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Top 5 Ways to Give To The Planet for Christmas and the Holiday Season

Give to the planet and see how you feel. 365give
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Give to the planet during the holidays and see how you feel. Traditionally the holiday season is a time to give to others. Give money to a favourite charity or give time as a volunteer. Not everyone has money to give or extra time in our busy lives to volunteer. Here are our Top 5 Ways you can give to the planet (we know it needs our help!) this holiday season that doesn’t cost a dime and very little time. You just might be surprised how great it feels to also give to the planet during the holidays!

  1. Bring Your Own Bags! Tis’ the season to shop for gifts and groceries. Make a commitment to bring your own bags. Plastic is filling up our oceans and this simple daily give will make the world of difference.
  2. Gift bags are a great way to save time wrapping and save the planet! You can save them and reuse them for next year.
  3. Wrap gifts with brown paper (it can be recycled!)  Instead of traditional wrapping paper! decorate them with your own personal touch!
  4. The 3R Rule for Everything! As the presents get torn open from under the tree take the time to sort – everything. Reuse the ribbon and bows. Recycle boxes. Reduce the amount of garbage that goes to the landfill.
  5. Christmas Compost: Tis the season to eat! Take the time to compost all food waste. It’s good food for our planet!

Giving is easy and possible over the busy holiday season. Sign up today to track the impact you have this holiday season! Members can download our Daily Giving List and get the entire family involved.   It will fill your heart with cheer!

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