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There is Plenty of Happiness In Remote Working – Find Out How

Happiness in Remote Working - 365give
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Are you looking for greater happiness in remote working? Many workplaces have changed within the past year and our moods reflect our ability to adapt. Some of us have done well with the change, some of us have not. So why not look at ways to increase your happiness in remote working with your co-workers. Have you tried giving? WE know that including small gives during your work day will make you happier, and remote working is no different. Remote working has created challenges for traditional forms of giving, but has also welcomed new ones. People are finding creative ways to give back to their communities and fellow colleagues to increase their happiness throughout the work day.

Although we’ve lost the ability to connect face-to-face, we haven’t lost our spirit of doing good. Here are 5 ways that you can continue to give and create plenty of happiness while working remotely.

Show Appreciation For Your Colleagues

 Showing someone you’re grateful for them is one of the easiest ways of giving. This can simply be done by picking up the phone to tell a colleague you appreciate their hard work and help. You can also find a fun e-card or graphic to email your colleagues to express your gratitude. And if you can’t see them in person to give a gift, send them an e-gift card to their favourite store.

Plan Virtual Events

To take it a step further, plan with your colleagues about hosting a virtual video meeting dedicated to recognizing everyone’s hard work. Decide on a theme, dress up from your homes, play some games, and do a roundtable discussion of what you appreciate from one another. These may not replace in-person interactions, but they’re still a great way to stay connected and show kindness to one another. For more ways to give joy and happiness to your coworkers in a virtual environment, check out our article here.

Plan An Online Fundraiser

During these difficult times, there may be people in your community that are struggling economically or emotionally. Choose an area of need within your community and find ways for you and your colleagues to help.

There are many ways to fundraise online for a cause you care about. One option would be an online auction, with products and services donated by your company or others in your community. Another option would be an online event with entertainment and speakers, with all proceeds from tickets going towards your cause. If time is of the essence, why not start a emplyee fund and donate to Kiva as a group or contribute to a GoFundMe campaign. A fundraiser closer to home could help an employee that needs some help due to COVID or a family illness.

Spread Good On Social Media

Many non profit organizations and groups are working on digital ways of giving. If your company uses social media, share some of these online giving activities with your network. Our world has become more digital and raising awareness on these platforms would generate awareness for important causes and ways to give back.

Donate Your Products and Skills

Do you or the people in your organization have any products and skills that you could give to a non profit? Do you specialize in website design, provide financial or legal consulting, or have extra office supplies or food products to donate? These are all skills and items that a non profit organization could benefit from. Reach out to those in your community and ask them what they’re in need of. And if you have a couple items or time to spare in a week, you could give back to those in need.

Participate in #Do1Give Day

Our annual event could be just the event for your remote office. Check out the details on how your office can participate on April 21, 2021 and start spreading happiness within your office and in your community. It is easy, fun and makes a difference.

We may not be able to see each other in person, but we’re all still connected by our spirit of giving and kindness. If you need some extra support or ideas to add a giving routine to your workplace, sign up for your 365 give membership. There’s plenty of great ideas and inspiration for increasing happiness while working remotely.

Tanya Vanpraseuth
Tanya Vanpraseuth
My name is Tanya and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I currently work in the financial industry as a Marketing Coordinator and enjoy using my skills in that area to help non-profits. Giving back to my community has always been a priority of mine and I am excited to be a part of 365give. I look forward to supporting the organization's mission of encouraging positivity and community service. I am especially excited to begin writing for 365give's blog and help inspire others to do good.

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