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Start a Giving and Kindness Routine at Work

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Did you know that a giving and kindness routine at work will shake up your day, make you more productive, and just make the workplace a happier place to be. Most of us spend a large portion of our day at work. In fact, the average person will spend around 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Therefore, our job can make a huge impact on the quality of our life. Being kind and supportive to each other in the workplace helps us navigate, daily work challenges, long work days and being asked to do all day long.

The following are some of the ways you can form a daily giving and kindness routine at work to make the work space more inclusive and happier. As most of us are working from home nowadays, these gives and kindness routines can be conducted remotely too.

Start a Give by Celebrating Employees Birthdays

Birthdays are those special days that we stop celebrating when we become an adult. Making a routine of celebrating birthdays in the workplace is a great way to show kindness to your colleagues while bringing the much needed cheer and joy to otherwise long days. If you know the birthdays of clients or suppliers, reach out and make their birthday special as well. Show people ‘you see them’ on their special day!

Recognize the Contributions Of Other Employees

I used to work in an organization where my manager created an employee recognition program within our group. This created an opportunity to praise each other. He started the cycle by recognizing a team member who went over and beyond his duties to help a teammate. After that, the chosen person had a chance to pay it forward by recognizing another team member the next month. Each of us had a chance to give a certificate to one of our colleagues. It was a great initiative which uplifted the overall productivity and morale of the group. Celebrating small wins can go a long way in fostering team motivation. This recognition can again go to suppliers and clients. If a client purchases a lot of your product, recognize that. If a supplier is easy to deal with, offers a daily smile each time you see them, thank them for that!

Start a Giving Routine of Exercise At Work

We have all heard the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, not just Jack, it can be anyone of us. Incorporating an exercise or a wellness activity even for 30 minutes during a lunch break gives enormous boost to productivity and overall mental well being. Daily or weekly spinning, meditation or yoga sessions are great ideas for the team to come together. When you join in this is a great give not just to each other, but yourself.

Start A “What’s Interesting” Give

Most of us attend weekly meetings at our workplace. One of my ex-managers, had a routine to go around the table after the meeting ended and ask each of the attendee “What’s interesting” in our lives. We were given a few minutes to talk about our life which was not related to work like, an upcoming vacation, finishing up some certification, child’s birthday party or just pursuing a hobby. This allowed the team members to see each other more than just a manager, supervisor, lead etc. It helped us to connect better.

Start a Kindness Routine by Sharing the Load

Once my ex-colleague who worked as a waitress early in her career, used to fondly recollect how she and her other colleague helped the old restaurant owner when he was short staffed and money was tight. Every one took turns to do the odd jobs every evening for few months which helped the business save some money. She learnt a lot about how life can change at a blink of an eye. It gave her much hope and resilience to face her hardships later in life.

Start a Donation Box To A Favorite Cause

Companies work very close with non profit organizations to spread awareness on various community causes. Though companies achieve this at the management level, we can form a routine in our own groups to donate things like non-perishable food, warm clothes or anything that helps our communities.

There are other creative giving ideas you can promote at the workplace like celebrating a work anniversary, promotions, retirements, employee lunches, virtual coffee break to name a few. The main idea is to spread kindness, giving and happiness so you connect with each other at a human level and not just as another colleague.

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Priya Prabhakaran
Priya Prabhakaran
Priya is an IT and Technical writer who truly values the volunteer opportunities that helped her grow as a person. She has been fortunate to volunteer on a city hospital Fundraising committee and various food drives. Priya is passionate about community, inspiring others, and believes kindness and acceptance make relationships better. She finds 365give a perfect opportunity to globally make a difference. If not writing or volunteering, you can find her watching thriller series, cooking spicy Indian food, and spending time with her family.

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