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June 25, 2020
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These Canadian Jokes Can be Your Daily Give

Daily Give
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With Canada Day approaching, why not use a Canadian-inspired chuckle for your daily give? Don’t worry; Canadians can handle it. Trust me. We might even apologize! Besides, if we do get our feelings hurt, we can always go to the hospital and get our feelings checked for free.

Get People Laughing For Your Give July 1st

How do you get 50 Canadians out of a swimming pool?  Say: Please get out of the swimming pool.


How does a Canadian style their hair?  With moose.


What grades do Canadians get most on tests?  Eh’s.


You know you live in Canada if:  Someone in a Home Depot offers you assistance… and they don’t work there.


Name the two seasons in Canada.  Winter and July.


Canadians favourite Dr. Seuss book: Tim Horton’s Hears a Who.


Canada is like your attic, you forget it’s up there, but when you go, it’s like “Oh man, look at all this great stuff!”


You know you live in Canada if: You design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.


You might be Canadian if: You tell people you’re at Timmy’s, and they don’t ask, Timmy who?

Laughter Is A Contagious Daily Give

By the way, if you try one of these chuckle-worthy one-liners on one of my fellow Canadians and they don’t laugh or at the very least apologize unnecessarily, don’t get discouraged -They’re probably thinking about hockey, watching hockey, getting ready to play hockey, or perhaps they just ran out of Timmy’s or got distracted by a moose. Try again later, eh?

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Kelly McLay
Kelly McLay
With a strong desire to give back and create change, Kelly values the opportunity to volunteer with 365give; to be a part of a global movement that aims to change the world through the act of daily giving. She appreciates the many ways that 365give inspires children, like her daughter, to make a difference by becoming changemakers too. Kelly feels fortunate to do her part as well, by inspiring and educating others how they can do theirs, one 365give blog post at a time.

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