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April 13, 2020
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Video Call Give – 5 Video Call Apps That Share Happiness!

Share Happiness!

Bet you did not know that your video call during COVID-19 is an actual give. This just shows how easy it is to give every day. As we shelter in place and remain socially isolated from family and friends, video calling is becoming more and more popular the longer we remain in isolation. We just had a video chat birthday party for my father the either day, and I have say, it was truly amazing. We did not want our dad to celebrate alone at home, so we all hopped on a zoom meeting, with balloons, party hats and birthday cakes, and celebrated his birthday. Our family lives in three different countries in three different time zones, and we were easily connected through a screen! Dad had a party and we all felt great!

You do need an internet connection, a device of some kind (laptop, phone or tablet) and the app that works best on your device. If you have a family member who does not have a device, seniors are a large part of this group, order them a device online and have it sent to their home. The Granpad is the least expensive option, with interest free payments of $10 per month, and allows you to administer calls and emails for your parents or grandparents so they learn over time. It is a great option for seniors who are isolated during COVID-19.

5 Video Call Apps For Your Daily Giving

If you make a video call to someone every day, your giving is taken care of. Whether it be a call to share a morning coffee, a dinner video chat, a art project video call where you can share art projects or learn new ones, or just a catch up session, video calls are our best way to safely stay connected.

Facetime – This iOS video is automatically on your Apple device and lets  you chat with someone directly. This is not a great app for parties or multiple people chats. It is a way to intimately connect with a friend or family member.

Whats App Video – Whats App video calls can only be completed on a phone. Download the free app and you can connect with others who also have the app on their phone. You can connect with up to 4 people at a time through wifi. Friends of ours are having morning workouts through video calls on Whats app and they are loving it. I think there is more laughing than working out most days, but that laughing is a true lifeline as we are all shut in. Note that whats app calls only work from Whats app to Whats app so make sure your friends download it.

Facebook Messenger – For the billions of people who have Facebook, this might be the easiest way to connect via video to check in on your loved ones. Access your FB Messenger and call any of your FB friends for a video or audio chat. How easy is that?

Zoom – Zoom was a popular workplace tool used for video and audio meetings. Now households, friends and workplaces are using Zoom to connect larger groups of people for parties, dinners, group chats and more. To ensure your call is secure, do not publicize the link for your meeting on social media. Keep the link private and only send to those invited to your call. If you have a free account you can connect up to four people on a call for 40 minutes. If you have a paid version of Zoom, the length and number of people on a call is unlimited.

Skype – Skype has been around for a long, long time and has faced a resurgence of this calling, video and audio, application. You can use Skype on any of your devices and is free if you connect with others on skype.

Helping Seniors Connect On Video Calls

Many seniors are intimidated by technology or can not afford it. Why not help a family member connect via video and let them see you, their friends and grandchildren. This would bring a smile to anyone’s face, especially a senior who is on lock down and vulnerable in this environment.

We need to take special care when teaching technology to seniors. If they have a device, help them download one video app or sent up an account on the app they currently have, to make it easy. If they have Facebook already, talk them through the video calling option. If they have an Apple device, use Facetime. Facetime is automatically added to their Apple device so easy for them to use. What ever you do, find out what apps they do have and meet their needs, dont force them to meet your needs. Tell friends and family which app they are using and have younger members adapt to grandparents needs.

What we love about the Granpad device is the family portal and sharing option where an family member can help set up the device virtually through a secure family server. This way you can add contacts for your parents on their device, you can make the call for them if they really need help. Having this tech support through a family member makes technology and video calls a lot less intimidating.

Many home care workers are helping seniors connect to their families through video calls. Thank you for making this possible for them. healthcare and homecare workers are our most valuable asset for our seniors and they are taking every step they can to get them and keep them connected.

Start Giving Every Day During COVID-19 Using Video Calls

So start making those video calls and do a daily give. Everyone who is on the call will feel happier, and will keep this feeling throughout the day. Use video calls to share a skill, tutor, catch up, have dinner, cook a new recipe together or just have a coffee. The happiness to spread will be life changing!

Start sharing your daily gives online with 365give. Sign up for your free membership and post your daily give on our impact map. When we see giving spread, everyone feels happy, are inspired to keep giving and does change the world, one give at a time.


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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