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August 18, 2022
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Spread Kindness at Work to Boost Employee Mental Health

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Did you know that if you spread kindness at work by giving you and your fellow workers will feel happier? Did you know that giving to each other and to people outside of your office, work space or place of employment will boost your mental health? This is all true and what a better week to start giving to others than Be Kind To Humankind Week!

There is such a holiday called Be Kind To Human Kind Week (BK2HK) and this is a great week to starting giving to others so all of you promote a happier state of mind and better mental health. Mental health is top of mind these days, and all of us could use a boost. When you give every day you are increasing both your physical and mental health to healthier levels. So why not try it?

What is Be Kind to Humankind Week and How Giving Lets You Spread Kindness

Be Kind To Humankind Week started in 1988. It was created by Lorraine Jara out of the USA to honor a tragic accident that could have had a better ending if people had been kind. Her kindness holiday has been recognized by American Presidents, celebrities and people who wish to adopt the giving and kindness attitude! Her idea of kindness is identical to ours at 365give. Small acts of kindness and giving that take a few minutes, make an impact and are not financially motivated, they are action motivated! All of these can be done at work to ensure your workplace is the leader in making kindness and giving ripple through your neighbourhood and industry! It is a good thing to be known for your kindness, giving and compassion on top of the work that you do!

Here is a quote from Jara about BK2HK:

Be Kind to Humankind Week is an annual celebration of kindness that is recognized globally every year. According to Jara, it is basically “a week of reflection and kind thoughts of others to make this world a better place. Of course, we suggest practicing kindness daily, but this is the week you can take.” The entire week aims to specifically guide people on how to be kinder human beings to others on that day. Even though we are expected to show and perform acts of kindness throughout the week, Jara hopes that we continue to be kind to each other no matter what and practice kindness throughout the year. This is also the perfect celebration to instill kindness and empathy among young children, employees and families.

BK2HK Week Giving Suggestions for Your Workplace

Here are some ideas to get you started! Be the 365give Ambassador for your workplace and try out a week long giving experiment at work. Let management know what you would like to do, how you will spread the message and activities, and start doing! Watch the change in people’s attitudes, their happiness and most importantly mental health as they follow your lead and happiness plan!

  1. Forgive someone – forgive another for an action that was not kind, generous, compassionate or empathetic. Your forgiveness will show the true strength of kindness and giving.
  2. Be a champion for someone at work – that could be through a compliment, a recognition of their contributions, a thank you or support of an idea.
  3. Put gratitude messages around the workplace – this is as simple as sticky notes through the lunch room, in the bathrooms, or in a hallway. Write down what or who you are grateful for and put it on display. Encourage others to do the same
  4. Spread Kindness to customers and suppliers – Smile, say thank you. Ask them how they are. Open the door for someone. Tell them you appreciate them. Simple, easy and impactful.

It is Easy To Spread Kindness At Work

This is easy stuff. All we need to do is be aware of the giving process, do it, and then watch it ripple to others. Giving is contagious once one person starts. It just takes one person to be the positive example of kindness and giving to inspire others to follow suit. You can be that person.

Looking for more inspiration for your workplace giving ideas? Read our blog posts for a ton of giving ideas that can be done throughout the year.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.


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