Day 62: The 12 GIVES of Christmas for Kids
November 30, 2010
Day 64: World Aids Day
December 2, 2010
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Day 63: Tis’ the Season to GIVE to Yourself!

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Today was one of those Vancouver days that anyone not living here, thinks we have all year round – cold, damp and pouring rain. Today was our walking day and no matter what the weather we walk. My son and I bundled up in our rain gear and off we went. I had a GIVE all planned today as I didn’t think we would get to far doing anything unusual today with the weather. I had a small bag full of items for the local Salvation Army Thrift Store we were to drop on route.

The good news is we got sidetracked and ended up having one of those great moments with a person I am sure I was destined to meet. A few days ago a necklace in the window of store called Dream Designs caught my eye. I had been on the lookout for a necklace that represented the 365give circle in the logo. Since we were on foot today and we had to go past the store, I decided to stop and take a look. I met a lovely women by the name of Cynthia who was very helpful.

You will see from the picture I have posted, I found the perfect blue symbol that would always remind me of 365give – an early holiday present for myself.

DAY 63: GIVE 63

Today seemed to be all about the spirit of giving. I purchased that blue necklace at Dream Design which made me feel very giving for a number of reasons. First of all Dream Designs in a local Vancouver store that has specialized in eco-friendly products for longer than most of us even knew what that term meant. It feels good supporting local businesses and supporting sustainability.

The second part to my shopping GIVE at Dream Designs is the necklace I bought. It too is eco friendly. It is made by a company called Smart Glass Jewellery and the blue circle is recycled glass from a Sake bottle. Right up my alley as I’m a Sake lover and thrilled to know my empty bottles are going to good use!

The giving continues…my new friend Cynthia happens to practice intuitive chakra balancing in the Chakra Lounge at Dream Design. The perfect Christmas gift for my mother! She has had a big year with her cancer recovery and balancing her energy is just what she needs. No packaging, no unwanted gifts, and a donation to Cynthia as it is the only way she will take any kind of payment. She too is a person that practices GIVING every day.

I asked Cynthia to share some of her giving stories with 365give and I will share one with you now. Before we left the store she let my son choose a hand made Christmas ornament from the tree they had set up in the store. Talk about a generous GIVE. My son was so grateful and has been showing off his butterfly ornament to everyone we meet today. Thank you Cynthia for your GIVE of the day to my son.

The giving just keeps going as we headed out of the store feeling very good about our eco friendly purchase and a quick stop with our bag of goodies to donate to the Salvation Army Thrift Store topped it off.

Time Commitment: 20 minutes for eco friendly shopping and the Salvation Army donation

Cost: SHHH don’t tell my husband I bought my own Christmas gift.

If you would like to contact Cynthia Newman to book a session please contact her at 604-353-3218.

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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