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Turn Valentine’s Day Into a Day of Kindness at Home

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Kindness at home? I am all in! Valentine’s Day is typically a time where we come together with loved ones and celebrate with special traditions, cards and of course, chocolate. However, if you celebrate Valentine’s Day, the holiday might look a little different for you this year due to the pandemic. Although Valentine’s Day is often commercialized as a holiday that emphasizes material possessions, expressing love and gratitude through acts of giving and kindness on Valentine’s Day is extremely valuable. If you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day from home this year, this is the time to start giving by trying out one of these simple acts of kindness. These Valentine’s Day giving ideas will help you spread kindness at home by giving back to the people in your life, the environment and your local and global community.  

Tell Loved Ones Why You Love Them

We don’t often get the chance to tell the people we care about – partners, family, friends and co-workers – why they are special to us, but Valentine’s day is the perfect time to let the people in our lives know why we love them. Simply telling the people in your life why you love them is a simple but great way to spread kindness at home and make loved ones feel appreciated. Try making personalized Valentines/appreciation notes for the people you love, talk with them on the phone, or connect with them via video call.

Celebrate a Waste Free Valentine’s Day

Unfortunately, the fun of Valentine’s day does not come without a cost for the planet – between the chocolate and sweets, flowers, cards and gifts, the holiday unintentionally contributes to waste production. Spread kindness at home by being kind to the environment this Valentine’s Day. A simple but effective way to do so is cooking your own Valentine’s Day dinner at home. You can also try baking your own treats at home instead of buying a box of chocolates.

Valentine’s Day paper cards also have a significant environmental impact. To reduce paper waste, swap out paper greeting cards for digital ecards.

Choose Fair Trade this Valentine’s Day For Extra Kindness at Home

Choosing fair trade means supporting workers’ rights, so that the producers of the products you buy are receiving proper pay and working conditions. This Valentine’s Day, buy fairly traded chocolate and treats to enjoy at home. When shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers to give to a loved one, another great way to support fair trade is purchasing fairly traded roses.

Donate to A Local or Global Organization

Another way to turn this Valentine’s Day into a day of kindness from home is donating to a local or global cause – whether it’s donating food, old clothes or books to a local charity or nonprofit in your community, this can help make a positive impact. You can also donate to global organizations like UNICEF, Red Cross, Save the Children and Amnesty International. Maybe making donations to local/global causes may not be something you typically do on Valentine’s Day, but why not try it out this year?

Try Out One of These Acts of Kindness on February 14th And Increase Kindness At Home

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by spreading kindness from home with one or more of these giving ideas. Maybe you don’t typically celebrate Valentine’s Day with small acts of kindness like these ones, why not use this year as an opportunity to start new traditions?

If you are looking for more ways to give and increase kindness at home, at school, or at work join the 365give community. 


Sierra Lee
Sierra Lee
Sierra is a Canadian student who is passionate about volunteering, writing and dancing! As a contributor to our weekly articles, Sierra is fulfilling her desire to combine her love for writing with her passion for volunteering. Her volunteering experience is extensive and includes activities at her local library, assisting with social media promotion, sharing cultural experiences with a local organization and participating in a Youth Justice Lab. She will be starting a new volunteer program this fall that has her participating more in her community to further meaningful change at the local level.

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