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Use Giving and Kindness to Build A Connected Workplace

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A connected workplace created through small acts of giving and kindness just makes our eight hours go by with more joy and happiness. Whether you’re working at a physical workplace or remotely, there are a number of ways that you can give to create a connected workplace. Especially during these challenging times, often times our colleagues are who we speak to or see the most. We are limited in other areas of our lives but still need to work and so it’s important for us to create a community within our workplaces that fosters kindness and generosity. By doing this, we’ll be creating the most joy during a difficult time.

Here are some ways that you can give to build a connected workplace.

Monthly Appreciation Social Gathering

If it is safe to do so where you are living, it is a great idea to have a monthly social gathering with your colleagues. If you are still not able to meet in person, plan for a virtual event. Choose a theme, play some games and most importantly, let your colleagues know how grateful you are for them. Talk about all the highlights of the months, your organization’s accomplishments, and how each person contributed to that. It’ll boost morale, you’ll have fun and everyone will feel accomplished.

Notes and Emails of Appreciation

Leave a note on your colleague’s desk letting them know that you’re thankful for them or send them a friendly email showing them your gratitude. One of the best ways to show kindness is to let people know that their time and energy had a positive impact on those around them.

Employee Kindness Award of the Month or Week

Suggest to your workplace that you feature an employee’ act of kindness either weekly or monthly. Perhaps you can share Their act of kindness or small act of giving publicly so others are inspired by their action. Your small act of giving could benefit a client, customer, fellow employee or supplier! Be creative and highlight the kindness where you work to create a more connected workplace.

Volunteer Together For Your Workplace Give

Whether you volunteer in person or virtually (ex. Online fundraiser), when you’re giving together as a team, you will feel more connected. Try to find a way to give back in your community, whether it’s a group park clean up, collecting old clothes to donate to a women’s shelter or collecting $5 from each person to give to the local food bank.

For more ideas on how to give back the community, click here.

Clean-up Day For A Connected Workplace

One of the best things you can do as a team is help each other clean your workplace. Plan a day to clean the office and keep the environment nice and tidy, which will in turn boost the positivity in your work environment. Take it a step further and even clean the outside area around your work building, plant a tree, recycle your paper and bottles and pick up loose trash. When you ensure your office and environment as a whole is in a good place, you are showing kindness to yourselves and your planet.

Share Ideas and Positive Feedback

Try to hang up a board in a common place in the office, lunchroom or employee lounge. If you are working remotely have a designated shared document, where people can share their ideas. If you are the employer, ensure that you look through these ideas and discuss implementing them with your colleagues. When individuals feel like their opinions are appreciated, that is one of the greatest things you can give.

There are a number of ways that you can give back in the workplace. For ideas on how to give remotely, take a look at our article here. Remember, when we show kindness and generosity, we are creating a positive environment for everyone to work.

Tanya Vanpraseuth
Tanya Vanpraseuth
My name is Tanya and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I currently work in the financial industry as a Marketing Coordinator and enjoy using my skills in that area to help non-profits. Giving back to my community has always been a priority of mine and I am excited to be a part of 365give. I look forward to supporting the organization's mission of encouraging positivity and community service. I am especially excited to begin writing for 365give's blog and help inspire others to do good.

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