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October 4, 2021
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The Rewards of Giving With Your Local Community Group

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We all know that the rewards of giving are immediate, joyful, such a great way to exist in our world. Whether you participate as a single person, a family, a classroom, school or community group, you will experience all of these rewards and pass them on to others. How you participate and who you participate with, can bring some different benefits and rewards What does not change no matter who you are giving with is this – Beautiful rewards of giving make the receiver feel joyful, seen and happy and anyone who observes your daily give also receives these great benefits.

Rewards Of Giving With Your Community Group

As countries start to open up and we start to experience more freedom in our communities, our giving ideas are leaning back to community groups! I love community groups, whether it be an organized group through a local school, community center or university or an informal community of people who love to do things together, or a group of people with shared hobbies and activities. During the pandemic I was lucky enough to participate in virtual work out groups and yoga sessions hosted by knowledgeable and passionate friends who just wanted to keep moving. These informal sessions have now turned into a great community of people from all over North America who not only keep moving together but now share resources, knowledge, abilities and needs. It has been a wonderful way to get through our extraordinary times, share a good laugh but also contribute to the different needs in our communities as a group. Food scarcity and young students learning virtually has become the center of gives and we love what we have been able to contribute as a group.

Our gives have been fulfilling and rewarding. But there are so many rewards that giving as a community group can do. Have a look at these ideas and see how your formal or informal community group can benefit from giving together.

Power in Numbers

We are big on small acts of giving but there are times when a bigger give is needed. Helping an entire classroom of students with the necessary school supplies can feel a bit overwhelming. But when 10 or 20 people pool their giving resources, all independently conducting a small act of giving but pooling this into one big give, you can facilitate a great big give for a larger group of people.  This happened a lot during the pandemic, when supporting Black Lives Matters and our Indigenous populations. The collection of voices, the collection of resources did create some powerful and elevated gives, without any one person taking on the task!

An Exchange of Giving Ideas

Having others participate in giving with you lets the giving ideas flow! We love supporting people with our giving ideas, but there is something to say about a group of community members coming up with gives that resonate with them and where they live. Gives can also move around the world if your community group is comprised of international members.

Exchange of Cultural Gives

When hashing those giving ideas around with your community group I will guarantee that each member will have an idea that is culturally influenced. This is a great and can increase your giving idea list fast! What is considered a give in one cultural could be not on the radar of another. I am thinking about my travels and experiences that prompted gives I would never have thought of at home. One that jumps out at me was watching my sister give away her aluminum cans to a woman on the street. This woman came around weekly picking up cans that she would recycle and receive money for. This give would likely not work in Canada but it is a great give in Mexico.

Friendships With A Common Goal

I have to say this is a great reward of giving when giving with a community group. Having a great group of friends with a common goal is a wonderful thing to have. Having a common goal of giving every day through small acts of giving will make your entire community group happy, joyful and thankful. Now that is powerful!

Sign up for your free membership at 365give with your community group. Find out why small acts of giving are so important for ourselves and our global community. We support each of members in their giving journey!



Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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