Changing The World
Changing The World – Kasha Sequoia Slavner – The Sunrise Storyteller
November 5, 2018
Make Your Day a Little Bit Kinder
Make Your Day a Little Bit Kinder – World Kindness Day
November 12, 2018
Share Happiness!

We love our members and love that they add their daily gives to the 365give Impact Map. Adding your daily gives shows the world how we can change communities, attitudes and ourselves by giving every day, one day, one give at a time. We feel connected through this mission, and know our members feel this same connection, no matter where they are in the world.

We want to share the top gives our members complete around the world. With members in over 130 countries we do look to see how people are changing the world every day. we also know there are other every day heroes that are not 365give members, but their impact in their communities, is as powerful as members who choose to share their gives with us. To all of you, thank you. To people who complete small acts of giving every day, who have made giving a daily habit, we appreciate you and your actions. The world will become a happier place due to your kindness, your actions, your thoughtfulness. You too are happier and we love that!

Top Gives 365give Members Complete Everyday

  1. Daily SmilesPeople Give – Smiling at family members, strangers, co-workers, or class mates is a popular give with 365give members. This simple daily give makes a difference in people’s lives and makes each of us feel happier. It is effortless, costs nothing but has a big impact on others. This is why smiles are a popular give. People witness the reaction and how they feel, and just want to do this give over and over again.
  2. Click to Give – Our shared resources where members can click to give online is a very popular give of the day. Our click to give suggestions can effect your local community, or international communities. What is a click to give? This is where you can sign an online petition to help communities, people or animals. IT is where you can play a fun game and donate beans or rice to communities in need. You can support a cause through one online click, or just click to donate resources for clean water. Try Beanbeanbean  or Free Rice  if you like to play games for good online. The Greater Good has various click to give options where you can click to help veterans, animals, homeless, environments and human conditions. By clicking you are supporting these causes. Find one that works for you! Or support a new one. Our members have been sharing their new click to give finds so check members gives to find new click to give options.
  3. Helping Others – People love helping others. Whether it be a close family member, or a distant relative, a neighbor or a classmate, helping others is a favorite give of the day. Small acts of giving where a sister may need help cleaning her room, a friend needs help with their homework, or your neighbour needs help taking out their garbage, helping others when needed is a popular give.
  4. Pick Up Trash – People are picking up trash and we love this. There are even exercise groups that make it their mission to run and pick up trash, a trend called Plogging. We were taught as young children to pick up trash when we see it. I have passed this onto my young boys and they are great at it. My dad still takes a bag on his daily walks at the age of 84 so he can pick up trash along the way. This popular give is changing the world, one piece of trash at a time. If you are not a runner, just take a walk and you can start Palking!
  5. Small donations – Small donations are manageable for most of us. Few have millions of dollars in disposable income to donate on an annual basis. What our members have discovered is that small donations either of cash or items does make a difference, creates greater personal happiness and positively makes a difference in the world of others. We are big on the High Five Donation, a donation of $5 when you can. We are also big on donating items, either used or new to people who could benefit. December is the 365give Reverse Advent Calendar so get ready for a month of small donations that add up over the 24 days before Christmas. You will witness how a small donation of a single item makes a big difference after a few weeks.

365give Is All About The Small Stuff

Small stuff matters, and when it is a small act of giving, every day, it does make a difference. Research supports this, our members know this. Little actions make a big impact. What may seem small to you, is something big for someone else. How you feel when your little act or thoughtfulness is pure joy for someone else, is amazing. Try it, smile at a stranger, pick up some trash, donate something to a local charity, or help your neighbour. You will feel happier, energized and blessed after your 5 minute give. Who you gave to will also feel great!

So what are you going to give today? Just do one give, try it out, and see if you look around for another give tomorrow. Me thinks you will be looking around each day for a small give to do so you can feel great and the world is a happier place.

Curious how others give every day? Check out our impact map and see how people around the world give every day.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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