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Build Your Happiness Muscles By Giving Every Day
August 10, 2020
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August 17, 2020
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Take the Well Being Test To Discover Your Happiness Level

well being test
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Curious how a well being test could help you be happier? Most of us have been isolating or sheltering in place for months. Some countries are opening up, some countries are closing down. As hard at the pandemic has been and continues to be, our well being is effected. As we continue to keep our physical well being in check with mask wearing, social distancing and remote learning, taking care of our mental well being is coming to the forefront. It is a secondary health concern after navigating COVID-19.

The term “well being” is being is used and heard more and more right now. As we prepare plans for children returning to school, and we start to look at opening up our bubbles, part of this need to establish some normality into our lives is for our personal well being. But do you know what it really means? Do you really understand the term and state of well being?

For many people, thinking about well being creates images of doing yoga on a beautiful sandy beach or meditation on the side of mountain. For others it is a moment or a day that feels balanced and easy in a chaotic household full of activities, remote schooling, and meal preparation. Not a sustainable activity for the average person.  Here’s the real deal about wellbeing.

Happiness and The Well Being Test

Wellbeing is “the state of being comfortable, healthy, and/or happy.” Well being is a much broader and all inclusive concept than small moment-to-moment periods of happiness. It also includes other life defining moments and ideas of self.

1)  How satisfied you are with your life as a whole.

2)  Do you have a sense of purpose.

3) How in control do you feel.

Let’s do a quick check in on where you sit on the well-being scale. Answer each question below on a scale to 1 – 10 (1 being low satisfaction and 10 being very satisfied). Be honest and dig deep.

Life Satisfaction:  ____

Life Purpose:        ____

Life Control:         ____

Total                       ____

Have a look at your total and see where you fall on the well being scale.

If you answered a rating of 10 to each number that’s 30 out of 30 and you have a life of wellbeing! If your total is between 21 to 27 you’re doing pretty good! Congratulations! Anything lower than 18 means you n eed to jump start your personal well being. But how the heck do you do that? If you are feeling okay to great, how can you keep it up?


well being test

How to Increase and Maintain Your Personal Well Being

We have an easy everyday action you can start to give your life the well being boost you may just need. As an added bonus, this action will also spread well being to others. Now that is what I call well being in action!

This small, yet simple, action that check every well being box – life satisfaction, purpose and control. You dont need to choose between one aspect of well being over the other. You will increase your well being in all aspects of your life if you take a few minutes a day to kick start and maintain your personal well being.

What is it? What will increase your well being? Start a daily giving habit. Conduct small heart felt actions for either the planet, people or animals. Doing this daily will boost you physically and mentally every day.

That seems way too easy. How can one small act of giving and kindness do what seems such a difficult task. Here’s why! Research shows that giving to others checks all these boxes.

  • It increases life longevity.
  • Increases your heart health.
  • Increases social connections.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Increases happiness (check out this video on Hacking Your Happiness)
  • Giving to others gives your life meaning and purpose.
  • Giving is in your control. You get to choose how you give, when you give, what you give to and to whom.

So you don’t have to go to some far-off perfect beach and do a yoga retreat to obtain a greater sense of well being nor do you have to go to a mountain top and meditate for a month. You can get started right now and we are here to help you begin your daily giving ritual right at home.

Giving Ideas To Increase Your Well Being

  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  2. Donate blankets to the local animal shelter
  3. Smile at people when walking down the street
  4. Buy a friend a coffee
  5. Make cookies and deliver them to someone you know or someone you don’t know
  6. Plant a herb in your garden, or with permission, your neighbour’s garden.
  7. Stop using plastic for a day or longer
  8. Like a charity on Facebook
  9. Share a positive comment about a local business on your social media

Flex Your Giving Muscles Every Day By Giving

Flexing your giving muscle every day will increase and maintain your well being. Your body and mind will feel different, and you will see how your giving actions leave an impression on others. Need some more giving ideas to get you going? Sign up for daily emails that send you an simple daily giving idea. Giving could not be easier! If you are encouraged by the program, sign up for a free membership in our community to receive more giving inspiration, and ideas from our global community. When well being becomes a priority, anything positive can happen, each and every day.

Take back control of your personal well being as we maintain our social distance and cautions around COVID-19. We promise – it will make you happy!


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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