs $129 per capita.  The difference lies in the number of veterans in the U.S. compared to Canada. However in Australia, the figure is $497 per capita which again can be explained by the large number of veterans – 300,000 out of a population of 24 million.

 In Canada and the United States, November 11 is the day veterans are especially remembered. In Canada, this day is known as Remembrance Day and in the U.S. it’s Veterans’ Day.  People are considered veterans if they have served in the military and were discharged honourably

But one day a year hardly seems enough to remember the sacrifices of our military, The challenges are there all year long.  So here are several gifts that you can offer veterans any time of the year so they know they are not forgotten.

Simple Actions That Give To Our Veterans

  1. Check airlines and veterans’ organizations to see if they will accept your air miles for veterans’ travel.
  2. Donate clothing and household items to a veterans’ aid organization.
  3. Work with organizations on November 11 to distribute poppies for sale in Canada.
  4. Write letters to editors to promote Veterans’ Days or to tell a story of your own.
  5. Say ‘Thank You’ to any veteran you run into. Show that you appreciate their efforts to keep the country safe.
  6. Work with organizations that provide employment for veterans. Offer jobs, resume writing, or research on openings.
  7. Pets for Vets is an American organization that connects veterans and rescue animals. You can give your time in many areas, including social media, dog trainer and event planner.
  8. Donate an old Cell Phone: Instead of throwing it out, send it to groups that will fix it up and give it to a vet.
  9. Get in touch with a Veterans’ organization and offer to drive a veteran to an interview, a doctor’s appointment or an educational program..
  10. Donate a vehicle. In Canada this can be done through Wounded Warriors Canada.

Organizations that Give To Our Veterans

There are other organizations that work with veterans in so many ways. Find out what they do and see what you can give. Here are some to check out.

  1. Operation Raise a Flag encourages donations in honour of veterans. Supported by Sunnybrook Health Sciences Toronto, 30,000 flags are planted around the Sunnybrook campus for Remembrance Day as a symbol of honour and appreciation.
  2. Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research Since 2010, CIMVHR has built a network of 46 Canadian universities who have agreed to work together to address the health research requirements of the Canadian military, Veterans and their families. The institute acts as a conduit between the academic community and research funding organizations.
  3. Veterans Association Food Bank. works with emergency services to identify and assist homeless veterans.
  4. American and Canadian Legions Veteran support and community service organization, helping Veterans, members of the Armed Forces and their families get the care and support they deserve.
  1. The Honour Foundation, U.S. A unique organization that helps U.S. Special Operations Forces translate their elite military service to the private sector.
  1. The Veterans Transition Network is the only Canadian charity delivering mental health services specifically for Veterans from coast to coast.

What are ways that you can give to our veterans this November? Here are other articles that show you how easy and profound it is to give to those who have served our country.


Nancy Miller
Nancy Miller
I am a senior with a history of writing and volunteering. I have 2 teen novels published and I am currently writing a third, plus translating one book into a musical stage play. For 25 years I owned a marketing communications agency serving a variety of not-for-profit clients. I’ve always believed that volunteering is important to a balanced life. Over the years, I’ve volunteered for every kind of group, from international aid to local social services. Not only are you helping out, but the good feeling you get in return pays back 10-fold.

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