September 12, 2011
50 cents Could Change the World - 365give

Day 335: What if 50 cents Could Change the World – Period?

People look at me funny when I say that 50 cents Could Change the World. Today I found a way to change the world with 50 […]
September 8, 2011

Day 331: Shop with Meaning

Who doesn’t love shopping…and what if you feel in love with a way to shop with meaning. httpv:// What if the dollars you spend shopping for […]
September 7, 2011

Day 330: How to Reuse a Gift for Good

I love This give – Gift for Good. Have you ever reused a gift? Some like to call it regifting. I like to call it reusing. It’s really […]
September 6, 2011

Day 329: Park it Forward

Many of us have heard the term “Pay If Forward.” But have you heard of Park it Forward..well read on and you will see how Park […]
September 5, 2011
#giveMonday - 365give

Day 328: #givemonday Hottest New Twitter Hashtag for Social Good

When I started 365give, 328 days ago I believed I could reach more people around the globe by sharing my 365 days of giving via social media. I […]
September 3, 2011

326: To Smile is to Give

To smile is to give and you should try it out. It is amazing what happens when you smile to others. Today’s give was written by […]
September 1, 2011

Day 324: Schools Back! How to Teach Your Kids to Give

Today is an exciting day for our family. It’s my son’s first day of school. I have used his first day of school to teach him […]
August 31, 2011

Day 323: Shop Your Way to Being Philanthropic

I love food but how can I use food so I can continue being philanthropic. I love wholesome food that makes my body feel good from the […]
August 23, 2011

Day 322: Top 5 Reasons to Dig School Gardens

Top 5 Reasons to Build a School Garden (Quoted from FoodCorp) 1) Students learn about farming and where food comes from. 2) They provide hands-on learning opportunities that […]
August 21, 2011

Day 320: How to Give While Camping

Happy Campers! My Son and Husband Soaking in the Great Outdoors. And you know what, they decided to give while camping! It was beautiful. Are you […]
August 18, 2011
Like it for Good - 365give

Day 317: Like it for Good

  People wonder how I find the time to give every day but if you add this to your “give” list you to will be a […]
August 17, 2011
Change a Life - 365give

Day 316: Do Volunteers Really Change a Life?

2 Dedicated Volunteers for Beauty Night = Change a life I never knew how volunteering could truly impact another person until I spent a night at […]
August 16, 2011
Give Water With A Click - 365give

Day 315: Give Water With A Click

No money needed for this give water with a click. Would you click? What if you could help just one person would you? What if you […]
August 15, 2011
No More Hungry Kids - 365give

Day 314: No More Hungry Kids

I would love to have a world where there are no more hungry kids. US Government Report report states: “More than a million children regularly go to […]
August 12, 2011
Babies Don't Come with Instruction Manuals - 365give

311: Babies Don’t Come with Instruction Manuals

Parents have the tough job of a new  baby, and babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Wish they did! But you can help out new parents […]
August 10, 2011
Triple Give - 365give

Day 309: Giving is For the Birds – Triple Give Today

  Today’s give is a triple give. A give for the birds, a give for the planet and a lesson on giving for my son. Day […]
August 8, 2011
Greeting Card that Keeps on Giving - 365give

Day 307: How to Give a Greeting Card that Keeps on Giving

  This is such a fun give. Imagine a greeting card that keeps on giving, and giving and giving. Take just a moment to think about […]
August 7, 2011
Give on Friendship Day - 365give

Day 306: 365give’s Top 7 Ways to Give on Friendship Day

Friendship Day is everyday, as friends are an important part of our lives! This give is for National Friendship Day but it can be done any […]
August 1, 2011
Change the World with Just a Tweet - 365give

Day 300: How to Change the World with Just a Tweet

It is true, you can change the world with just a tweet and these gals i am featuring today are doing just that. If you had […]
July 31, 2011
How to Help the World - 365give

Day 299: How to Help the World with Your Unique Talents

I ask myself this every day – how to help the world. I love hearing that other people ask themselves the same question and act on […]
July 12, 2011

Day 285: Give Your Money Away and Get it Back!

This is not a magic show, this is all about giving. I am going to show you a way to give your money away and get […]