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5 Ways to Give From Home on World Refugee Day  
June 18, 2020
Daily Gives That Guarantee A Smile
Daily Gives That Guarantee A Smile
June 22, 2020
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Are you supporting the call to action to create Racial Equality and Justice? The global protests that erupted after the killing of George Floyd is our wake up call. This is not the first wake call focusing on police brutality and white violence against African Americans, but this has been profound. A quick examination of history will highlight the protests of 1919, 1943 and 1968, where the same subject, the same loud speaker, rang through American streets protesting the same subject; police brutality towards African Americans has to stop. We are hoping people are now listening and will dig deep into the systemic racial inequalities, biases and injustices that exists world wide towards not only African Americans, but people of color. (Note – there are similar injustices and inequalities based on gender, class, sex, ability, sexual orientation, citizenship and sex which are all important!)

The protests are hitting on a long overdue examination of how our societies function and all of us need to support the daily message shouted from the streets and rooftops of people across the globe. Though similar in nature to historical protests, what we are seeing today is a more diverse crowd of people stepping up to the plate, with black, white and brown people uniting for change.

Our mission is to change the world one day, one give at a time. Daily giving does have a place in the protests and can further the mission of Black Lives Matters, the NAACP, and other organizations that are at the forefront of racial equality and justice. These gives are simple, and powerful and we would encourage all people to pick at one and apply it to the subject at hand.

Listen To The Current Conversation About Race

Do you know what the actual protests are about today? Are you aware of how people are framing their perspective on racial injustice and inequality? Whether you agree with their perspective or not, listening is important. Listening lets you understand how people have come to their view of the world, lets you see the lens they are actually living through. Listening helps us understand and start the conversation to change.

Share Your Experiences About Race

Sharing our experiences, sharing our understandings is what changes people’s minds and attitudes. Through the power of social media we are getting people’s stories about the black experience, how people are deeply effected through racial, economic, environment injustices, how white privilege is not as understood as one would hope. Sharing your experience across all races is critical to societal understanding and change.

Educate Yourself and Educate Others About Racial Equality and Justice

There are so many books, articles, academic papers, Ted talks, videos, that discuss the historical and current racial inequalities. It is our responsibility to read, listen and discover the true story and history of race in our communities, countries, and global neighborhoods. If our schools have failed to report the true history, the true situation, the truth about our communities, we can utilize the resources we have to find this information. Education is key to change and finding solutions.

Donate To Black Organizations and Support Black Businesses

Donate to Black Lives Matter, neighbourhood not for profits that support racial injustices and inequalities, and global movements that examine solutions for racial issues. Make a point to support a black owned business, a black run blog (The Black Foodie – Food and Culture Through A Black Lens) or a black social media influencer. Step into a Black owned book store, or examine black artists work. It is time we look at supporting people that might have fallen from our own lens.

March or Support Peacefully For Racial Equality and Justice

Saying nothing during the protests is not of benefit to anyone. Supporting others either in a rally or on social media is the best way to say ‘I see you, I hear you and I support you’. Peaceful protests are powerful and we are starting to see some policy change not only in policing but in critical areas where injustice has been prevalent for too long. More work needs to be done, further change is needed, and when we all stand up and say this is enough, all people of all races, sex, gender, abilities and class, those who design the policies need to listen deeper.

Daily Giving Does Change The World

These gives on the outset are easy, but will bring difficult subjects to the table. Conversations about race are hard, revealing our lens is humbling. Race is a difficult subject that has been swept under the table for far too long. If you add one of these daily gives, one of these very powerful gives to your weekly giving list, you will be participating in the global understanding and solutions to our race problem, cause there is a global race problem.

We are hearing from government officials, police departments, academics, civil rights leaders and media commentators that the protests are clearing the way for change. Instead of being silent, letting others deal with the situation, letting others find the solutions, be part of the solution for racial issues. If each of us participate through these daily giving ideas, we can change the world and will change the world, one person at a time.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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