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March 7, 2019
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March 14, 2019
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Social Media for Good – 365give Influencers

Social Media for Good
Share Happiness!

Technology has allowed people to be interconnected sharing stories, snapshots and ideas across the globe. Our followers and influencers at 365give change the world by sharing their daily gives, gives that inspire them and how others are giving on multiple platforms. At 365give we  encourage giving through our most popular channels – Facebook, Instagram and our blog. Through our volunteers we are able to collaborate and suggest creative ways of inspiring change along with our followers who add daily ideas.

By searching the  hashtag #365give, we are able to see who is following our social media channels and take part in our 365give Challenge! We thought it was time to highlight some of our ambassadors, volunteers and followers who spread the word and support our message.

Jacqueline Way – Founder

Thank you to our Founder for sharing her creative ways of giving through our blog, Instagram and Facebook. Besides being a dedicated mom, she is always finding ways to inspire others to give – no matter how big or small.

@IanEllis – 365give Ambassador

Social Media for Good

Thank you to Ian Ellis for being an ambassador for 365 Give, and encouraging others to follow this journey on the #Do1Give challenge. This challenge involves sharing acts of kindness and posting on social media. Not only has he raised awareness for charitable organizations, he continues to motivate others to join in on the challenge.

@rainbows.and.hearts – 365give Challenge Participant

Thank you for dedicating your Instagram to sharing your families daily gives. Your commitment to posting and completing your gives does not go unnoticed and we appreciate your dedication!

#365give Can Change The World One Give At A Time

And a final shout out to all of our followers! You are using social meida for good and we love it! Your posts help us spread awareness about our vision to give once a day. To our new viewers, check out #365give, #Do1Give, #365Give, #365GiveHappiness to learn about our mission and every day people that are doing amazing things! Our blog posts highlight great ways to give on a daily basis, easy gives that can done in a just a few minutes, or seconds a day. They can easily be incorporated into your everyday routines.

Do you want to start sharing your daily gives through social media and our global impact map? Sign up for a free 365give Challenge membership and start giving to change the world.

Lindsay Stevenson
Lindsay Stevenson
My name is Lindsay, and I am an International Development student at Humber College in Toronto. Through my undergrad, I came to realize the power of education through communication. 365give encourages everyone to be a part of change – no matter how big, or small. Being a writer for 365give combines my interest in writing with my aim to inspire others. I love having the opportunity to contribute my ideas and tips on how to encourage others to give back.

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